Chapter 91 – The Liu Family’s Prowess

Jiang Yongfu called me in the afternoon, and told me the owner of the taxi with the car plate Song A519XX has already reported it missing, then asked me if I ran into any trouble.

I thought about it for a moment, then still decided to tell him everything about the kidnapping incident, no matter what, Jiang Yongfu is a police, and his judgment in matters like this definitely surpasses my own. Thus I said, “Chief Jiang, I indeed ran into some trouble!”

“What trouble, tell me, let’s see if I have any ways to solve it!” Jiang Yongfu said. From his perspective, from the officials I knew, his position is the lowest, me finding him for help was thinking highly of him.

“A friend of mine was kidnapped!” I continued.

“Kidnapped!? Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me such a big deal, did you call the police?” As expected of a police, Jiang Yongfu couldn’t say three sentences that had nothing to do with his job, the first thing he thought of was asking if I called it in or not.

“Aren’t I calling right now,” I said.

“You’re still joking with me right now! Tell me quickly, what exactly happened!” Jiang Yongfu said anxiously.

“It’s like this…” I told everything that happened at noon to Jiang Yongfu, and mentioned the suspicion of Yang Shuguang being the mastermind behind it.

“En…, if really went like you said, Yang Shuguang’s suspicions is naturally higher, the only one with a grudge against the Chen family is him. However I don’t think Chen Weier is the one he wants to target, kidnapping Chen Weier is just to deal with you and your friend,” Jiang Yongfu thought deeply about it and said.

“That’s right! This is also what I’m worried about, but I haven’t received any calls from the kidnapper,” I couldn’t help but admire Jiang Yongfu’s keen insight that only police possesses, he actually saw through the truth instantly.

“You don’t have to worry about this. Yang Shuguang only wants to target you, so Chen Weier shouldn’t be in any danger. What’s more is that Yang Shuguang is an ex-defense team captain, and understands the law, so he knows how far he can go, there is no advantage for anyone if this thing escalated,” Jiang Yongfu analyzes habitually. Then he continued,” But…”

“Just say it, if there’s anything else,” I could tell that Jiang Yongfu seemed to have some sort of thing that he was hiding.

“Have you heard of the name Liu Zhenhai?” Jiang Yongfu said after a brief silence.

“Liu Zhenhai? Are you talking about that warlord in our area before liberation?” I asked weirdly. I don’t know why Jiang Yongfu would mention this name.

“Yes, the warlord that once dominated the area and based in the Songjiang area with infinite armies!” Jiang Yongfu said.

“It’s liberated now, why are you mentioning this?” I still didn’t understand what Jiang Yongfu meant, if I remember correctly, this Liu Zhenhai once fought the Japanese with the Eighth Route Army during war of resistance against Japan, since no matter how terrible the bandit they will not allow foreigners to invade.

“Although Liu Zhenhai disbanded his troops after liberation in name, and silently returned to the north east, in order to peacefully enjoy his remaining years. The truth proves that this move of Liu Zhenhai’s was beyond intelligent, or else he wouldn’t survive till now,” Jiang Yongfu continued.

“But, saying that now…” I couldn’t help but interrupt.

“Let me finish first,” Jiang Yongfu stopped me from speaking. “Although this Liu Zhenhai is no longer a warlord in name, but not one of his original troops accompanied him back to the north east. In other words, his old troops would already count as a small legion!”

“Private army?” I uttered these words subconsciously, why didn’t I know that such organizations still existed in our country?

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“You can say that! But most of his old subordinates have passed away, the people now are more or less the bodyguards their family trained. The government doesn’t rally interfere with the Liu family, since the Liu family are very low key, it’s very uncommon to hear that people form the Liu family breaking the law outside, and thus it gives a lot of face to the government. However after liberation, aside from keeping it’s elite troops, the rest of the people have been sent out by the Liu family to open businesses, a lot of the important economic veins in the country is controlled by their Liu family. To say it in an unsoundly manner, the Liu family is now the richest in our Songjiang!” Jiang Yongfu said everything in one go.

“Chief Jiang, I still don’t understand why you are saying all this,” after hearing Jiang Yongfu’s history lesson, I still felt really confused.

“What I want to say is, that Yang Shuguang is the second son-in-law of the Liu family!” Jiang Yongfu said.

“What!?” I exclaimed subconsciously. I didn’t think that Yang Shuguang would actually have such a large power behind his back. You couldn’t tell normal, but this Yang Shuguang was a young master? This I bring about too much trouble this time?

“However you don’t have to worry, the second xiaoye of the Liu family has already been dead of ten odd years! Yang Shuguang only counts as a distinct relative. He doesn’t have much place in the Liu family, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to transfer him to just stand outside,” Jiang Yongfu explained.

“You mean that Chen Weier getting kidnapped is due to the Liu family sticking a hand in?” I immediately understood Jiang Yongfu’s meaning.

“There is this possibility! Yang Shuguang is in hardship right now, with his social relationships, it’s already fortunate for him that those punks and delinquents aren’t causing trouble for him, nobody would help him get even. Further more as you just said, those kidnappers have clearly had professional training, it was all done in a very orderly fashion, step by step, they didn’t have that anxiousness that other criminals have when they commit a crime. From the looks of this, the mastermind is already obvious!” Jiang Yongfu analyzed.

“If it really is like this, it’s not really good!” I said hesitantly. I had originally though that with Grandpa Zhao as my shield, I was invincible. However I didn’t think such a hidden power would pop up.

“I would guess that the Liu family still doesn’t know your background, Yang Shuguang definitely wouldn’t say it intentionally, he might even hide it deliberately. I think that even if they captured you, they will not trouble you knowing your identity. Don’t say about anything else, no matter how dumb the Liu family is they will not oppose the government for a distinct relative. Furthermore I heard that the Liu family is very displease with Yang Shuguang, I think that helping Yang Shuguang this time is just to preserve their face,” Jiang Yongfu really didn’t become the Chief just through gifting others, he really had some ability in analyzing cases.

“I understand. Chief Jiang, do you have a detail file of the Liu family on hand?” As the saying goes know thyself, ever victorious. If I could find just a bit of the Liu family’s weakness, then when we really negotiate I would have the advantage.

“A little, it’s not very complete, come over to take it later. Also your driving license has arrived,” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Okay, see you later,” I hung up the phone, and fell into deep thoughts. The situation was getting more and more complicated.


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