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Chapter 89 – A Girl’s Thoughts

“What’s with the kid? Why is her face so red? Does she have a fever?” Mother Chen looked weirdly at her daughter.

“No-no, the house is too hot!” Chen Weier hurriedly explained. Then she though, I have to calm myself down quickly, and hopefully he doesn’t notice anything!

“Really? I actually feel it’s a bit cold! Then I’ll get your older brother to add some firewood?” Mother Chen asked.

“No need, I’m fine! Don’t let dad catch a cold,” Chen Weier shook her hands and said. Actually she wasn’t hot at all.

With my help, a table of luxurious dinner was prepared. Even Mother Chen kept on praising my culinary skills, and urged Chen Yong to learn from me in the future.

Chen Yong grimaced at the side, and didn’t feel like he really should say anything. I suppose if I wasn’t their family’s savior, then he would have started getting mad at me already.

At the dinner table, although I was treated like a VIP, I ate in low spirits. Nobody really had anything to talk about, the conversations between Chen Weier and I or Chen Yong and I could not be said in front of Mother and Father Chen, so that’s why Mother Chen was the sole person speaking the entire dinner, and it mostly consisted of expression her thanks towards me, and encouragement to study hard etc.

After dinner, I saw that it was getting late. I stood up and said my farewells to Mother Chen. Since Father Chen had to rest earlier, Mother Chen didn’t ask me to stay longer.

When I was going out, I gave a hint to Chen Yong, the brat understood quite quickly and immediately said, “Weier, there are a lot of small alleyways near our home, go and send Liu Lei off so he doesn’t get lost!”

“Oh, okay,” Chen Weier put on her down jacket and followed me out of the door.

The moon portrayed our shadows onto the small road, Chen Weier walked shoulder to shoulder with me on my left side. There were very little people on the road at night, so Chen Weier didn’t avoid anything.

“The revision questions you picked for me last time were really effective, I got 10 marks more in the monthly test than I did last time,” Chen Weier picked a topic and started speaking.

“10 marks more? How is the second place in your year supposed to live!” I exclaimed.

“Hehe, I just got twenty marks more than him, but he won’t ever be able to catch up before graduation,” Chen Weier said with a hint of pride and playfulness.

Just twenty something marks? Fourth high really was a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, the scores on the leaderboard of top students in each class were very close, yet Chen Weier actually pulled ahead by twenty something marks.

“A certain someone got 33 marks higher than the second place!” Chen Weier suddenly turned around and said mischievously to me.

“I… guessed it. How did you know?” I was reborn, and thus naturally belonged to the exceptions. Chen Weier seemed to be very interested in me though.

“Heh, why wouldn’t I know, I also know the one in the second place is your girlfriend!” Chen Weier said.

“You can’t be someone sent by the enemy organization to investigate me right?” I pretended to be puzzled and said.

“Go die, who has the time to investigate you!” Chen Weier said.

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“Weier…!” I suddenly stopped my footsteps and called out to her.

“En? What is it?” Chen Weier saw that I stopped, and also turned around.

“For you,” I handed the paper bag in my hand to Chen Weier.

“It’s really for me?” Chen Weier’s face was full of joy after hearing it.

“You know what it is?” I saw that Chen Weier’s happy expression seemed like she knew what was inside.

“I-I used the time you guys spent in the kitchen and took a peek,” Chen Weier said with a red face.

“Since you saw it, then why didn’t you say anything to me?” I suddenly remembered that weird expression Chen Weier had in the kitchen, she was managed to hold it in.

“I thought you bought it for your girlfriend,” Chen Weier explained.

“Then you never thought that I bought it for you?” I smiled naughtily at Chen Weier.

“I…” Chen Weier didn’t know what to say.

“Why are you so good to me?” Chen Weier lifted her head up, and said softly.

“I… You really want to know?” I asked.

“Never mind, neither of us say anything okay?” Chen Weier kept on shaking her head.

“Okay,” thus the two of us walked silently forward. Chen Weier hugged the clothes and walked in front, who knows what she was thinking.

“Liu Lei,” Chen Weier suddenly turned around and said to me. “Hug me okay?”

“What did you say?” I momentarily blanked after hearing it. Did she just ask me to hug her? There’s nothing wrong with my ears right?

Chen Weier smiled wryly and shook her head, “Nothing, I was just kidding.”

“Weier,” I walked quietly towards her, and pulled her into my embrace.

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To my surprise, Chen Weier didn’t struggle, she just obediently laid in my arms. I could clearly feel Chen Weier’s quicken breathing.

“Weier, I…” I wouldn’t help but want to tell her what I thought in my heart.

“Don’t say it, Liu Lei! Please don’t say it. You promised me just now!’ Chen Weier held me tightly and said.

“En,” I nodded, and silently enjoyed the warmth she brought me.

After a while, Chen Weier looked up, under the moonlight, her beautiful face was actually covered in tears.

“Liu Lei, you don’t like me, right?” Chen Weier asked.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Tell me quickly, say that you don’t like me!” Chen Weier said desperately.

“En,” I nodded.

Chen Weier smiled wryly, and pushed me away, then ran back towards her home.

What’s with her? Why did she suddenly turn weird? She’s telling me to tell her that I don’t like her even though she seems to really like me? What’s going on? I really don’t understand a girl’s thoughts. I looked at Chen Weier, who was running away, and walked to the crossroad alone to catch a taxi.

Chen Weier ran back home with her eyes red, and immediately went into her own compartment right after she got entered the door.

Mother Chen asked her what’s up, she just replied that she was too tired and wanted to rest earlier.

Chen Weier thought back to the hug just now, that kind of warmth, that comfort. Was this the feeling of being in love? However this feeling will never to belong to me. I was already reserved for someone else, and had no right to pursue my own happiness. Staying in my lover’s embrace, that was an impossible dream for me.

Chen Weier comforted herself, that brief moment just now was enough, at least there won’t be anymore regrets in this life.

Thinking these, Chen Weier’s tears flowed once more. Chen Weier hurriedly said to herself in her heart, he already said that he doesn’t like you, why are you thinking this! You should study hard to repay the boss that paid to get father treated.

Chen Weier opened her cabinet, and placed the set of clothes inside. Let it become a wonderful memory in my life.

A first love that was about to begin, before it even started, this is a present he gave me, although I really want to wear it, if I wear it, it means that I admit this relationship.

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This was not permitted, I, no longer belonged to myself.


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