Chapter 85 – Finishing Yang Kaiyuan

“Hey? Fatty Wu, are you alright?” I entered the number Wu Tian gave me and called the next morning.

“I’m fine, Big Bro, I’m so sorry, I drank too much yesterday, and made you pay the bill,” Fatty Wu said embarrassedly.

“It’s okay, I didn’t wake you up after seeing you asleep,” actually I called him for along while but he didn’t wake up, I only spent my own money with no other choice.

“Hehe, when the two of us come out alone, I’ll pay. Don’t bring Zhao Yanyan next time, it’s inconvenient to chat,” Fatty Wu said.

I answered him casually. I didn’t get if he actually likes ZhaoYanyan or not, he asked me to go out without Zhao Yanyan. This Fatty Wu was quite cute at times.

“Who are you calling?” Zhao Yanyan flipped around, and sat up from my side, then said while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“I called Fatty Wu to see if he was dead or not,” I threw the phone on the shelf by the bed.

“Oh,” Zhao Yanyan muttered, then layed on my body to continue sleeping. Then she suddenly sat up and screamed, “I didn’t go home last night?”

“En,” I replied.

“Crap crap, I’m dead, grandpa and them must be really anxious,” Zhao Yanyan hugged her head and said.

“I called your dad ages ago, and said that you were at my home last night,” I patted Zhao Yanyan’s naked back and said.

“Oh, then I’ll sleep a bit more,” after that, the little chick turned around, and laid on my body and continued to sleep.

After she feel asleep, I also gradually slept as well. When I woke up again, I saw that the sun was already high up in the sky.

Zhao Yanyan woke up ages ago, was lying on my body and looking at me with large round eyes.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I picked up the watch on the shelf and saw that it was already eleven something at noon.

“I didn’t want to get up, I just like to lie on you like this,” Zhao Yanyan purred.

“You aren’t worried about being late for school?” I asked.

“I would be late when I woke up already, so it didn’t really matter,” Zhao Yanyan has been with me a long time, and had started to be affected by me.

Zhao Yanyan and I got up and took a shower, we then returned to room and got onto the streets. Songjiang city at the end of January was already filled with a Chinese New Year atmosphere, the streets were filled with stalls that sold fire crackers and new year products.

“There’s one that sells sugarcoated haws there, I want to eat i!” Zhao Yanyan pointed to a person pushing a bicycle that was selling sugarcoated haws.

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“Okay, I’ll go and buy it for you,” I took out a five mao coin from my pocket and walked over.

“One sugarcoated haw,” I handed the money over.

When the man selling sugarcoated haws looked up, both of us momentarily blanked.

“Chen Yong!” I exclaimed, “Why did you come here to sell sugarcoated haws?”

“Isn’t it just to earn more money! I’m really sorry, I paid all the money left over form last time to Yang Kaiyuan, so it couldn’t be helped, that’s why I came out to sell sugarcoated haws,” Chen Yong said awkwardly, and casually handed me two sticks of sugarcoated haws

“I just want one, sell the other one,” I just took one stick.

“This isn’t worth much, I made it myself,” Chen Yong said with a smile. “Oh yeah, Weier said you’re coming over to my home tonight?”

“Yeah, we decided yesterday,” I answered

I chatted a bit more with Chen Yong, then said my farewells. Zhao Yanyan was still waiting for my sugarcoated haw.

When we got back to school, I found Guo Qing, and told him about the thing with Yang Kaiyuan. Guo Qing already had a grudge against Yang Shuguang, and immediately got pissed off, he made a call right away, and found forty-fifty lackeys, who all took weapons such as knives, axes, metal rods etc. and rushed to Songjiang First People’s Hospital.

The guards at the hospital entrance have never seen this sort of array before, they didn’t even dare to fart, and immediately hid into the duty room on he side. When they got to the reception, Guo Qing intimated the people, and easily found out the ward Yang Kaiyuan was in.

Yang Kaiyuan was really comfortable these few days, the high class ward in the hospital was really different, not only was it a single ward, there was also a bathroom with a shower and everything. Yang Kaiyuan was resting in the ward, with his medical fees being claimed from others, why shouldn’t he spend as much as he can?

At that moment, Yang Kaiyuan was flirting with a xiaojie he met in a club on the bed when the door to the ward was kicked open.

Yang Kaiyan was freaked out by this sudden sound.

“Pull that girl onto the side,” Guo Qing said with a darkened expression.

“Guo… Guozi-ge!” Yang Kaiyuan stuttered. He clearly knew who Guo Qing was, although him and Guo Qing didn’t interact much since he had his old man’s relationship, in the society, when people get desperate they would still make a move on you regardless of who you are.

“You still know to call me ge, I really thought you got beaten dumb,” Guo Qing mocked.

“How could I, Songjiang is so small, who doesn’t know you Guozi-ge!” Yang Kaiyuan didn’t know what Guo Qing mean, and didn’t speak too much.

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“Clearly you aren’t stupid? If you’re not stupid then why the **** did you do something that was asking to get killed? You’re sick of living aren’t you? You dare to extort my boss’s future girlfriend’s gege?” Guo Qing kicked the bed and said.

“I… How do I know who your something boss’s relative is?” Yang Kaiyuan was a bit confused after hearing it.

“****, you extort quite a lot? You can’t even tell who is who?” Guo Qing asked.

“No, no, how did I extort people, what’s more is that extorting is illegal,” Yang Kaiyuan quickly explained.

“I won’t bullshit with you anymore, you know Chen Yong right, get your dad to take fifty thousand to his home, then we’re even,” Guo Qing said coldly.

“Sure, sure! Isn’t it just fifty thousand!” Yang Kaiyuan immediately nodded and agreed.

“Okay, brothers go, help him loosen his bones,” Guo Qing said to his lackeys behind him.

“Ai! Wait, Guozi-ge didn’t I agree to pay, why are you still telling them to come,” Yang Kaiyuan stared at the desperados in the society with terror.

“I wanted to kill you today, but since you agreed to pay, I won’t kill you, who am I supposed to find for money if you’re dead? However you have to at least let the bros enjoy a bit, and not come for nothing! Oh yeah, tell Yang Shuguang, if I don’t see the money tomorrow, it’ll be his end soon,” Guo Qing said.


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