Chapter 86 – Shopping with Weier

“Do as you guys see fit, just make sure that he doesn’t die,” after saying that, Guo Qing turned around and left the ward without looking back.

Yang Shuguang could only swallow his grievance in silence, and was unable to avenge himself. He never would have imagined that Liu Lei would get Guo Qing to help he Chen family get even. He had though Liu Lei and Chen Yong only knew each other, and getting Chen Yong to pay him some money wasn’t too much, even if they went through the proper route of doing things, Chen Yong had to pay the medical fees anyways.

However, he didn’t think that his own son was beaten within a few days of getting the money, and it wasn’t light either, according to the doctors, he probably had to stay in bed for another six months, and it was unknown whether he could be like a normal person afterwards.

Yang Shuguang immediately got pissed off, and made a few calls to find a few people that got along with him in the society to help. However the moment they heard Yang Shuguang’s description and knew that they were being asked to take care of Guo Qing, all of them refused. Guozi’s name was already famous in the underworld of Songjiang city, nobody on the streets was willing to randomly gain his grudge for Yang Shuguang, not to mention that whether or not they could even touch him was a whole different issue.

Yang Shuguang couldn’t do anything, since he was demoted! Several days ago people called him Yang-ge, and begged a lot to treat him to treats. ****, once a person loses his power, then those friends that called him brothers immediately turned.

At the start, Yang Shuguang thought about calling the police, since no matter what you say, Guo Qing was blatantly extorting him! However once Yang Shuguang thought about his situation and what he did before, he was sure that calling the police was pointless.

Without any other way, Yang Shuguang could only walk towards the bank.

When the bell for the end of school rang, I explained briefly to Zhao Yanyan without hiding anything. The chick only told me to get home earlier, and give her a call no matter how late.

“Liu Lei!” Seeing I walk out of the school, Chen Weier waved happily at me not so far away.

“Don’t you third years have night study periods?” I looked weirdly at Chen Weier who was wearing a backpack.

“I asked for leave!” Chen Weier said with a red face.

“Go to your home now?” I looked at the watch, it was only half past four. Chen Weier’s family’s Mala Tang stall might not have closed yet.

“Uh…. Let’s walk around on the streets,” Chen Weier said quietly.

I felt a sudden joy in my heart, Weier actually took the initiative to go shopping with me.

“Sure, where are we going?” I said joyfully.

“Just walk around randomly, let’s go over to the near the Department Dalou?” Chen Weier asked using a soliciting tone.

“Okay!” Department Dalou was in the business area of Songjiang city, there were a lot of branded clothing stores there, it was somewhere very popular among girls. I just didn’t think that Chen Weier would also like these. However that is hardly surprising, all girls love beauty.

Department Dalou wasn’t far from Fourth High, it was only around ten minutes away on foot. Chen Weier and I walked side by side on the streets, with barely any distance between us. I intentionally walked really close to Chen Weier, and after finding the perfect chance, I pretended touched her hand unknowingly when we crossed the road.

Chen Weier blushed and jumped to the side, but when she saw my expressionless face as if nothing happened, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself and shook her head, like she thought too much into it.

I already captured Chen Weier’s expression in my eyes, no matter what, Chen Weier and my relationship was much closer than that time when we went to the store. Although I had thoughts about Zhao Yanyan, I couldn’t eat a fatty in one go.

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“Let’s go and look in that store!” Chen Weier pointed at the large Fairyfair sign and skipped in front.

“Okay!” I replied. Looking at that figure full of youthful atmosphere, perhaps this was the real Chen Weier, when she forgot about all her misfortunes, she was the same as other girls this age, she likes to shop, likes pretty clothes, and likes to dress herself up.

“Liu Lei, do you think this set of clothes look good?” Chen Weier pointed excitedly at a set of clothes and said.

“En… I think it must look great on Weier!” I said.

“Really?” Chen Weier exclaimed happily. As long as they were girls, they would want to gain the approval of boys.

“Of course, why don’t you try it on?” I encouraged. From the look of this tight set of clothes, it looks really sexy, if it was on Weier… Just thinking about it got my saliva flowing.

“Never mind, I can’t afford it!” Chen Weier pointed at the price tag on the clothes, and stuck her tongue out. 698 Yuan was written on it, a set of clothes was the price of a normal worker’s monthly salary!

“You can still try it even if you don’t buy it!” I continued to encourage her.

“That’s not that good right!” Chen Weier kept on shaking her head, but her gaze was still on that set of clothes.

“It’s fine! Look, there are a lot of people that are just trying and not buying!” I started pointing out facts.

“Oh, okay!” Chen Weier wanted to try it as well, but due to a girl’s reservations, she couldn’t make the determination, now that she was encouraged by me, she became more daring.

After a while, Chen Weier pushed open the door to the changing room and walked out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was unable to associate this graceful and voluptuous figure with Chen Weier, who was rather plain! The person of me gave me a completely shockingly beautiful feeling! Pure, elegant, beautiful beyond belief. Even I, who always faced beauties everyday was shocked by the scene in front of my eyes.

When I finally calm back to myself, I gradually became more calm, and said honestly to Chen Weier, “Weier, you’re so pretty! The clothes are like they were made specifically for you.

Chen Weier blushed after saying that, becoming even more beautiful.

“Darling, do you think I look good wearing this?” A girl’s voice interrupted us. Apparently a girl around the age of Chen Weier was trying out a jacket in front of the changing room.

“Yes!” The boy beside the girl said.

“But this is too expensive!” The girl shook her head.

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“It’s worth it no matter how expensive it is! I’ll buy it and give it to you!” The boy said.

“You’re amazing!” The girl’s smile was feel of happiness.

Looking at the fleeting backs of the couple, Chen Weier muttered to herself in a very soft voice, “She’s so happy! Love actually became an extravagant hope to me.” All of the moment, Chen Weier’s sadness of selling her body to save her father overcame her, she turned around and went back into the changing room, then took off the clothes that couldn’t belong to her.

Although Chen Weier’s voice was really quiet, I still heard everything clearly. I waved my hands to attract the stewardess, and handed her a bankcard.

When we left the shop, Chen Weier looked weirdly at the extra bag in my hands, due to her bad mood, she didn’t ask about it.


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