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Chapter 84 – The bill I paid

“Ai! Already calling him hubby! I say, can’t you two not agitate me!” Fatty Wu said in displeasure. “Liu-dage didn’t say anything, what are you worried about! You have to drink between men!”

“You…! You think I’m in the way here right?” Zhao Yanyan snorted and said.

“Hehe, how can I!” Fatty Wu immediately denied.

“It’s okay, Yanyan, I can drink this much,” this was tiny compared to my alcohol tolerance in my previous life. Which CEO in Huaxia doesn’t drink? All of them drink quite a frequently.

Seeing my confident expression, Zhao Yanyan no longer objected, and just whispered beside my ear, “Hubby be careful, Wu Tian can really drink!”

I gave her a slight smile so she wouldn’t worry

We drank till Wu Tian and I called each other brothers, although this fellow was older than me, he insisted on admitting me as his big bro.

“Big Bro, you have to teach little bro about chatting up girls in the future!” Fatty Wu was already dead drunk, and didn’t pay heed to Zhao Yanyan on the side, and said shamelessly tome in front of this girl he once longed after.

“Hehe, no problem, this thing just relies on a person’s understanding——“ I started continuously speak about some pickup hints that I saw on the internet in my previous life.

Zhao Yanyan kept on frowning as she heard it, then used her crab-like hands to pinch me really hard on my waist, and said quietly, “Say, why do you know so much? Did you use these methods to get me?”

“Don’t you know if I used it or not?” I chuckled. Actually I didn’t really intentionally pursue Zhao Yanyan, us getting together felt very natural, and gave me a feeling as if everything fell into place.

“Still, don’t say anymore, don’t set a bad example for others!” Zhao Yanyan warned.

I knew that I couldn’t talk about this topic anymore, and immediately changed the topic, however Fatty Wu was really enjoying listening to it, my random gibberish sounded like first class pickup tips, just as he was listening to it carefully, he suddenly noticed that I stopped talking, and anxiously asked, “Why aren’t you speaking anymore, continue!”

I quickly raised my glass perfunctorily, “Let’s drink first, drink first!”

“Sure!” Hearing that we were drinking, Fatty Wu also picked up his glass, clearly forgetting about my change of topic. Fatty Wu filled his glass and said, “Here, Big Bro! Us Dongbei people are right, drink it in a gulp for a close relationship, take a sip for a shallow relationship, drink till your stomach bleeds for an unbreakable relationship! Let’s drink till we’re drunk today, whoever doesn’t ******* drink till thy bleed isn’t going to go home.”

****, this Fatty Wu is clearly drunk, bleeding stomach? You turned dumb right! I already dropped dead from drinking once in my previous life, you want me to die again? You must think I’m crazy.

I tried my best to preserve my ability when we were drinking just now, this caused the currently completely drunk Fatty Wu to not even act as an actual opponent for me who was sober, every time he gulps down a glass, I would take a sip. Finally Fatty Wu fell asleep onto the table after once again finishing a glass.

“Is he fine, do we have to send him to the hospital?” Zhao Yanyan asked worriedly after seeing Fatty Wu was like a dead pig.

“It’s alright, people like him who often drink knows how much they can drink, he won’t go over the top,” I rinsed my mouth with tea and said.

“Oh! But how do you know? Say it! Do you go out and drink often?” Zhao Yanyan said in displeasure.

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“Of course not! I… heard it from your dad!” Seeing Zhao Yanyan’s displeasure, I immediately denied it and incidentally dumped this black wok on Zhao Junsheng’s head.

“Heh! All my dad does is set a bad example for you, I’ll deal with him another day,” Zhao Yanyan said angrily.

Hehe, it looks like Zhao Junsheng was definitely screwed this time! I couldn’t help but think of a quote: What are employees for? Employees are to carry the black wok for their bosses.

I walked out of the room, and got a waiter to get us the bill. After a while, the waiter brought over a bill for Wu Tian to sign, however despite us screaming Fatty Wu for a long while, this ******* didn’t react at all.

“Can’t he sign it for you next time?” I asked the waiter.
“No, although we know him, but the hotel have its regulations, it would really trouble us,” the waiter said.

This military hotel had a lot of regulations. It looks like this bill isn’t going to be signed, I asked helplessly, “How much is everything in total?”

The waiter handed me the bill and said, “A total of four thousand six hundred and twenty three, thank you.”

****, this meal was too expensive, it’s already four thousand something without us eating anything special. This level in 1995 was nearly as much as Shangri-La. I took out a bankcard from my pocket and handed it to the waiter, “Is there no discount?”

The waiter received the bankcard and said, “You can have 10% off if you don’t sign.”

“I won’t sign, just hurry and swipe the card!” I waved my hand and said. I lost four thousand something kuai for no good reason, I have to eat it all back from Fatty Wu another day.

After paying the billed, I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand and left Heaven on Earth. Right before we left, Zhao Yanyan pointed to Fatty Wu who was still sleeping on the table, “We’re really leaving him here?”

“Yeah, the hotel is the military’s, just wait for his old man to pick him up,” I said casually. Saying that, I suddenly remembered that since we’re leaving Fatty Wu here, why did I pay the bill, I could just get his old man to pay it later, I let myself get taken advantage of for no reason.

The reason I drank with Fatty Wu till we’re dead drunk (it seems like I’m still sober, and could consider issues!), was because in the current condition of Huaxia, the military wasn’t an ignorable force, it had more power and control that the government in some ways. Fatty Wu didn’t disgust me, rather he was quite forthright, he just got a little sad after knowing Zhao Yanyan and my relationship. This was a real man, so much better than those punks that only knew how to play dirty tricks like Liu Kesheng and Yang Kaiyuan.

The way the dinner went was all under my lead, it was very successful. I believe that after today, Fatty Wu would treat me as a good friend, as well as the Big Bro that he calls me.

This was what I want as well, currently the local government was already on my side, if I can get some contacts in the military, then that will be very advantageous for my future development.

“Yanyan,” I stopped my steps under the moonlight, and gazed at the little beauty that was as mesmerizing as a drawing, and lightly embraced her, I used my hand to lift her face, and kissed her passionately.

Although Zhao Yanyan only drank a few mouthfuls, but since the girl have never drank before, under the effects of alcohol, her face was bright red, her whole body heated up. Under my teasing she became even more delirious.

“Ahh… En… No, hubby, we’re still on the streets…” Zhao Yanyan mumbled.

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I smiled, and pulled Zhao Yanyan into the military hotel reception beside Heaven on Earth.

The only good thing about a hotel opened by the military was that no police would come check at night, doing that to the military was just asking for trouble. However with Zhao Yanyan and my background in Songjiang, we had nothing to be afraid off.


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