Chapter 79 – The thing’s about to be exposed

Hehe, this Yang Shuguang is dealt with, now just that Yang Kaiyuan that have ill intentions towards Chen Weier left. He dares to harass a woman I decided on, let’s see how I play you to death. Aren’t you in hospital? I’ll let you stay there a few more months.

Right before I left, I said to Jiang Yongfu, “How do you plan on handling this Yang Shuguang?”

“Handle yet, isn’t it over when I find a chance to fire him! He isn’t official anyways, it’s just that it’ll be hard to explain to his Yuefu’s side,” Jiang Yongfu said uncaringly.

“Fire? I fire that this isn’t a good method! Yang Shuguang has been the defense team captain for so many years, he must have quite a lot of contacts in the society, he might get desperate and cause trouble for me. It’ll be fine for me, but I’m scared that he would make a move on Chen Weier’s family!” I twitched my eyebrows and said.

“That’s true! I didn’t consider enough! Then what do you think, Brother Liu?” Jiang Yongfu said humbly. Actually all he did was push this troublesome problem to me.

Did he think I wouldn’t notice this? However I had a plan in my heart ages ago, I gave off a villainous chuckle and said, “I heard that the traffic police force in our Songjiang city lacks people, and is employing traffic wardens, it’s more or less the same as the defense team!”

“Haha! Brother Liu’s move is truly great! I’ll transfer him to stand tomorrow,” Jiang Yongfu agreed.

Yang Shuguang probably could never imagine in his dreams that his entire future was decided in these few sentences between this pair of old and young people.

I laughed coldly in my heart, this Yang Shugong got used to being in a comfortable place, transferring him to stand on the streets now will tire him out within a few days, by then don’t talk about taking revenge on me, whether he could protect his son would be a problem.

When I got home in a taxi, it was already nine-something a night.

I noticed the atmosphere was not right the moment I got home, I was very confused. My dad and mom were sitting on the sofa with a darkened expression.

“Dad, mom, I’m back!” I smiled and greeted them.

“Back? You’re capable, Liu Lei! Mom didn’t realize you brat is all grown up right?” My mom threw out a sentence that was neither hot nor cold.

“Hehe, I just conveniently ate at Zhao Yanyan’s home, so I came back late!” I explained with a smile.

“Who said you came back late?” My dad interrupted.

It’s not because I came back late? Then why? I don’t think I didn’t do anything severe that endangered the society, or endangered the people right? These few tests were great, and I’ve been more obedient at home…

“Little *******, you tell me what this is!” My dad picked up a white thingy and waved it around in mid-air.

What is that? It looks like a bra? Why’s my dad holding that? Thus I said in confusion,” Dad, what are you holding mom’s brassiere for?” I subconsciously decided that was my mom’s, because my mom’s the only woman in the home, my dad definitely wouldn’t be perverted enough to collect these.

“This is your mom’s? Whether it’s your mom’s or not, do you think she wouldn’t know? Your mom picked this up from under your bed when she was cleaning up your room just now!” My dad threw that bra onto the tea table and roared at me.

My first reaction was, ****! Zhao Yanyan and my thing got exposed! At that point I faintly recall that Zhao Yanyan didn’t find her bra when she got dressed in the morning, because we were rather rushed, and didn’t look for it carefully, so Zhao Yanyan just didn’t wear it at all. Since it didn’t have much effect whether she wore it or not. However I never would have thought that my mom would go and cleanup my room!

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What kind of excuse should I use to get over this? My mind was furiously turning.

“You’re really good! You’ve got guts! What did you do to their guinv?” My mom didn’t give me any chance to think, and said like a machine gun.

“I-I didn’t do anything!” I didn’t know what to say.

“Liu Lei, dad’s not scolding you, it’s normal to have feelings between boys and girls at this age, your mom and I don’t disagree with going out a bit. However you can’t cross the line right? Say, if the girl’s parents noticed and came here, where are your mom’s and my face suppose to be!” My dad eased the atmosphere.

“Yeah! Leilei, how old are you now! You two just started first year, and have to go to university in the future, can you promise that you’ll always be together with that girl? Once you separate, the one who suffered losses is the girl! You are harming her!” My mom also agreed.

Ai! It looks like my mom still doesn’t understand the feelings between Zhao Yanyan and I. We cannot be separated, only I would understand the love Zhao Yanyan has for me which is scorched into her heart. It would be even more impossible for me to abandon Zhao Yanyan, would I be unclear about why I got reborn!? However my mom would not understand even if I told her this.

“What’s more, even if you two do stay together in the future, do you have the ability to support her? That Zhao Yanyan’s family background definitely isn’t bad, just the Lee pant and the Bosideng down jacket that she’s wearing, and this bra, are all things our family don’t even dare to think about, your mom, I, can’t afford it, the most I can do is just try it on and enjoy it a bit when I go to the mall! Now you’ve done that with her, what is she supposed to do in the future? Suffer with you?” My mom didn’t give me a chance to take a breath, and continued on.

“I…” What was I suppose to say, was I supposed to say that my assets now amount to several billion?!

“Does Zhao Yanyan’s parents know about your relationship?” My mom asked.

“They do,” I nodded and said. “I just had dinner at her place.”

“Her parents didn’t object to you two being together?” My mom’s tone was much calmer.

“No, her family like me quite a lot,” I said. Bullshit, I’m Zhao Junsheng’s boss right now, would he dare to object!

“Then they don’t know what you did to their daughter, wouldn’t they kill murder you after they know!” My dad snorted.

I don’t think so? Today that Ye-bobo seemed to want to snatch me away.

“Okay now, your mom and I want say anymore, since it already happened, there is no use scolding you. Just be more careful in the future, and don’t let the girl’s parents chase you up here,” after saying that, my dad took out a small paper box from a paper bag on the tea table, and handed it over to me, then said, “I don’t have to say what this is right?”

I looked up and noticed that’s a box of Double Butterfly condoms! I awkwardly received it, and though that was close! My mom only cleaned my room and didn’t check it, there are quite a few more boxes of these in my drawer!

“And this!” My mom handed Zhao Yanyan’s bra that was on the tea table to m. “Give it back to her the next time you see her! This brand costs several hundred kuai!”

I sweated, and received the bra. Why is this thingy so expensive!

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