Chapter 80 – Buying a car

I quickly returned to my room, just after I entered, I heard my parents talk quickly in the living room.

“This Zhao Yanyan is even more pretty than that Xia Jing, our family’s Leilei profited!” My mom’s voice.

“Haven’t you looked at whose son it is, he inherited our old Liu family’s excellent lineage! This time the raw rice has been cooked, the daughter-in-law is settled!” My dad’s voice.

“You dare to say your excellent lineage? If it wasn’t you doing that to me back then… Would I have married you poor guy!?” My mom’s shy voice.

“What’s wrong with marrying me, unless you’re still thinking about that something ten youth entrepreneur? My dad said with displeasure.

“Heh! He is an outstanding youth in the country now, I heard the new company is huge!” My mom’s voice.

“So what! Ai~ You do pay quite a bit of attention to him, let’s see how I take care of you,” my dad’s voice.

“What are you doing, we’re old husband and wife now, ai~ knock it off, it wouldn’t be good if our son heard it!” My mom’s voice.

“Crap! I gave the condom I just bought today to our son!” My dad said regretfully.

I clenched that box of Double Butterfly condom, and kept sweating, I was wondering if I should first return this condom back to my dad. You have to know these two people is acting good cop bad cop on me! Hearing their tone, it seems like they are pretty happy about me and Zhao Yanyan.

Three days of New Year passed by quickly, it wasn’t a seven day holiday yet back then, normal school and work days resumed on January 4th.

Under my guidance and suggestion, Shuguang Photo Factory 1.0 and Shuguang CAD 1.0 were completed and entered the public testing phase. The first automatic wiring layout design system Shuguang EDA was in development, it could be said that Shuguang Software has already was completely on track now under my guidance. Shuguang Software now had more than a hundred excellent programmers, it be said that what they lack most now is good ideas and core codes, since I could provide both of these, what they needed to do was finish the software.

This was just to my liking, I don’t have too much time right now to program all of the large scale business software that were popular, therefore I needed some people to help me finish these ideas, my Shuguang Software is my best helper.

On the side of Shuguang Microelectronics, the production lines for chips have all been purchased from Bao Island, originally Uncle Zhao wanted to buy it from Fusan Country, I strongly opposed, I rather spend more money and buy one made in the country

I’ve already made all the north and south bridge data that is compatible with Pentium MMX/Pro and gave it to the few technicians at Shuguang Microelectronics, they were very suspicious about the origins of this data, since it wasn’t possible for such technological data to appear in the country, even in the entire world, this data would definitely be kept confidential by the producers, and would not be said.

However when they thought about the powerful background and financial abilities behind Shuguang, no one thought anything of it. They were able to buy production lines costing several hundred millions on a whim, how many companies could do this within the country?

Since the production process and the packaging technology were rather complete, the chips could be officially put into production very soon, I’ve also drawn out the circuit diagrams for the computer motherboard for the technicians to research. All developments were looking good, I estimate that they could be all put into the market at the end of January this year.

Intel’s Pentium MMX had also been released into the market ahead of schedule, since the technology was designed by me, suture packaging was directly used, this was one of my technology patents, and was preparation for standardization in the future.

Intel initially had some problems with Shuguang Electronics selling motherboards, but after sending someone here to communicate and found out that the owner behind the scenes for Shuguang was me, they quietly shut their mouth. This is because the contract had been not to sell he technology to a third party, but it didn’t say that I couldn’t use it myself. When they heard that we had already started developing a 300Hz CPU, they couldn’t help but choose to cooperate with us once again, allowing Shuguang Electronics to become the sole distributor for Intel within Huaxia.

Uncle Zhao had always been a good manager, and with the extra training over these two months, Shuguang had started speedily growing under his leadership. Although the main reason for this speed was due to my technological data, I can’t deny that Uncle Zhao had already managed Shuguang similarly to the international companies I’ve seen in my previous life. This means that, once these technicians mature enough to have the ability to research and develop on their own, and won’t need the help of my data anymore, Shuguang will become like a large machine, successfully running whether Uncle Zhao or I are here or now.

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It could be said that I could already feel relieved about the IT area, and could leave it in other’s hands, the next thing I had to pay attention to was the extremely profitable industries in this period of time, real estate and domestic appliance industry.

Not long after the holiday, I say Yang Shuguang, who was wrapped by thick on the streets cotton clothing and hat, on the streets holding a small yellow flag to direct traffic in the icy cold. I sighed in my heart, this Jiang Yongfu was truly resolute, the thing happened during New Year, and he immediately got Yang Shuguang to take office within a week. With this, those who originally had relationships with Yang Shuguang would all gradually estrange him from them. When I deal with him then, can’t I just do whatever I want?

Looking at the passing cards on the street, I started considering if I should buy a car? Or else it really was inconvenient to go and do things. I can’t always take Zhao Junsheng or Zhao Limin’s car, after all I am a Board Director, I can’t always call a cab when I go out.

I’ll get Jiang Yongfu to get me a driving license, I think this is a piece of cake for him, he would rather I bother him more.

I took out my mobile from my pocket, and called Jiang Yongfu.

“Chief Yong, I’m Liu Lei,” I said.

“I can tell, I can tell. What is Brother Liu calling me for today?” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Hehe, it’s nothing special, I just saw Yang Shuguang on the streets, he’s covering himself like a huge panda,” I chuckled.

“Haha, he’s gotten off light, I would have arranged him to guard the door, or heat the heater or something!” Jiang Yongfu also laughed sinisterly.

“Oh yeah, Chief Jiang, I want to buy a car, help me get a license,” I bullshitted a bit, then mentioned it as if I just thought of it. Or else it would seem like I deliberately called him for help, I didn’t want to owe him too many favors.

“About this, it’s simple, get someone to bring me your ID, I’ll get someone to help you sort it out,” Jiang Yongfu immediately agreed.

“Sure, how does it cost?” I asked.

“Cost, just how much is getting a driving license, I’ll pay for you,” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Then Chief Jiang, thanks, I’ll send it over to you later,” I said.

“Ai, oh yeah, I’ll get you a police plate for your car plate, or else you’ll fined when you’re caught since you just started driving,” Jiang Yongfu said.


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