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Chapter 78 – Bad luck’s about to occur to Yang Shuguang

“A friend of mine was arrested by you people, would it be fine if I don’t come?” I mocked.

“Is that so? Just wait, I’ll immediately come down!” Jiang Yongfu hung up the phone. He was swearing in his heart, which idiot pissed of this important person again, now he came personally to ask for the person.

Right after I dialed the phone, the police that’s on duty on the side’s attitude turned a hundred and eighty degrees around, and respectfully led us to the sofa in the duty room, and poured us tea and water. From the looks of it, a person that can get the chief to come down with a call would definitely not be normal, if he pissed him off then the chief wouldn’t let him off.

On the other hand, Chen Weier and her mother that were by my side were looking at me unbelievably, it was as if this was all impossible.

Before long, Jiang Yongfu ran out with his face full of sweat. After seeing where I was, he hurriedly came over and shook hands with me, “Brother Liu, I’m really sorry, I’ll immediately check for you, what is your frind’s name?”

“Chen Yong,” I replied.

“Xiao Wu, who was brought back just now?” Jiang Yongfu said to the police on duty.

“The Defense team Captain Yang just brought someone back, I’m don’t know of it’s the person this… ge is talking about,” the police answered. Originally he saw that the person in front of him was even younger than him, but the chief already called him Brother Liu, so addressing him as Liu-ge definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

“Where did he bring him?!” Hearing that it was Yang Shuguang who arrested him, he felt that his lungs were about to explode! Last time he pissed someone off was because of this Yang Shuguang, he didn’t think that not long later, this guy poked another hole for him.

“The interrogation room on the third floor,” the police said.

“Brother Liu, wait here for a moment, I’ll go upstairs and have a look!” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Never mind that, Chief Jiang, I’ll go upstairs with you, I have tasted the handiworks of the one with the surname Jiang. Don’t let my friend get electrocuted to death!” I said bluntly. Hearing that, Jiang Yongfu’s face became pale, he probably had the intention to murder Yang Shuguang by now.

At that moment, Chen Weier and her mother were looking at me with an astonished look. You have to know that I was talking to the police chief, and from the tone I’m using, I’m not leaving any face for Chief Jiang. Even Chen Weier couldn’t believe that this schoolmate that’s younger by two years was someone that dipped in both black and white. Yesterday was not distinguishing between you and I with an underworld boss, today was calling each other brothers with the police chief. Chen Weier couldn’t help but become curious about the person in front of her.

I went upstairs Jiang Yongfu to the first floor, and arrived at the door of familiar interrogation room.

“Kuangdang”, the door to the interrogation room was kicked open by Jiang Yongfu. I rushed forward, and saw that Chen Yong’s left hand was cuffed in the water bath as expected, a police was poking the electronic baton into the water. Yang Shuguang was smoking lik a boss on the side.

“******* hell!” Seeing this scene, Jiang Yongfu sent the electronic baton in the police’s hands flying with a kick, then stared at Yang Shuguang solemnly, “You really can’t remember things? Who authorized you to arrest people?” The moment they entered the interrogation room, Jiang Yonfu already decided to sacrifice this *******, Yang Shuguang, who only caused trouble for him.

“Chief Jiang, this person beat my son into the hospital!” Yang SHuguang explained.

“Beat your son? Why didn’t he beat mine, why did he have to beat your’s?” Jiang Yongfu retorted. He clearly knew that Yang Shuguang’s son, Yang Kaiyuan, was like, he pretty much does every sort of bad things from tricking to lying, from dine and dash to hiring prostitutes, to gambling, if it wasn’t Yang Shuguang looking out for him, this brat would have been in jail who knows how many times.

“About this…” Yang Shuguang still wanted to explain, but seeing the furious expression on Jiang Yongfu’s face, and me on the side, the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

“Take off your uniform, hand over the badge and baton of the defense team, then write a report for me when you go back, you are temporarily suspended!” Jiang Yongfu said with a displeased expression.

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“Chief Jiang, look… I…” Yang Shuguang’s eyes were wide open, and looked at the old chief in front of him in disbelief. He was about to be suspended due to just arresting someone?

“There’s no need to say anything!” Jiang Yongfu snapped. Then he turned around and said to me with a calm tone, “Brother Liu, I wonder if you are satisfied with this result?”

Yang Shuguang was rather confused when he saw me earlier, now he understood, the one who wanted to deal with him was me. And this Chen Yong must be mine. Seeing the polite attitude that even Jiang Yongfu had towards me, it was natural for bad things to happen to him.

Yang Shuguang clearly understood the issue between him and I, and knew that I wouldn’t let him off easily. Thus he asked dispiritedly, “Chief Jiang, if you’re going to sentence me to death, then at least let me die understandingly, what exactly is this person’s identity?”

“Identity? Nothing special really, he’s just the son-in-law of the CEO of Shuguang Corporation, which is also Elder Zhao’s grandson-in-law. Of course, our police station is also a just place, even if he’s a normal person, I would deal with things by the book!” Jiang Yongfu said justly.

Yang Shuguang finally understood why Liu Ran fell so easily, it was because the provincial officials backing the situation.

Chen Yong’s handcuffs were taking off by the police with a keen eyesight ages ago, Chen Weier rushed over anxiously and helped him up, “Ge, are you okay?”

Chen Yong shook his head, “I’m fine, your older brother’s body is strong. This kind of small punishment is no big deal!”

Only then did Chen Weier came back to herself and look at me in disbelief. She didn’t think that a first year that seemed to be just slightly cocky actually dealt with the problem, and that Chief Jiang also seemed to fear him quite a bit. What kind of person is he exactly? Oh yeah, Chief Jiang just said he is the son-in-law of the CEO of Shuguang Corporation! But how old is he, how can he be someone’s son-in-law, she must have misheard it! Chen Weier subconsciously comforted herself, but why did she think like that, she didn’t know either.

After saying farewell to Chen Weier’s family in front of the police station, Jiang Yongfu wanted to send a police car to send me back. Because Chen Yong’s body was just electrocuted, making it still a bit weak, I got him to send Chen Weier and them back instead.

Chen Weier’s mother continuously thanked me, after Chen Yong found out that I saved him, his gratefulness towards me increased massively, it’s just that Chen Weier and their mother were still at the side, so he didn’t say anything.

The happiest here was Chen Weier, twice she had been in trouble, and my sudden appearance had saved her both times.

After waved goodbye to the three people, Chen Weier and them got on the police car that Jiang Yongfu called.


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