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Chapter 77 – Something happened to Chen Yong

“Xiao Liu, don’t blame yourself too much! It’s a good thing for young people to hide their own talents, but not too much, doing so too much would be being fake!” Zhao Limin said to me.

“Wanbei understands!” I said respectfully. Looking at Grandpa Zhao’s expression, he seems rather pleased with me.

“How is it, Old Ye! Now you’re convinced from your heart right!” Zhao Limin said proudly.

“I am convinced from the heart, but Elder Zhao, we have been friends for so many years, even if we aren’t brothers, we’re close like brothers right?” Ye-bobo said.

“Yeah, back in the days when we were fighting Vietnam, the two of us came out form the same trench, I have always treated you as my real didi!” Zhao Limin exclaimed.

“Then say, isn’t my daughter your real niece?” Ye-bobo said, then a crafty smile appeared on his face.

“About this, I suppose she is!” Zhao Limin could faintly feel something amiss, but still answered.

“So, for my daughter who’s also your real niece, I’ve decided that, I will definitely fight over this son-in-law with you!” Ye-bobo said and slapped his thigh.

Suddenly, I saw a smile that would only appear when their ploy worked flash across Zhao Limin’s face, although it was jus for a split-second, I still saw it.

The ****? These two old fellows couldn’t have worked together to trick me right? Why do I feel like I’ve been tricked?

That night, Ye-bobo said that he had something else to do, and left. I wanted to ask Zhao Limin several times what Ye-bobo actually does, but didn’t know how. On one hand it isn’t very polite, but most importantly this Ye-bobo actually wanted to marry his daughter to me, I didn’t want to have too much relationships with him.

That person called Yu-ma made delicious dishes, as expected of Grandpa Zhao’s personal assistant, I don’t know if it was because I was hungry, or because Yu-ma’s cooking was spectacular, the food was actually more delicious than good I’ve ate in five-star hotels in my previous life.

I finally felt the feeling of being an important guest, which Zhao Yanyan felt in my home at noon, at Grandpa Zhao’s home, the whole family kept on giving me good, after the dinner, my tummy was totally round, and I kept on burping.

After dinner, Grandpa Zhao wanted to find a car to send me back, but I rejected the offer. This was the night of a festival, even drivers had to rest, it was fine if I called a cab, it’s not like I didn’t have any money.

When the taxi passed by the market, I suddenly had an urge to go and see Chen Weier.

“Just stop at the market place in front,” I said to the taxi driver.

“Ah? Didn’t you want to go to Huaxing Compound?” The driver asked.

“Not now, I’ll get off here,” I said.

The driver didn’t say anything else and directly stopped the car in front of the market place. At this time, there wasn’t a fare meter for cabs yet, it was five kuai anywhere you went, the closer you went to happier the driver got.

I paid the fare, then hurriedly got off. I momentarily blanked without even walking a few steps, the scene in front of my eyes freaked me out. Chen Weier’s family’s “Chen’s Mala Tang” sign was broken on the floor, the pot for Mala Tang was also flipped over, the seasoning and coriander where everywhere. Chen Weier and her mother were hugging each other and crying.

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I quickly went in front of them and asked anxiously, “ Weier, what happened here?”

Could it have been done by the delinquents on the street? That’s impossible, Guo Qing was the true head here, there were any rascals that dared to make a move on people protected by Guozi.

“My older brother was just arrested!” Chen Weier looked at me, and couldn’t hold in her sorrow and started crying.

“Don’t worry, Weier, don’t cry for now, tell me exactly what happened!” I quickly comforted her.

After the incident the previous day, Chen Weier naturally developed a bit of reliance on me, seeing I say that, she wiped away her tears, then choked, “Yang Kaiyuan came just now, I didn’t mind him, so he started making a move on me, then my older brother couldn’t watch it anymore and started fighting Yang Kaiyuan, my older brother accidentally caused Yang Kaiyuan’s forehead to bleed. We’ve caused a huge issue, that Yang Kaiyuan first got a bunch of people to ruin our stall, then they ran away, and immediately afterwards the police cam, and said that my older brother was suspected of grievous body harm, and arrested him!”

Hehe, so it was all planned. It looks like both parties were asked here by that brat Yang Kaiyuan, or else how would there be as coincidental as the police coming the moment the criminals left.

“Did the police that arrested him say where they were from?” I asked.

“I don’t know, my mom asked them, they didn’t reply. They directly handcuffed my older brother and forced him onto the car!” Chen Weier shook her head and said.

“However, they say that Yang Kaiyuan’s dad is an important official in the police station, there’s eighty-ninety percent chance that they’re together!” Chen Weier’s mother reminded.

I now know most of the situation, it was clearly the job of that brat Yang Kaiyuan, I think the next step is threatening Chen Weier to do as he says by putting Chen Yong in jail right? This wishful thinking was pretty good, but the mistake he made was that he made a move on someone he shouldn’t have, he will definitely pay for this.

“Okay Weier, clean up with your mom and bit, and come with me!” I said chicly.

“To do what?” Chen Weier asked.

“To ask for him at the police station!” I said casually.

“What? Ask for him at the police station? Liu Lei, have you made a mistake! The police station isn’t somewhere normal civilians like us can enter! Your friend Guo Qing is okay with dealing with delinquents, but that’s the police station! Furthermore those are all Yang Kaiyuan’s people!” Chen Weier said in disbelief with her mouth wide open.

“Do you believe me?” I asked Chen Weier.

“…” Chen Weier stayed silent a bit, although she didn’t say anything, she still pulled her mother up.

I reached out and stopped a taxi, and then got on.

“To the police station!” I said to the driver.

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Right after entering the police station, we were stopped by a little police on duty, “You three, what are you going here?”

“I want to ask, did you just arrest someone?” I asked.

“There’s no need for me to tell you whether we arrested someone or not, scram if you don’t have anything to do, otherwise I’ll arrest you all!” The police said.

I ignored him, and took out my mobile phone from my pocket and dialed Jiang Yongfu’s number.

“Hey, Chief Jiang, I’m Liu Lei,” I said bluntly to the phone.

“Aiya, it’s Brother Jiang, what did you find me for?” Jiang Yongfu quickly said.

“I am downstairs at the police station, the person on duty isn’t letting me in,” I said into the phone.

“What thing troubled Brother Liu to come personally, isn’t it fine just to call me!” Jiang Yongfu said with false displeasure.


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