Chapter 67 – First Day of the New Year

Zhao Junsheng found it really weird at the time, will someone buy it since they set the price so high? However I, who was clear with the direction of history, knew that due to my appearance, Microsoft couldn’t help but to release Windows 95 early, the Office 95 that was to go with it was still in development, and had not past testing. On the other hand my Shuguang Office 95 already included all of the functions of Office 97, and I have used the WPS Office I saw in my previous life as reference, and entire that it would support WPS, CCD and other file formats used in foreign office software, the Office 97 in my memory was sold at precisely this price, and received success, Therefore I also set Shuguang Office 95 at this price.

Although Zhao Junsheng found it weird, he still followed my instructions, and didn’t think that Shuguang Office 95 would end up with even more sales than Windows 95. Towards this weird situation, Zhao Junsheng and I clearly knew that Windows 95 can be installed on multiple computers for a official operating system, yet it wasn’t like that for Shuguang Office 95, Shuguang Office 95 also had my encrypting techniques that was unable to be broken by the current computing realm, it was an encryption technique that encrypted both the disc and registered the phone, pirated versions would not be able to be made in this era.

I estimated in my heart, at the end of 1995 in my previous life, Microsoft received a profit that reached 6 billion dollars within the 4 months of Windows 95 being released, if I go with that, then the profit that my Shuguang Office 95 received would be even higher, my profits will be 8.25 billion, and this is assuming the sales are the same, from the looks of it, the sales of Shuguang Office 95 was even higher than Windows 95.

“Xiao Liu, our Shuguang Office 95 managed to sell for nearly 1 billion USD!” Zhao Junsheng called me early in the morning on New Year’s day.

“Oh, is that so?” Shuguang Office 95 was only part of the plan, there are a lot of software ideas which I haven’t made yet,” I already knew this result would occur. I did have a lot more ideas, finance software, graphic software, media software, antiviruses will all become areas with huge profits.

“Hehe, my glory of a life time were all realized these few days of Shuguang Corporation opening! The central government has already recognized our business as a private technology business to be developed and protected, you can’t even imagine how many beneficial policies there are!” Zhao Junsheng said happily.

Actually everything he said was inevitable, the appearance of Shuguang Corporation virtually led to the development of Huaxia’s economy and trade, the government was naturally going to be happy about it.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, I am starting to regret not accepting your share back then, 1 billion USD, if you gave me 10% then I would have 100 million, and that’s 500 million Huaxia currency, I won’t have to worry about money my entire life!” Zhao Junsheng said laughingly.

“I don’t care about that, who told you to reject it back then. Now that you want it, it’s too late! But you can talk about it with Zhao Yanyan, and see if she’s willing to give her shares to you?” I said craftily.

“Yanyan? Never mind. Just treat it like I was kidding, your bomu and I can’t even spend all the money I made before. I’m not in Shuguang for money, it’s because it can give me pride, and the pride of the people!” Zhao Junsheng said full heartedly.

“Okay, you want pride, I want money, we won’t interfere with each other,” I laughed and hung up.

It’s the first day of the New Year, what should I do? I called Zhao Yanyan first, I haven’t XXOO with her for a long time, since there’s no one at home today, I thought perversely.

The result disappointed me very much, Zhao Yanyan was going to celebrate at Zhao Limin’s home, the entire family was there, so she couldn’t accompany me. I could also hear Zhao Junsheng’s roar in the phone: Xiao Liu I just hung up, and you’re already calling my daughter!

I hung up the phone and smiled wryly, coincidentally, the phone rang again.

“Hello, who is it?” I picked up the phone.

“Boss, what are you going to do today?” This voice was definitely Guo Qing.

“Not much, how about going out together? I said.

“Sure, see you in front of the market in half an hour,” Guo Qing said.

After half an hour, I saw Guo Qing, who was wearing a black suit and sunglasses, clearly this was the boss of the underworld on TV.

“****, what’s this, do you think you’re Xiao Ma Ge? You are just an Old Tun,” I rushed up and gave him a fist.

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“**** your mom, who the hell are you!?” Before Guo Qing said anything, I was surrounded by four or five rascals with colored hair.

“Who? Who your mom, quickly call Lei-ge!” Guo Qing kicked the delinquent that spoke.

“Hello Lei-ge——“ All of those delinquents said together.

“Okay, go play on the side, there’s no business of yours here,” Guo Qing said, and waved his hand to tell the few delinquents to go over to the billiard hall on the other side of the stret.

“Who are these?” I pointed to the colorful figures.

“Just a few lackeys I just accepted from around her. They’re from the market, they don’t know much else except to act pretentious, and after getting beaten a little they immediately submitted,” Guo Qing said while lighting a cigarette. Then it to me.

“I couldn’t tell, but you’re awesome now, already going around the society,” I pushed away the cigarette that Guo Qing handed me.

“Heh, my ability isn’t exaggerated, beaten ones like them is just child’s play,” Guo Qing said proudly.

“I really couldn’t tell, let’s spar a bit when we have time?” I hands have been getting itchy these days as well, I didn’t know why, but I always felt really energized.

“Boss, although you’re Boss, but your physique, I really shouldn’t say much, I can already get to a draw with Coach Zhang,” Guo Qing clapped my shoulders and said.

“Hehe, it’s not that I’m scolding you, looking at what you’re wearing, didn’t you see everyone on the streets avoiding you? I feel really weird with you,” On the way, people always hid faraway from wherever Guo Qing passed by.

“****, that just means I’m cocky, I’ll beat whoever won’t submit to death!” Guo Qing said uncaringly.

I sighed in my heart, continuing on like this, Guo Qing wasn’t far away from those criminal organizations, I don’t know if the Huaxia government could stand his existence under such circumstances. It wouldn’t matter much if these organizations don’t cause any trouble, but once they do, they’ll get arrested, and either be imprisoned for a lifetime, or be sentenced to death.

I have to remind Guo Qing, but how was I supposed to say it? Guo Qing finally found some target in life, if I killed off his dreams, he might collapse into shambles, this wasn’t what I wanted to see.

What I had to do now, was make him understand that without hurting his pride, and like him walk a unique path. Looking at Guo Qing, who was beside me, I had to think about it carefully again and speak to him about this.

Since the current Guo Qing could only be counted as a delinquent, and couldn’t be classified as a member of the underworld.


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