Chapter 66 – Company Opening

December 26th 1994, was an important day.

On this day, Shuguang Technology Corporation officially opened, it’s children companies include Shuguang Microelectronics Limited and Shuguang Software New Technology, Zhao Junsheng assumed the role of the CEO of the corporation.

The day it opened, Uncle Zhao called really early, and reminded me to not get the time wrong. Originally I didn’t want to attend this type of occasion, but I couldn’t stand the countless persuasion, and could only attend as an invited guest.

The ribbon cutting was set at Uncle Zhao’s original company at Fazhan Road. Tiangheng Computers was restructured and turned into Shuguang Software, Uncle Zhao took the chance to also rent the other floors on the original office, and established that as the office of the corporation. Due to this ribbon cutting being really grand, and more than 1000 people attended, the local government couldn’t help but to send the traffic police to Fazhan Road to temporarily seal off the path, and prevent cars from passing. Of course, this was also in order to give face to Zhao Junsheng’s father, Elder Zhao.

Officials from all levels in the province and city attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, the occasion was more magnificent than thing ever before. A lot of rich businessmen and important officials in the government all came to congratulate, and Zhao Junsheng also gave an awe-inspiring speech as the CEO of the corporation.

Zhao Junsheng used a voice that excited the people and said, “The people of Huaxia now rise in the IE field as well!’

After the ribbon cutting ceremony ended, Zhao Junsheng said he was going to bring me to meet some people in the upper class, but I refused. It’s not that I didn’t want to get in contact with these people, but I didn’t want my identity to be exposed so early. If the fact that a high school student managed to create such a large corporation was known by some people with ulterior movies, then it was unavoidable for them to cause some issues. However Zhao Junsheng wouldn’t agree no matter what, and was hell bent on introducing me to some officials in the province and the city, it couldn’t be helped, after a discussion, I could only appear as the son-in-law of Zhao Junsheng, which is also Zhao Limin’s grandson-in-law, and shook hands with each and everyone of these officials.

These officials were very curious about my identity, someone that could become Elder Zhao’s grandson-in-law couldn’t be normal, and looking at Zhao Limin’s attitude towards me, it was obvious that he accepted this marriage. Everyone was guessing about my background and the power I represent, however even if thy thought so hard that hey broke their brains they would not be able to guess that my background was my worker parents. They would also never be able to imagine that I was the true master of Shuguang Corporation behind the scenes.

Something a bit more interesting also occurred. Jiang Yongfu also attended this ribbon cutting ceremony. When Zhao Junshng introduced me to Jiang Yongfu as the “son-in-law”, the expression on Jiang Yongfu’s face was embarrassed to the max, he shook hands with me bitterly, and just wanted to go and find a hole in the ground to hide in. At the same time he also broke a sweat for himself, fortunately he got there in time last time, and didn’t let that ******* Yang Shuguang cause any huge trouble. Or else it was very likely for him to already be one of those traffic police creating order or police that was patrolling around.

Since Jiang Yongfu could also be countered as a local magistrate that was neither very important nor ignorable, I didn’t make it too hard for him, said softly beside his ear, “I know you had nothing to do with it last time, so don’t worry! If I was going to take revenge, it would also be towards that Fat-*** Yang!”

Jiang Yongfu looked at me thankfully, and said seriously, “Say it anytime if you can use me, Old Jiang!” Actually Jiang Yongfu was also clear that with my current identity, there were almost nowhere that he would come into use. However for his own future, he still had to say it.

However I did have somewhere that Jiang Yongfu could com into use, Guo Qing was getting more and more cocky, and was very famous in the society around Fourth High, who doesn’t know Wanming Guozi, ever since he broke the opponent’s had when he fought a few rascals from the technical school, this name became really well known. If he continues on like this, it’s hard to not have a day where he’ll be arrested, so the reason I have Jiang Yongfu a way out was so that Guo Qing can know him through me.

After a round, there was a pile of various business cards in my ad, these people all took up important positions in businesses or the government. I placed these name cards away, there might be a time when I can use it in the future.

After that, under Zhao Junsheng’s company, the different officials also visited the office and the software company. The factory of Shuguang Microelectronics Limited was located in outskirts of the city, and was far from here, so they gave up visiting there.

After we ate, the ribbon cutting ceremony officially ended at four something in the afternoon.

All of the media gave Shuguang Corporation a lot of importance and recognition. Shuguang Corporation become a shining new star in the IT realm of Huaxia with dignity, and had over 1.5 billion Huaxia currency invested in it, this was never seen before in the industry.

Other people, including everyone from the corporation, all thinks that Zhao Junsheng had the final say in Shuguang Corporation, none of them knew that Zhao Junsheng was a naked director without any bit of shares. According to the arrangement, I held 90% of Shuguang Corporation’s shares, Zhao Yanyan held 10%. I, as the absolute shareholder of Shuguang Corporation, did not appear on the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The same day that Shuguang Corporation officially opened, Zhao Junsheng once again announced a news that made people drop their glasses —— Shuguang software will be introducing “Shuguang Office 95” that could be used on Windows 95.

Shuguang Office 95 was developed a masterpiece under my leadership, and developed by those programmers originally working for Uncle Zhao as well as the newly employed programmers. Not only did it possess the functions I saw in Office 97 in my previous life, what was most attractive was that it could support the files of both WPS and CCED! This allowed the users to choose to use the easy to operate Shuguang Office 95 without losing any of their original data!

This was also the first software developed by Huaxia that was based on the Windows platform! In comparison, Microsoft was not surprised by this, because this shock was nothing compared to the shock that had in Huaxia before. However Microsoft could never dream that the owner behind the scenes for Shuguang is me, the person that sold them the Shuguang operating system!

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After Shuguang Office 95 was put onto the market, Microsoft immediately sent over emails, asking if they could cooperate with us to develop versions for other languages, I got Zhao Junsheng to reject the offer, because we don’t lack money anymore, this could all be done ourselves, there was no need for other people to participate and share profits with them.

Shuguang Office 95 achieved a huge success after being introduced, Zhao Junsheng immediately got his subordinates to translate it into many different languages such as English, Japanese, Korean etc. to sell in other countries. Almost everyone that bought Windows 95 would also buy Shuguang Office 95, as time passed, the orders at Shuguang increased crazily, Zhao Junsheng couldn’t help but get the factory to produce another batch of Shuguang Office 95.

Windows 95 was sold for 4000 Huaxia currency within the country, but I insisted on getting Zhao Junsheng to set the price of Shuguang Office 95 at 5500 Huaxia currency, the price in foreign countries was also higher than the price for Windows 95.


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