Chapter 68 – Meeting Chen Weier Again

“AI? Boss, isn’t that Chen Weier? Why is she selling Mala Tang here?” Guo Qing pointed in front with shock.

“Two bowls of Mala Tang,” I handed Chen Weier five kuai.

Chen Weier just wanted to give us the change, when Chen Weier’s mother went over, and said, “Aiyaa, it’s Guozi-ge, how would I dare to take the money! Weier, return the money quickly!”

Chen Weier looked at Guo Qing and I with disgust, and prepared to return the money to me.

I got annoyed, this Guo Qing, he must have gotten used to walking sideways in the area, these little stall owners don’t dare to piss him off. Due to this the little bit of good impression Chen Weier had for me all disappeared into thin air.

I quickly refused, “Auntie, how could we eat if you don’t take our money, what’s more is that Weier already treated me to a bowl the other day already. Running your small scale business isn’t easy, and you need to save up money to treat illness.”

Guo Qing immediately understood what I meant after I said that, and immediately said, “Auntie, just take the money. Don’t worry, if there’s anyone that comes trouble you in this area, just say that I Guozi is watching over you.”

Chen Weier glared at me, then gave me one kuai of change. It was as if she was saying, if you dare to not pay, I’ll kill you.

I pretended to not see, smiled and asked, “Weier, your brother?”

“Taking care of my dad in the hospital, the surgery was really successful, my dad’s resting,” the moment this was mentioned, Weier’s face was full of smiles. Chen Weier’s impression of me wasn’t bad, she just didn’t understand why I was mixed with people like Guo Qing.

I was busy with company stuff, and haven’t visited Weier’s Mala Tang for about a month, I’m not sure if the money I gave Chen Yong was enough. He never called me again after giving him two hundred thousand.

“Did you get enough money for the surgery?” I asked. Don’t talk about two hundred thousand, two million, twenty million, I could even take out two hundred million without twitching my eyebrows.

“My —— My brother borrowed two hundred thousand. However the kidney donor took away a hundred and fifty thousand, and we couldn’t do anything about it. The surgery fee took eighty thousand, my mom and I borrowed thirty thousand, so we got enough,” since it was New Year’s Day, and there weren’t many people on the streets, Chen Weier started chatting with me while sitting on a chair. Speaking of borrowing two hundred thousand, Chen Weier obviously blushed, I think she’s too shy to say the money came from selling herself.

“Then that’s great! But that money isn’t from that Yu Gang right?” I asked deliberately. Yet I was scolding Chen Yong in my heart, call me if you didn’t have enough money, borrow money for what!

“No,” Chen Weier immediately shook her head. I could tell that, Chen Weier was in a good mood. It may be due to her father’s illness having been treated, she didn’t dislike me asking her these questions.

Then I talked casually about some daily stuff, such as how Mala Tang stall isn’t profitable etc., then Guo Qing and I left the Mala Tang stall.

“Boss, why don’t you express something to her?” Guo Qing asked weirdly.

I laughed and said, “You don’t understand this now right, you have to take it slow with these independent girls.” I patted Guo Qing’s back and said.

“Oh,” Guo Qing nodded like he didn’t fully understand. “Boss is obviously different. If it was me then I would directly ask her if she likes me or not, never mind if she doesn’t.”

“It’ll be weird if you managed to get girls like this,” I mocked.

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“Don’t say that, there are a lot of chicks that are willing to follow me, I’m just not willing,” Guo Qing said with pride.

“Those are just some little taimei⌈1⌋ right!” I gave away the secret.

“How’d you know?” Guo Qing immediately got discouraged, like a frosty eggplant.

In the afternoon, I said my farewells to Guo Qing in front of the billiard hall. That brat said he needed to have fun with his bros.

After Guo Qing left, I directly called Chen Yong. The phone number Chen Yong left me was the hospital number, after being redirected a few times, I finally heard Chen Yong’s confused voice, “Hello? Who’s looking for me?”

“Chen Yong, why didn’t you ******* call me?” I got angry just hearing Chen Yong’s voice, not speaking up when the money’s not enough, and even got Chen Weier to borrow money, what if the girl was tricked by people with ill intentions, then wouldn’t I die of regret

“You —— You are Liu Lei right, what——what did I do wrong?” Chen Yong was shocked, and stuttered in the phone.

“Why didn’t you tell me after spending all the money! And you went to borrow?” I said angrily.

“I… This… That…” Chen Yong nearly went dumb hearing my words, what was unimaginable for him was that I actually took the initiative to call him to give him more money!

“How much more do you need?” I asked. I felt a bit annoyed, this Chen Yong, we said it at the start that he’ll say it when he needs money, and yet now he’s still hesitating, who knows if he actually has a brain, “Shouldn’t you say something? Don’t just this and that!”

“Ah ——, Chen Weier and them borrowed thirty thousand, the two of them also earned three thousand something kuai, we still owe others twenty seven thousand,” Chen Yong answered honestly. Chen Yong did think of asking me for money at the time, but he felt too embarrassed to, “I was thinking that you already gave us two hundred thousand, so it’s enough, I felt embarrassed to ask you for money.”

“Your meimei will be mine in the future, you’re still embarrassed? Okay now, I’ll wait for you at the entrance to the Huaxia Bank near the market entrance, call a cab over!” I snorted then hung up.

Yet I had to wait for more than half an hour. Chen Yong came down from a bus and came really slowly.

“Didn’t I tell you to call a cab?” I said angrily.

“I-I just have 5 kuai left in my pocket,” Chen Yong grimaced.

It looks like I was wrong to blame him, now that I think about it, the money his family earned have more or less all been used to repay the debt, how would he have money in his pocket.

Chen Yong and I entered Huaxia Bank, I walked straight to the VIP counter inside. I handed over a bank card, this is my share of profits from Shuguang Corporation, Zhao Junsheng turned the previously anonymous account into one under my name.

“Withdraw thirty thousand… No, withdraw fifty thousand,” I said to the clerk.

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“Sir, here is fifty thousand, please receive it,” very quickly, fifty thousand was placed into my hands. The treatment of VIP really was different.

“Here, buy some supplements for your father with the remaining money,” I gave the money to Chen Yong.

Chen Yong got so worked that he didn’t know what to saw, he was really confused about my generous gifting method. The first time I gave two hundred thousand when he asked for eighty thousand, this time I gave fifty thousand when he asked for thirty thousand. What was the goal of this young man that was pretty much the same as his meimei? He has nowhere o spend his money? It doesn’t look like it, from the simple way he dresses, he doesn’t seem like those who doesn’t treat money as money. Could he truly like his meimei? Even so, he doesn’t need to just dump two hundred and fifty thousand!

“Oh yeah, don’t let Weier get so toiled, call me if the money’s not enough,” I said to Chen Yong when I left.


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