Chapter 65 – Side Story

In the underworld.

“Yama-daren, there’s another person that committed suicide today,” Judge A said.

“There are already plenty of laws in the world of the living, why are there people that commit suicide? Could there be a grievance?” Yama asked weirdly.

“It’s probably a suicide for love!” Judge B said.

“Oh? There are suicides for love these days?” Yama had an expression as if he saw a ghost. (He seems to be a ghost himself right?)

“Yeah, how is there true love in this era, I haven’t seen suicides for love in several hundred years!” Judge A said.

“En, that’s right!” Yama was also interested in this person that committed suicide for love, “Bring that one here, this Yama will judge him in person!’

“Yes!” A xiaogui answered, and swiftly floated out of the palace.

After a while, a xiaogui brought a beautiful and depressed female ghost onto the palace of Yama, the female palace was made to kneel onto the floor.

“Who is down there!” Yama asked.

“Replying to Yama, I am called Zhao Yanyan,” the beautiful female ghost said.

“Zhao Yanyan? That’s a good name! Say it, why did you die!” Yama asked.

“I committed suicide,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“****! I know you committed suicide, I’m asking you why did you commit suicide,” Yama glared angrily at her.

“For the one I love, because he died,” Zhao Yanyan said. However this Yama was pretty hilarious, and wasn’t scary like he was portrayed in movies. From the looks of it, he seems pretty easy to talk to him, she’ll beg him a little later, and may even let her and Liu Lei be a couple in the next life.

“How did that person die? What’s he called, say everything, if he didn’t reincarnate yet, then I can help arrange you two to meet in the underworld,” Yama said. There was a ruling in the underworld, for those who died due to grievance or for love, there were different treatments.

“He’s called Liu Lei, he died of a heart attack,” Zhao Yanyan said while being worked up, she never though that she would be able to see her loved one in the underworld when she died.

“En? Liu Lei? Why was this name so familiar?” Yama said as he pondered.

“Yama, he’s your gandidi!” Judge A reminded.

“Oh! That’s right! ****, look at my memory, bring me those melatonin that people burnt for me later so I can supplement myself!” Yama suddenly remembered.

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“En… About this… Liu Lei isn’t in the underworld anymore,” Yama said awkwardly.

“What! He already reincarnated? So quickly?” Zhao Yanyan fell onto the floor in shock.

“Ai, what a pitiful woman!” Judge B sighed.

“Yeah, but there was only that one spot for rebirth, or else it’ll be great for her to get reborn!” Yama said regretfully.

“Oh yeah, Yama-daren, according the rules of the underworld, those that committed suicide for love can have a chance to find their loved one again!” Judge A suddenly thought of something.

“You’re telling her to eat ‘Zhuiqing Dan’?” Yama asked, then immediately shook his head and said. “No no, this dan is way too poisonous.”

“What is drug is it? I can see Liu Lei after eating it? Let me eat it quickly!” Zhao Yanyan suddenly shouted while worked up.

“Ai! Girl, it’s not that this king is not willing to give it to you, this Dan is way too poisonous!” Yama said, “Judge A, explain it!”

Judge A cleared his throat and said, “After ingesting this ‘Zhuiqing Dan’, your soul will automatically go back to the moment when you just started liking that person, in other words into your previous body. It is similar to rebirth, but it isn’t rebirth. That’s because your memories in this life will be sealed, including everything you have experienced in the underworld.”

“Then how is it poisonous?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Let me finished!” Judge A continued, “You must receive that person’s love within a year, and sleep with him, only then will the poison in your body be transferred onto your loved one, not only you’ll be fine, you’ll also gradually restore the memories of your previous life. However if you didn’t receive his love and sleep together, then you will die because of the poison, and will become a wandering spirit, never to reincarnate.”

“But you said that poison will be passed onto his body?” Zhao Yanyan asked anxiously.

“What’s with you, girl, you aren’t worried about your own well-being, and is worried about that person?” Judge A asked weirdly.

“Perhaps, this is love,” Zhao Yanyan said faintly. “Never mind, death is death, as long as I can see him again, I’ll be really happy, I won’t pass the poison to him.”

Yama didn’t think Zhao Yanyan would say that, and was a bit surprised, and thought, my little bro has that hand? He didn’t notice it. Remembering that Liu Lei is his own little bro, Yama didn’t want to hide it from Zhao Yanyan, since she’ll forget everything she knows after rebirth. Even if he tell her, she can’t bring the memory through rebirth, these things will only be hidden in the depth of her memory, even though it may occasionally pop up in dreams, she definitely won’t recall it.

Thus he gave Judge A a cue.

“Fine, I’ll tell you, that poison not only has no harmful effects towards men, and will change his constitution, let him possess some powers that normal people doesn’t, in your words it’s called superpowers, and could also be called supernatural abilities, this can be said as a reward for his love to you,” Judge A saw that Yama agreed, and immediately explained for Zhao Yanyan.

“Oh, then give it to me quickly,” Zhao Yanyan felt relieved after hearing that the Dan had no ill effects for Liu Lei.

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“Are you sure? You won’t remember these things after ingesting it, if he doesn’t do that with you, you’ll die for no reason whatsoever!” Judge B reminded.

“Aiya, how can you be so long-winded, just give it to me quickly!” Zhao Yanyan said impatiently.

“Heh! This isn’t just empty warning! Judge B is right, *** in the Tang dynasty and *** in the Qing dynasty and *** in the Republic of China all took this drug, but didn’t receive their love, and died of the poison in the end!” Yama reminded.

“I’m not scared!” Zhao Yanyan said firmly.

“Okay, Judge A, go and get it for her!” Yama shook his head. Then he thought, hopefully my little bro won’t disappoint this infatuated girl.

Judge A handed Zhao Yanyan a Dan and said, “Think about that person’s name when you take it, then you’ll return to the moment you fell in love with him!”

Zhao Yanyan received the Dan, and swallowed it without any hesitation.

Yama sighed, “Ai, we don’t know if she can succeed or not! If my little bro calls me, I have to remind him a little. However I can’t call him yet, ai, this phone’s function, I have to get the two fellows Edison and Bell to add the finishing touch, or else it won’t work!”

“However if that person really received superpowers, wouldn’t he be invincible?” Judge A said worriedly.

“What’s the problem with that, that person is our Yama’s didi, invincibility is normal! Worry your ***!” Judge B glared at Judge A and said.

“Oh yeah, didn’t my didi want superpowers? The superpowers are here, it’s up to him to see if he can grasp it!”


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