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Chapter 64 – Zhao Yanyan’s Dream

Eversince Zhao Yanyan returned from Yanjing, she had weird dreams every single night.

She didn’t really pay much attention to it at the start, but then the dreams became more and more realistic, and every night’s dream was linked with the previous one!

Another one of herself, and another Liu Lei will always appear in the dreams, after a while, she started to be unable to tell which one was the dream, and which was reality.

Every character in the dream, every dialogue, even every action and her thoughts at the time were so realistic, as if it truly happened. However it seemed like it didn’t as well, because in the dream she was already in second year, and had to select her subject, she asked Liu Lei like a fool, do you think I should choose humanities or sciences?

What was it? Zhao Yanyan didn’t just think that they were purely dreams anymore, dreams cannot continue, and wouldn’t give that feel as if she was really there. Every time Zhao Yanyan woke up, the things that happened in the dream would be fresh on her mind, as if it is scorched into her brain, and can’t forget it even if she wanted to.

Perhaps she had the ability to see the future? But that wasn’t it, because the dreams started when school started and she shook hands with Liu Lei, the Liu Lei in the dreams wasn’t as daring as the one in real life, the Liu Lei in the dreams had a red face, and didn’t dare to shake hands with her even after a long while, and the things that happened later didn’t occur in the dreams. Therefor Zhao Yanyan didn’t think this dream had any connection with real life, but why did the things that happened in the dreams seem so real?

That Zhao Yanyan loved Liu Lei in secret, but Liu Lei seemed always seemed indifferent whenever she hinted at her feelings.

Zhao Yanyan was really scared, she wanted to tell this all to Liu Lei, but didn’t know how to begin! Could it be because she loved Liu Lei too much? Perhaps! Zhao Yanyan didn’t know herself why did she love Liu Lei so much, for example on the first day of school, Liu Lei seemed awfully familiar to her. That feeling was like the two of them knew each other before…

Turn back the time to Zhao Yanyan’s wedding in the previous life, onto the story that Liu Lei doesn’t know about.

In the hospital.

Zhao Yanyan caressed Liu Lei’s thin face, while tears flowed down her face. She choked, “Liu Lei, if you told me these words earlier, I would have married you at all cost! Did you know, I waited for these words from you for fifteen years!”

Scenes from the past flashed through Zhao Yanyan’s mind…

That little boy who didn’t even dare to shake hands with herself… (Perhaps it was then, her heart was given to him)

The foolish boy who acted indifferent towards her very obvious hints when choosing subjects… (Already asked him so many times “Do you want me to take humanities or sciences”)

That genius boy who actually got first in the year in the last few mock exams in the third year… (Did he work so hard for me?)

That familiar figure that appeared in in the registry office of Qinghua University… (He really came, I nearly went dumb from the excitement)

That new star in school that was always surrounded by beauties… (Is he the same person as he was in high school? But he seems to act indifferent to the pursue of the beauties~ It can’t be for me right? Happying…)

He actually worked in the same corporate company as myself after graduation… (Could this be a coincidence? He can’t have looked at my employment letter in secret right… Being narcissistic…)

That excellent man that continuously worked, and got gradually promoted… (Why does he only care about work, I’m already twenty eight, I will no longer be young after a few years…)

The man commanding the ocean and winds, who sat upon the throne of Microsoft’s CEO of the Huaxia region at the age of thirty one… (Ai! Could it be that he never liked me at all! I’m already thirty-one, if I don’t marry then no one will want me anymore!)

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That man is actually so close with Xu Zhongbang’s daughter, they are chatting and laughing… (What is their relationship? Dismaying, and somehow randomly accepted Xu Qingwei’s proposal when my head was heated.)

On the day of Christmas, I handed my own wedding invitation to that man… (Last chance, if he confesses to me before my wedding, I will definitely marry him, I’m so anxious…)

Fifteen years of memories, was fresh in her mind just like yesterday, Zhao Yanyan laid across that stone-cold corpse, and continued to weep.

That night, Zhao Yanyan cancelled her engagement with Xu Qingwei, and stumbled back into her own apartment alone.

She opened the drawer, and took out a diary from within, she opened the diary, from it a photograph fell out —— That was a graduation photo of Songjiang Fourth High’s graduating class of 1994.

Zhao Yanyan caressed the face of the person in the photograph softly, this was her only photo taken with him, tears flowed form the corners of Zhao Yanyan’s eyes.

Looking at her own diary, that name appeared pretty much on every single page, Zhao Yanyan smiled. At least she already obtained his love, everything else wasn’t that important anymore, isn’t that right?

We who don’t understand love, hate, passion, worry and torment

Think love is just like the ever-changing wind and clouds

Believing that one day love will be forever more

And in that moment time will freeze

We who don’t know how to express tenderness

Still think that starcrossed love exists only in ancient stories

How painful it is to part? How intense the pain

When dreams are buried in the misty rain of the South River

Only when we’ve had our hearts broken do we understand

The beautiful and depressing song of “South River” rang out from the amplifier…

On the next day, all of the newspapers had a shocking news on the front page: “Microsoft Huaxia region’s CEO dies mysteriously attending a subordinate’s working, the bride commits suicide through overdose of sleeping pills that night.”

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Was it a coincidence or was there more to it, rumors begun to spread through newspapers, magazines and television, people continuously voiced their suspicions.

However, the deceased has deceased, two young man and woman, left like this. They left this world carrying their co-worker’s confusion, the media’s suspicion, and the troubles of public opinion.

The only one who knew the truth was Xu Qingwei. He seemed to have predicted this situation beforehand, he sat along in the new home, and sighed quietly.

Zhao Yanyan, belongs to that man in the end, she died, she died for love. She could finally be with him like she hoped.

Xu Qingwei was vexed, why couldn’t he compare up to Liu Lei in anything, even in love. He was a complete and utter failure. He had thought that after Zhao Yanyan marries himself, she would finally give up, and be content with him.

However he didn’t think that Liu Lei would die not earlier nor later, but right on the wedding, and dead is dead, he had to say something to Zhao Yanyan right before he died, resulting in Zhao Yanyan breaking off the engagement and ran back to her own home…

He didn’t think that this leave, will be a permanent one.

Xu Qingwei felt like there was no meaning in living anymore, even if he continues to live, how would others see him? A failure?


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