Chapter 63 – Trash in the Computing Industry

I hugged Zhao Yanyan, and started cooperating with her…

“Mhmmm…” Zhao Yanyan wanted to speak, but her tongue was entwined with mine.

After a long while, Zhao Yanyan finally pushed me aside, and said with a red face, “You’re so terrible! Ruoyun-meimei is just on the side, you actually ——“

I chuckled and looked up, and noticed Xu Ruoyun was looking at us with wide eyes. Her face was already infinitely flushed…

Although Zhao Yanyan and I were extremely happy playing around in the park, Xu Ruoyun was clearly disinterested. However I didn’t care about him, I didn’t bring her over to play, I was only coexisting peacefully with her, due to Xu Jinde’s face.

When we left the cultural park, Zhao Yanyan and I sent Xu Ruoyun onto the bus first before we parted reluctantly.

Xu Ruoyun didn’t go back home directly, but was called over by a senior in the Computing Association.

“You are sure that the input method he made was copied?” Xu Ruoyun looked at the data in her hands, and asked in disbelief.

“Definitely! I got the official version of Windows 95 through internal relationships, there was a pinyin input method that came with it which is exactly the same as Shuguang pinyin input method! IT is also called that, the only difference is that it works in the Windows platform, and Liu Lei’s is for a DOS platform. I am certain that this Liu Lei must have seen the input method within Windows, then moved it to a DOS platform. This type of naked plagiarism actually dare to claim it as a Huaxia original!” A man said.

“But it could be Windows that copied Lie Lei?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“That’s definitely impossible, are you unclear with what kind of company Microsoft is? How could it go and copy someone else?” The man said confidently.

He thought that, Xu Ruoyun was really overestimating this man called Liu Lei, who did he think he is? Let an international company copy him? Isn’t that like a joke?

That was like hearing a millionaire borrowing money from a beggar. It was too ridiculous.

“That’s true! Heh, if it really is like this, I have to reveal this! Such a failure would actually appear in the computing world!” Xu Ruoyun raised her fist and said hatefully.

“Of course! Oh yeah, Ruoyun, my dad copied a new game from his coworker today, do you want to try it over at my home?” The man said.

“No, I still have to hurry back home to write a program, leave it for another day,” Xu Ruoyun said without any expression.

After Xu Ruoyun left, a cold smile appeared on the man’s face. Fight over a woman with me? I’ll cause your name to shatter. Heh, you brat wants to silently get rich? You didn’t know that I have a way to get the sample for Windows 95 right?

This time, including the Shuguang Computers that’s with you, is going to be doomed together! Heh.

This man was called Li Boliang, he was the president of the Songjiang Youth Computing Association, and also a talented student of Songjiang University’s first year the Computing course .

Before meeting Xu Ruoyun, Li Boliang thought that all the girls that messed with computers were dinosaurs, because there was not a single beauty in his course. The first time he saw Xu Ruoyun who came to sign up for the Computing Association, Li Boliang was blown away by the beautiful girl, and made her the target that he would pursue for the latter half of his life.

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However the feeling Xu Ruoyun gave him was rather distant, although he hinted that he likes her many times, Xu Ruoyun never had any reaction. The relationship between the two just developed in neither a good nor bad direction.

Li Boliang felt that the two were closer than friends, but definitely not lovers. Despite this, Li Boliang wasn’t in a hurry, since Xu Ruoyun was young, only in the first year of high school. There was plenty of time to come, there will be a day when Xu Ruoyun falls in love with him.

The reason he had such confidence was because he know that Xu Ruoyun was a computer fanatic, she would always admire computing masters that are better than her, and he was the best in the computing world in Songjiang city, if Xu Ruoyun wants to find a boyfriend, then he would be her best choice.

However, accidents will often happen.

Ever since Xu Ruoyun returned from the competition in Yanjiang, it was actually another boy’s name that kept on coming out of her mouth —— Liu Lei.

Not only that, but she often praised Liu Lei for this and that, as well as the fact that he got two first places in Yanjing by himself, and was a computing geniu etc. This angered Li Boliang, he could faintly feel that this Liu Lei may become his rival in love, so he investigated him in secret.

However, when he found out that Liu Lei had participated in the development of the Shujiang input method that was all the heat within the country, he deflated.

This input method was the pride of the entire computing world, and was called a revolutionizing work for Chinese input methods in the twentieth century! Everyone, including LI Boliang himself, was using this input method.

At that moment, Li Boliang found out that he was definitely a frog at the bottom of a well, and the difference between him and that Liu Lei wasn’t just a tiny bit, even if he worked hard for ten years, he may not be able to produce such a perfect input method!

However there really were coincidences, LI Boliang’s father borrowed an official version of Windows 95 from a friend, after installing it Li Boliang noticed that Liu Lei’s Shuguang pinyin input method had a 99% similarity with the input method that was in Microsoft’s Windows 95, not only that, even the name was the same —— both were called Shuguang input method!

At the time, Li Boliang wanted to laugh crazily, the heavens were really helping him! This Liu Lei’s work was actually plagiarized.

On the following day, Li Boliang immediately found Xu Ruoyun, and told her all about it, Xu Ruoyun immediately became really angry. She always looked down upon those people that loose face for the computing realm, she thinks that Liu Lei shouldn’t have plagiarized no matter what, and after that, he actually shamelessly claimed that it was a Huaxia original, and it was the pride of Huaxia! That was truly losing face for Huaxia’s computing industry.

Therefore Xu Ruoyun decided that she will get closer to this Liu Lei and investigate his actions in secret, and will sue him at court when she needs to, and deal with this kind of trash by law!

Li Boliang was very satisfied with Xu Ruoyun’s reaction, and he was already sure in his heart that Liu Lei’s Shuguang pinyin input method was definitely plagiarized! From his point of view, Liu Lei’s name shattering into pieces was only a matter of time!

Now, he just needed to collect evidence, as long as he had enough evidence, he can reveal it using the media, when that happens, he doesn’t need to do anything, the comments by people will ruin this Liu Lei.

When a fall is shattering, people will push it down, all of the other media will also rush forward, and it could be foreseen that this Liu Lei was done for, he will have no chance to come back in the future!

Li Boliang thought that he really was a genius, and was even able to think of these ideas.


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