Chapter 62 – Artificial Respiration

Only after I rushed over to the cultural park did I notice that it was still early. If I knew this would happen, I would have talked a bit more with Chen Yong, so I wouldn’t have to wait here idiotically.

I used this chance to go over to the flower shot beside the part, and asked them for something with a few sentences, then paid the money. I really wasn’t treating Zhao Yanyan that well, not only was I not single-minded in relationships, I haven’t truly gift her anything when I was with her, in this period of time, since I was busy opening the company with Zhao Junsheng, I desolated the chick quite a bit, but she never had a single word of complaint.

“Guess who,” just as my mind was wandering over the place, a pair of ice cold hands covered my eyes.

I was going to faint, didn’t this chick have enough with this game? Wasn’t she jealous enough last time?

“You are Xia Jing?” I asked.


“Then Chen Weier?” I asked again after some thoughts.


“Hehe, okay, I know you are Yanyan!” I intentionally took a while to think, before finally saying it.

“You guessed it wrong again!” The person who covered my eyes said coldly.

What? I guessed it wrong? At that moment I could faintly feel that something wasn’t right with the voice, this wasn’t Zhao Yanyan’s voice.

I quickly turned around, and noticed that the person that covered my eyes was actually Xu Ruoyun! What was more unbelievable was that, Zhao Yanyan was actually standing on the side looking at me with a gaze that was smiling yet not smiling.

“Yanyan-jie, who is that Xia Jing and Chen Weier?” Xu Ruoyun asked weirdly.

I sweated, where did these two chicks become sisters?

“Heh, who knows where this playboy carrot⌈1⌋ found these girls!” Zhao Yanyan snorted.

After that she turned angrily at me and said, “Say it, what is it about that Chen Weier?”

“I just said it randomly…” I quickly explained.

“That’s not right? Why do I remember her as the third on the school beauty leaderboard?” Zhao Yanyan pretended to think and said.

She asking even though she knows it already? She really wasn’t giving me any face, I change the topic in a hurry, “Why are the two of you together?”

“We’ve gotten along the entire time! You haven’t been to the lesson much ever since you won that prize in Yanjing, Ruoyun meimei then joined, and sat beside me, on your original seat,” hearing Yanyan explain, I noticed that I almost completely forgot about Shao Nian Gong.

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“Oh yeah, Liu Lei, why are you so good in computing? I thought you only know how to exaggerate at the start!” Xu Ruoyun said to me.

“Oh… about this, hehe,” I answered perfunctorily, was I supposed to tell her I learnt it in my previous life?

“Also, I heard Yanyan-jie say that you made that Shuguang input method? But how can you, a student write such a perfect input method?” Xu Ruoyun said as if she was going to find out till the end.

“…” I was speechless, was this chick here to investigate me?

“Sorry, excuse me!” A girl holding a bouquet of flowers walked towards us, I let out a sigh of relief. Her arrival could also count as helping me out of this situation, or else god knows what this Xu Ruoyun chick was going to pester me about.

“Beautiful lady, a Mr. Liu asked us to give this to you, he wants to say to you that he will love for you an entire life!” The flower-bearing girl said it all in one breath.

However Zhao Yanyan, Xu Ruoyun and I stood there dumbfounded.

“Miss, why aren’t you accepting it?” The flower-bearing girl saw that the expressions of our faces were very weird, but she didn’t say anything wrong? What’s with the three of them?

The flower-bearing girl didn’t say anything wrong, but she was saying it to the wrong target! At that moment, she was holding the bouquet of flowers out to Xu Ruoyun.

Xu Ruoyun looked at me with a flushed face, receiving it wasn’t right, not receiving it wasn’t right either, at that moment the two people stood stiffly there.

“Hahahaha!” Zhao Yanyan was the first that reacted by laughing, and said laughingly and elegantly to Xu Ruoyun, “Ruoyun-meimei, this is all goodwill from Liu Lei, just accept it quickly, haha!”

“AIya! Yanyan-jie don’t laugh at me anymore, this flower is for you!” Ruoyun said with a red face.

At that moment, the flower-bearing girl finally understood, she was presenting it to the wrong target, and immediately bowed her head, and continuously apologized.

“Never mind,” I said awkwardly, “Xu Ruoyun, just keep the flowers.”

Xu Ruoyun looked at me, then looked at Zhao Yanyan, and after seeing the latter smile and nod, she received the flowers shyly.

Suddenly, Xu Ruoyun’s heart wavered, what’s with me, this liar definitely wants to confuse me with flowers! I won’t fall for it, I have to continue to dig out his secrets, and poke a hole through this liar’s ploy!

Thinking to this point, Xu Ruoyun clenched her fists, and silently took the flowers in her hands.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about this. Just having the flower-bearing girl cause such a fiasco, the three of us became a lot more intimate. Xu Ruoyun didn’t appear that constrained in front of me, and started getting high with Zhao Yanyan.

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Originally it was a good lover’s world, but was not destroyed by Xu Ruoyun. Although this chick was pretty, I could still sense a sliver of hostility, which made me alert about getting close to this chick. Another thing was that Xu Ruoyun was full of hostility towards me before, but why was she so fine with things this time? Of course I wouldn’t be an idiot and think that Xu Ruoyun fell in love with me, I don’t think that I was that charming. Ploy, there must be a ploy here! But what kind of ploy would a little chick have?

In the afternoon, I was dragged all over the place by the two chicks, and accompanied them on the pirate ship, roller coaster, flume ride, even though I was full of stamina, I still ended up very tired by the two. What caused me to be unable to stand it was that the two chicks actually placed their backpacks over my shoulders, a bouquet of flowers were still in my hands, everyone I passed by looked at me weirdly!

Finally just as I was about to burst, the two chicks finished all the events and rides in the cultural park.

When Zhao Yanyan wanted to ride the jet coaster once again, I finally was unable to keep up, and fell onto the floor with a ‘dang’. That scared the two girls, causing them to start pinching and search for my pulse, but I just didn’t wake up. Actually I was fine, I just couldn’t stand the suffering.

“Yanyan-jie, what happened to him?” Xu Ruoyun asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, he was fine just now,” Zhao Yanyan didn’t know what to do either.

“I heard that people that fainted requires artificial respiration right?” Xu Ruoyun spoke about the little bit of medical knowledge that she had.

Zhao Yanyan hesitated a bit, then finally dipped her head, and pressed it against my lips…


  1. 花心大萝卜 is a term to describe a person that isn’t focused on one relationship, and likes a lot of people. I used playboy carrots instead of just playboy since I wanted to preserve the humorous tone to it, since the phrase is used often by children, and usually more in a joking manner instead of an insult. 
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