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Chapter 60 – Give you two-hundred thousand

That night, Chen Weier’s gege Chen Yong played around with that telephone number in his hands, and wanted to tell someone about it several times, but stopped each time just when then words were about to leave his mouth. He didn’t believe this number could save his father at all, but he still held a slither of hope, he didn’t know if it was because he didn’t believe it or if it was because that person asked him not to tell anyone, in the end he didn’t say a word.

“Ge, can Yu Gang really take out eighty thousand kuai?” Chen Weier carried over a stool, and sat beside Chen Yong then started picking vegetables.

In 1994, eighty thousand kuai was an astronomical value for a normal family, even families with a monthly income of over a thousand was rare.

“En, he gave me his deposit book to see, he said the moment you nod, he will immediately go to the bank and get the money,” Chen Yong felt really terrible in his heart as well, if he wasn’t forced, he wouldn’t think of an idea such as ruining his own meimei.

“Then ——“ Chen Weier clenched her teeth, as if she made a huge decision, and said depressingly, “Ge, can you tell him that, I won’t marry if, but if he is willing to pay, I can —— I can give myself to him!”

“Ai ——!” Chen Yong sighed, “Good meimei, Ge is terrible sorry!” After that, tears actually started flowing.

Chen Weier only made this decision without any other choice, since filial piety comes first, if sacrificing herself could really bring about their father’s health, then Chen Weier was wiling to sell herself out. However, will that beautiful love that is written on books really happen to her? Definitely not, no one would want a woman who said her own chastity.

Chen Yong knew that, Yu Gang probably won’t be able to marry Chen Weier, Yu Gang’s father is a entrepreneur in the city, who had over a million’s worth, he definitely wouldn’t care about this eighty thousand kuai. Yu Gang just had his eyes on Chen Weier’s appearance, and just wanted to play around.

The brother and sister didn’t speak the entire night, Chen Weier’s mother also hurried to the hospital to care for Chen Weier’s father after eating.

The next morning, Chen Yong dialed Yu Gang’s number, and said a bunch of not important stuff, he was unable to say anything about his sister at the last minute. After stuttering for a while, he finally hung up the phone.

Chen Yong’s heart was a mess, his father could be cured if he sold his meimei, but that would mean putting an end to his meimei’s happiness. Chen Yong placed his hands into his pocket out of habit, then suddenly touched that paper slip, and so random dialed the number on it…

“Hello? Who is it?” I picked up the phone while yawning, it’s so early in the morning on Sunday, yet I can’t rest.

“Hello. I am Chen Yong,” the person said from the other side of the phone.

Chen Yong? Why don’t I remember knowing someone called Chen Yong?

“Hey? Did you dial the wrong number? I don’t know you?” I said sleepily.

“Oh, I’m sorry, then excuse me!” Chen Yong wanted to hang up in sorrow, so it was a lie.

“Ai~ Wait a bit, are you Chen Weier’s older brother?” I suddenly remembered that I have my phone number to Chen Weier’s gege the previous night.

“Yes, it’s me! You can really help me?” Chen Yong noticed that the phone number was real, and said while unable to without his excitement.

“Let’s talk face to face, I’ll see you in the cold drinks shop in front of Fourth High in twenty minutes,” I hung up the phone, quickly got dressed and rushed towards Fourth High.

When I arrived, Chen Yong was already there, standing and looking around at the entrance of the cold drinks stall. Seeing I walked over, he asked, “Why is it just you?”

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“What’s wrong with just me?” I asked weirdly.

“Didn’t you say someone can help me? Where’s the person?” Chen Yong was still looking behind my back.

“Can’t I help you?” I said in displeasure.

“You, a student ——“ But he swallowed the words that were at his mouth, because he saw the mobile phone in my hands, a student that could use a mobile phone that was several tens of thousands kuai, was definitely not a normal person right?

“Let’s go in and talk!” I pointed towards the cold drinks stall, and went inside first.

I ordered a coffee, then when I asked what Chen Yong wanted, Chen Yong looked all over the menu, and when he saw all the drinks were above ten kuai, he squeezed out a few words, “Then a cup of water!”

“Bottled water is eight kuai, sir!” The waiter said with a smile.

“What? Water cost money too?” Chen Yong exclaimed in surprise.

“Okay now, don’t be afraid since it’s my treat, give him a cup of water!” I said to the waiter.

“Ai! Never mind, I’ll have orange juice, this is eight yuan too,” Chen Yong quickly said.

“Okay sir,” the waiter left with a faint smile.

“I’m sorry, I let you see something unsightly!” Chen Yong scratched his head and said.

“Say it, what’s the deal with Yu Gang?” I immediately cut to the chase, I have no time to bullshit with him, I promised Zhao Yanyan to go on the rollercoaster with on in the cultural park during the afternoon.

“About that, my meimei agreed,” Chen Yong said awkwardly.

“What?? Your meimei will marry that lecherous man?” I jumped up and shouted.

“No, it’s just —— just sleep with him!” Chen Yong didn’t know who to answer, and said the phrase ‘sleep with’ in anxiousness.

I naturally understood Chen Yong’s meaning, ‘sleep with’ is just XXOO, this Chen Yong, he really disappoint me, he still agreed to Yu Gang’s demands in th end.

“You sold your meimei just for eighty thousand kuai?” What made me more angry was that, was Chen Weier’s first time just worth eighty thousand kuai?
“Is eighty thousand little? Didn’t you hear that Yu Gang say, ten thousand kuai can buy so many virgins!” What Chen Yong said was the truth, the most expensive would only be two thousand kuai at max.

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“Then you already promised that Yu Gang?” I said agitatedly.

“Not yet, I —— I really can’t say it!” When Chen Yong said this, it was like he was in excruciating pain.

From the looks of it, this Chen Yong still has a conscience. A man being forced to sell his own meimei to save his father was because he had no other choice.

“How about this! Since you’re selling no matter who, what about selling her to me, I will use an even higher price,” I said slowly. At that moment, another plan had hatched in my heart.

“What? Sell to you?” Chen Yong looked at me in disbelief, and had his mouth wide open. He didn’t think I was that kind of person. Then he regained his composure, “Never mind, since it’s the same either way. How much can you pay?”

“I think I’ll give you two hundred thousand, go and help your father contact the kidney provider, tell me if it’s not enough,” I said calmly.

“Two hundred thousand! You didn’t make a mistake right?” Chen Yong opened his eyes wide and looked at me with an expression full of disbelief.


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