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Chapter 61 – I want to close my account

“That’s right! Two hundred thousand,” I nodded, and said assuredly.

Chen Yong started believing me a bit, but still shook his head to see if he was hallucinating.

“You can buy a life with so much money, you’r still going to buy my meimei’s… that and sleep with her? And we can ask you for more if it’s not enough? Bro you’re not sick are you?” Chen Yong was shocked, from his perspective if I didn’t have any mental issues, then I just had nowhere to spend my money.

“Say if it you agree, screw it if you don’t, where did all these bullshit come from!” I said impatiently.

“Agree, agree, of course I agree! When do you want my meimei?” Chen Yong said eagerly. From his point of view, the earlier he gave his meimei to me, the earlier he could get his father cured.

“I’ll give you the money in a moment, but I don’t want you meimei now. How about this, treat this money as a deposit for your meimei’s virginity, go back and tell her that she has to keep her body for me, I’ll naturally go and take it whenever I want it. If she found someone she truly likes before that, come and tell me, we can dispel our contract anytime. However I will give the money just the same!” I only did this because I didn’t want Chen Weier to sell herself to someone else, but I didn’t want love that was bought. Although I think that I do quite like Chen Weier, but I also wanted her to give herself over to me willingly, and not with this method.

“Ah!” Chen Yong was completely dumbfounded, this was clearly just giving him money for free, that attached condition was essentially nonexistent. After a while, Chen Yong finally slowly stood up, and slowly kneeled down on the floor, and said with a face full of tears, “Bro, I, Chen Yong will always remember your kindness! I won’t say too many words of thanks, I, Chen Yong, is willing to be an ox and a horse for you this entire life!”

“Okay! Men shouldn’t easily cry, men have gold underneath their knees, you broke these two rules together! Follow me to the bank to get money,” I reached out and pulled up Chen Yong, who was kneeling on the ground.

Chen Yong honestly stood up, and laughed like an idiot a bit. I got the waiter over to pay the bill, and went with Chen Yong to the bank.

The industrial bank was near Fourth High, I had placed the thirteen million from Intel and Seagate in there for convenience at the time.

“Withdraw two hundred thousand,” I handed my deposit book over to the counter.

“We don’t have that much, a reservation must be made when it’s above fifty thousand, you can’t withdraw now!” The clerk said without raising her head.

“I have urgent matters!” I said sullenly, what kind of service attitude was this.

“You can’t no matter what! Those that are lining up, next!” The clerk stopped talking to me, and begun to handle the next transaction.

“Bring your branch manager over!” I withheld my anger. What reservation, why did I hear about this! I don’t believe that a bank doesn’t even have two hundred thousand in cash for backup.

“The branch manager is not here!” The clerk answered casually.

“Is there anyone that treats a customer like you?” I was really mad, and slammed my hand down onto the counter.

“Guards, there’s someone causing trouble!” The clerk shouted.

Several guards wearing green military uniforms immediately rushed over and surrounded me, the leader asked, “Who is causing trouble?”

Before I said anything, that clerk already said, “This person! This child, he is causing trouble!”

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“What are you all doing?” A middle-aged man wearing a suit walked over.

“Branch Manager Zhang,” The clerk and the guards all greeted.

“What happened?” Branch Manager Zhang asked.

“I came to withdrawn money, but this clerk told me that you don’t have money! The bank doesn’t have money? Is this a joke?” I laughed coldly.

“Could you please tell me how much would you like to withdraw?” Branch Manager Zhang asked.

“Two hundred thousand, but I changed my mind, I want to close my account! Your bank’s service attitude is too terrible,” I threw my deposit book over to Branch Manager Zhang.

Branch Manager Zhang took over the deposit book, opened it to have a look and immediately went dumb. Thirteen million, he immediately understood that the kid in front of him wasn’t a normal person. Furthermore this account was opened at their branch, such a large saving would like to close their account, his end of year bonus was definitely going down the drawn.

Branch Manager Zhang immediately acted like a different person, and toadied, “Little bro, what the clerk did was just her own action, and is not related to our bank, how about this, I will immediately help you change to a VIP card, you don’t need to queue up in the future, and can directly do your business at the VIP counter on the side. This time you want to withdraw two hundred thousand right, I’ll personally help you process it, please wait a moment.”

I was just scaring him just now when I said I wanted to close my account, if I really closed it I then would have to move this large sum of money to another bank, that would be too troublesome for me. Since this Branch Manager Zhang knew how to act, then I shouldn’t say any more.

The efficiency of a branch manager was really quite, within a minute, two hundred thousand in cash and a VIP card were directly placed into my hands. I handed the cash to Chen Yong, and reminded him to be careful on the way.

Under Branch Manager Zhang’s farewell, we left the Industrial Bank. Before I left, I stopped Chen Yong, “Oh yeah, don’t tell anyone about my identity, especially your meimei. Or else I will immediately cease the deal between us.”

Chen Yong hugged the huge bag of money and kept nodding.

“Ge, you said you brought two hundred thousand back?” Chen Weier looked at Chen Yong in surprise.

“Yes! I sold you to someone else,” Chen Yong answered honestly.

Thus he told Chen Weier about reserving her virginity, he just said a CEO of a company paid, and will take responsibility till the end.

However my latter sentence of “if she met someone she truly likes” was automatically filtered by Chen Yong. From his point of view, I was already his benefactor, and if his own meimei could really be with this benefactor, that will also be meimei’s fortune.

I didn’t expect that Chen Yong’s automatic filtering action will cause me quite a bit of annoyance in the future.

Chen Weier didn’t react much after hearing that, and instead got a bit curious about this CEO who reserved her with two hundred thousand. He hasn’t even met her, yet he was willing to throw out so much money? What’s more was that he just reserved it, wasn’t he scared of he going back on the deal once her father’s sickness was cured? What kind of person was this?

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And take responsibility till the end? Two hundred thousand was already an astronomical number to her, but this wasn’t enough, that CEO actually said that could ask for more if it was not enough, who exactly was this person?

He paid her so much, just to buy her first night? Even Chen Weier couldn’t really believe it, how could she have sold for so much? This was like a fairy tale.

However, looking at the real cash in Chen Yong’s hands, Chen Weier couldn’t not believe the truth in front of her eyes. This money wasn’t fake, with this money, her father’s sickness…


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