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Chapter 59 – Failed Heroic Rescue

“You’ll find a way? But can time wait? What can that hundred something kuai per night of you selling Mala Tang do!” That man said angrily.

At that moment, I finally caught the gist of things, so this man was forcing a marriage! Hehe, even the heavens are helping me, who’s going to help if I’m not?

Thus I walked over while pretending to be very cool, and stood beside Chen Weier, and said to the man, “We are in a lawful society! Forced marriages or arranged marriages and the sorts are not permitted, you have already broken the law, so I have the right to send you to the police station!”

This was a classic quote that I spend a while thinking about, originally I also wanted to beat up that man with Guo Qing, but then my glorious image in Chen Weier’s heart may be downgraded to a barbarian, therefore I thought about it for a long time and finally came up with this marvelous plan.

Just when I was proud of what I had said, I noticed both Chen Weier and that man were both looking at me with wide open eyes, as if I was a monster.

What kind of expression is this?” What’s so weird about a samaritan that acts as the hero to save beauty?

Just as I was confused, I saw the man scratch his head, and said with a weird expression, “Meimei, who is this person?”

Liu Weier’s reply was, “…”

Meimei? What’s this?

“The two of you ——“ I said unsure of what was going on.

“He’s my older brother!” Chen Weier glared at me and said.

“That’s right, who are you! What are you doing trying to interfere with our family business!” That man said with displeasure.

“Ah! I just thought that you were getting bullied by bad people,” I said embarrassedly.

“Heh! Even if I was bully by bad people, it doesn’t concern you, one look at you tells me that you have bad intentions!” Chen Weier said strongly.

How did I have bad intentions? This person really didn’t get things. I was going to save her out of goodwill, yet was treated as mule lung and liver.⌈1

Guo Qing and I left embarrassedly. ****, making a move without understanding the situation, it really was a failed heroic rescue.

Just when we left, we heard Chen Weier said to that man, “You don’t need to say anymore, I definitely won’t marry that Yu Gang!”

“Fine! Then drag it on, drag it till dad’s death! If you don’t agree, then I’m going to rob a bank tomorrow! I just can’t let dad pass away like this!” That man said emotionally.

It looks like Chen Weier is in some sort of trouble, and needed money real quick. However this Chen Weier was just too strong-willed, it’s already concerning human lives and she’s still thinking about her own happiness.

That night, I arrived at Chen Weier’s family’s Mala Tang stall again.

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I handed over two huai and said, “One bowl of Mala Tang, no coriander.”

Chen Weier raised her head, and seeing that it was me, spaced out for a second, then said embarrassedly, “I’m really sorry about this morning, I was getting mad with my older brother, since you came, I vented everything out on you.”

I said with a smile, “It’s alright. What kind of gege would force their meimei to marry someone they don’t like?”

Chen Weier shook her head helplessly and said, “He actually is a good gege, it’s just that something came up for my family… Ai! Perhaps you also understand after hearing it all today, some things can’t be helped.”

Chen Weier gave me a bowl of Mala Tang, then returned the money to me, “Treat it as an apology, I’ll treat you to a bowl of Mala Tang! Don’t refuse!” Saying this, Chen Weier actually smiled, two faint dimples appeared on her face. This was the first tim I’ve seen smile appear on Chen Weier’s face, so she was actually so beautiful when she smiled.

I couldn’t refuse, so I pocketed the money, and accepted it.

At that moment, a few more guests came over, Chen Weier also went over to busy herself.

“Weier, I’ll ask you one last time! Now that Yu Gnag is also here, are you going to follow him or not?” A voice rang out.

It can’t be, such a coincidence! Chen Weier’s older brother is here again, and I was present once more.

“Ge, I said it already, I won’t marry someone I don’t like, just stop wasting your efforts!” Chen Weier shouted, but her hands were still handing those little metal baskets.

“Weier, think about it again! I can take out eighty thousand kuai! Think about it, with this money you can get your dad looked at!” The lecherously-looking man beside Chen Weier’s gege said.

“No need to think about it, I rather sell my blood than marry you!” Chen Weier roared.

“****! What are you ***** being cocky about! If it wasn’t for your ge’s face, would I take out eighty thousand kuai? I can few so many virgins with ten thousand kuai!” The lecherous man waved is sleeves and walked off.

“Yu Gang, don’t go, I’ll convince my little sister a bit more!” Chen Weier’s gege was just about to give chase, but was pulled back by Chen Weier’s mother. “Leave it! Stop forcing your meimei, I also know your dad’s illness, eighty thousand is only the surgery fee to change kidney, you don’t need any money to buy the kidney? What about the hospital expenses after the surgery? Do you think it’s enough just to sell your sister? That way you won’t only not save your dad, but also doom your meimei!”

“Mom, I know all that! But-but what can I do right now? We don’t have money, if someone was willing to buy my head, I would immediately chop it off for him!” Chen Weier’s gege sighed.

“Mom understands your filial piety, but don’t trouble your meimei anymore! She’s still young, and have a long road ahead of her!” Chen Weier’s mother said, “Okay now, hurry up and help out your sister, more customers are here.”

I sat there, and finally understood most of it after listening, so Chen Weier’s father is ill needs to change kidneys, but they aren’t able to take out that much money, Chen Weier’s gege was prepared to marry Chen Weier to the lecherously-looking man named Yu Gang in exchange for eighty thousand kuai of surgery fee. Eighty thousand Yuan, was only one hair from nine oxen, but to Chen Weier’s family, this is money can that save a life!

“We’re closing! Do you want to sleep here as well!” Chen Weier shouted beside my ear.

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I raised my head, and noticed that most people have left the night market, Chen Weier’s mother was also busy packing up. Just now I went into deep thoughts without noticing, and didn’t think that such a long time passed in a blink of an eye.

I quickly got up, and handed Chen Weier the leftover plate, and left the Mala Tang stall. When I passed by Chen Weier’s gege, I hesitated, and said to him softly, “Come over for a moment.”

Chen Weier’s gege momentarily blanked, unsure of what I called him for, then after hesitating he still came over, and asked while frowning, “What did you call me for?”

I smiled faintly, and handed him a slip, then said softly beside his ear, “If you want to cure your father then call this number, and don’t tell anyone else!”

After this, I quickly left. On the slip that I gave Chen Weier’s gege, was my new mobile number.


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