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Chapter 58 – A Cheng Yaojin out of Nowhere

However, that Yang-gongzi turned around, and was full of smiles towards Weier, “Weier, as long as you say it, you don’t have to do this kind of lowly jobs anymore, I promise you’ll have good things to eat if you follow me! Definitely much better than selling Mala Tang here!”

“Yang Kaiyuan, how many times did I tell you, don’t bother me, what’s so good about me, who’s a child from a poor family? I don’t want to live that kind of life you are talking about, I can’t, and I have no interest in it! I still have to do business, please don’t bother me!” Weier said coldly, I could tell that she was very disgusted about this Yang-gongzi.

“Sure, you want to do business right? Here’s two hundred kuai, I’ll take all your dishes! This time you have to talk with me right?” Yang Kaiyuan took out two hundred bills and slammed it on the table.

“I have no interest in your money, I have a lot of old customers here, after you buy it all, they won’t have any to eat! I’m not selling it to you!” Weier took up the money on the table and stuffed it back in Yang Kaiyuan’s hands.

“Another bowl of Mala Tang!” I walked over with a smile, and handed over the bowl in my hands to Weier, “Your family’s Mala Tang is so delicious! How wonderful would it be to eat it everyday.”

Yang Kaiyuan looked at me in disdain and said, “It’s sold out, didn’t you see I’ll take it all?” Yang Kaiyuan was very displeased by my sudden interruption, this made him feel awkward, he was holding two hundred kuai, it couldn’t pocket it, nor could he put it down, and could only vent his anger on me.

“Still the same as just now?” Weier finally grabbed hold of a chance to get rid of Yang Kaiyuan, and immediately helped me to pick the dishes.

“AI? Proprietress?! Is there anyone that does business like that? Isn’t there first come first serve? Didn’t you see I bought all of these?” Yang Kaiyuan felt like he lost a lot of face after Weier said that, and could only roar towards the proprietress.
“Yang-gonzi, don’t get angry, this student was here already,” the proprietress hurriedly explained.

“Heh! I’m telling you, don’t not take face when given it, it’s your fortune that our boss has his eyes on your daughter, if it wasn’t because boss’s attitude is good, I would have gotten people to close down your stall ages ago!” The lackey beside Yang Kaiyuan finally spoke.

“Aiya, look at what it’s becoming, don’t get mad, don’t get mad, I’ll encourage Weier more when we get home tonight okay? Yang-gonzi, don’t hurry so much, since both sides have to be willing on this!” The proprietress quickly apologized.

“Fine, I’ll wait for you for a few more days! We’re leaving!” Yang Kaiyuan said. Then he waved towards the lackey behind him, both of them left together.

“Ai! Finally gone!” the proprietress sighed while looking at Yang Kaiyuan’s fleeting image.

“Auntie, what are they?” I took over the Mala Tang, and asked casually.

“Them, ai! Us small stalls just can’t piss them off! It’s like this, that Yang Kaiyuan set his sights on our Weier, and is hell bent on having Weier be his girlfriend. Weier doesn’t agree, and so he comes to find Weier every three or five days, at the start his attitude wasn’t bad, and just used all sorts of ways to woo her, we all thought he was a rather focused person in relationships, and so we didn’t pay much attention. But afterwards, this Yang Kaiyuan got more and more cocky, Weier refused, so he would take his lackeys here to cause trouble, causing our business to not be able to go on,” the proprietress sighed.

“Mom, how can you tell this thing to other people!” Weier said on the side with a red face.

“It’s alright, look, this guy doesn’t seem like a bad person, and mom really feel terrible, there isn’t anyone to talk to usually, so I just couldn’t help but say a bit more to him,” the proprietress smiled wryly.

“Since he’s like this, you can call the police to arrest them right?” I suggested. Although I know the police would usually be uninterested in these sort of things, but this was a solution, even if it’s not very effective, it could have a bit of a threatening effect.

“Call the police? That Yang Kaiyuan’s father is a police, I heard he’s also an important official! Who can civilians without money or power call? If we got into more mess because of it ——“ Having the proprietress say to it this point, I already understood the gist of it. Those people must be the kind of rich second generation, using his dad’s power, to bully other people. I’ve seen quite a lot of people like this, that Liu Kesheng was a typical example.

But how was Yang Shuguang an important official? Only a captain of the defense team, essentially a temporary job. I did hear that it’s only because his wife’s family has a lot of power that he can act so cocky.

“Ai, look, that’s the number three on the school beauty leaderboard, Chen Weier!” Guo Qing suddenly pointed to a girl at the school gate.

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I gazed over, and couldn’t help but blank, isn’t this that girl I met at the Mala Tang stall? No wonder she was so pretty, she’s a school beauty! However Guo Qing’s tastes really had some issues, why was this Chen Weier only third? Although her clothes were a bit lame, but I can promise that if she dressed up, then her beauty would definitely be equal to Zhao Yanyan’s.

“Boss, this Chen Weier is a famous cold beauty! Although her family background isn’t good, but could still keep herself pure, she never had a boyfriend, and rejected who knows how many gongzi with money and power!” Guo Qing praised.

What he said was the truth, that Yang Kaiyuan did have at least 2000 kuai in his wallet, but Chen Weier didn’t even look.

“That’s why, Boss. If you can take her down as well, then I, your bro, will truly admire you!” Guo Qing still continued endlessly.

“Okay now, she’s a cold beauty, I don’t want to bump into a wall,” but honestly, I do wanted to try. I decided, I’ll continue to go and eat Mala Tang tonight.

As we chatted, we noticed something amiss, Chen Weier seemed to be arguing with someone.

“Boss, do you want to have a chance to be the hero and save beauty?” Guo Qing smiled lecherously.

“Even if I don’t, I can’t watch my classmate be bullied by others!” I said justly.

“****, never mind, if it was another person you really wouldn’t give a ****,” Guo Qing said, and walked with me to he school gate.

When we neared, I could faintly hear that man say, “Weier, don’t think about studying anymore!”

Weier clenched her teeth and said, “Don’t say anymore! I rather die than marry that Yu Gang or whatever!”

Why did another person pop out? Who was this Yu Gang? Who was the person in front of Chen Weier?

“Yu Gang already promised me! If you agree to marry him, he’ll take out eighty thousand kuai!” That man said.

“Mom and I will find a way for the money! I don’t want to joke about my happiness! It’s impossible for me to marry someone I don’t like!” Chen Weier said firmly.


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