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Chapter 55 – Complete Control

“Yes, just slightly more advance than their product,” I intentionally made it sound casual.

“Slightly more advance? Liu Lei! Do you know what this means? What sort of company is Intel? The boss of central possessing units, the leading sheep in technology! It’s impossible for businesses in our country to follow their *****, you are actually saying slightly more advance?” Zhao Junsheng exclaimed in disbelief.

“Uncle Zhao, what are you so worked up about?” I felt confused about Zhao Junsheng’s actions, was there a need for this?

“How could I not get worked up? Liu Lei! If you started your own business within the country to manufacturer this new type of CPU ourselves, then Huaxia’s economy will rise alongside it, us Huaxia will also becoming one of the lading countries in technology!” Zhao Junsheng said with regret.

So Zhao Junsheng got worked up because of this? I only sold the technology for the most ancient Pentium MMX, technology like Centrino and Intel Core that came later were all imprinted in my brain, I could have them produced as long as I have money.

Thus I said, “Uncle Zhao, let’s not talk about whether our country can manufacturer things to the standard, even if we can import the production lines from other countries, what about money? Selling the entire Tianheng may not be enough to just buying this production line!”

“But-but giving the technology to foreigners like this, I’m not comfortable about it!” Zhao Junsheng knew that I was telling the truth, yet still couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

“It’s alright, Uncle Zhao. I am already starting to develop the next generation of CPU, I believe I can present the complete development data soon,” I comforted him.

“Really? That’s great!” Hearing me say that, light returned to Zhao Junsheng’s eyes.

Just as we were chatting, Grandpa Zhao came down from upstairs and said to me, “Liu Lei, I already explained your situation to the higher ups, there isn’t any problem with unfreezing your account, but——”

“Grandpa Zhao, please just say it out whatever it is,” I said.

“It’s like this, after the higher ups heard that you developed a CPU, they immediately asked if you can donate this technology to the country,” Grandpa Zhao said.

“I’m afraid not, I already signed a contract with Intel, doing so would be illegal,” I explained showing an expression of difficulty.

“I know, that’s why I already rejected them for you, actually the higher-ups mainly want me to ask if you have any plans to start a CPU manufacturing company in our country,” Grandpa Zhao said to me.

“I do have the plans, I was just talking about this with Uncle Zhao, but we don’t have that much fund!” I spoke the truth, the money on hand wasn’t enough, using it to invest into some established industry was more than enough, but it probably wasn’t able to do anything when invested on the manufacturing of the CPU.

“What if the country invested?” Grandpa Zhao said emotionlessly.

Investment from the country, that sounds nice, but it would mean that the properties of my corporation will be completely changed, from a private company to a governmental business.

It’s not like there aren’t advantages, at least when it come to policies with the country behind my back. However at the same time there are a lot of disadvantages, the initiative of the business will not be in my hands, CPU manufacturing was even more profitable than money, while Grandpa Zhao was in power he would be able to block off a lot of things for me, but once Grandpa Zhao retired and gave up his power, then my gold egg-laying corporation will find it hard to not be targeted by corrupted officials, and will result in a restricting of the business, when that happens, it will probably be broken down into pieces like Hu Xueyan’s Hu Qingyu Hall at the end of the Qing dynasty.

Now that I thought of that, I made the decision immediately, “I understand Grandpa Zhao’s goodwill, I will definitely invest and build a factory in Huaxia, but I just want to develop my specialty without restraint, and don’t want to be involved in politics, and don’t want to be restricted.

Grandpa Zhao nodded and said, “Fine, I won’t force it since you have your own ideas, just remember to keep the country’s profit in mind, and contribute more to the nation!”

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Zhao Junsheng agreed with my viewpoint very much, no matter what, the initiative of businesses should be in our own hands, or else it will easily become chicken ribs.⌈1

The eight hundred million can at most buy a normal CPU production line, of course this was limited to producing the Pentium MMX series, there aren’t more advance technology right now even in other countries, so the production line could not exist. What can I do with my money? I can produce CPU, what about other related products? Oh yeah, the motherboard, the chipset! I remember in my previous life that VIA Technologies started off with manufacturing chipsets, and because the third largest CPU manufacturer in the world, although they were commonly in lawsuits with Intel due to patent issues, but it didn’t affect it’s speed in making money. Furthermore, I didn’t need to worry about the patent at all, I was the one who developed Pentium MMX in this life, and I only gave the authorize Intel to use it, and didn’t sell off the rights. Therefore Intel shouldn’t be able to say anything even if I manufacture the corresponding chipset, and mine would definitely be original! Just like Intl’s original chipset in my previous life.

“Uncle Zhao, have you thought about restructuring the company or establishing a new one?” Since Uncle Zhao know about my things and this father-in-law and I were on the same side, I told him my ideas without hiding anything.

“Hehe, Xiao Liu means for me to work for you right?” Zhao Junsheng said while laughing.

“How could I, Uncle Zhao, I don’t mean it like that!” I quickly side, actually that was what I meant.

“It’s okay, Xiao Liu, since you have the ability, it isn’t a loss to work for you! What’s more, what’s the point of making money this life? Isn’t it just to save up some dowry for Yanyan! It looks like I have no need to,” Zhao Junsheng looked at me and snickered.

“Hehe,” I laughed dryly, unsure of what to sure.

“Okay, Xiao Liu! Say it, there is nothing to hide between us father and son in law, what do you have in plan for the future?” Zhao Junsheng said.

“It’s like this, Uncle Zhao! I want to establish a computer chipset manufacturer, in other words, I want to manufacture north and south bridge chipset. We can’t afford to manufacture CPUs, but we have more than enough funds to manufacture motherboards! Also Uncle Zhao, don’t continue on with your Tianheng Computers, you can restructure it into a large software company that designs large graphic and office software, and even our own operating system if possible!” I told him my primary thoughts recently.


  1. Something that is quite worthless, but you’ll find it hard to give up 

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