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Chapter 56 – School Beauty Leaderboard Incident

“Good! Uncle Zhao supports you, I’ll work for you from now on! Did you know? If this can all become reality, then the time for Huaxia to become the leading country of IT in the world will not be far away!” Zhao Junsheng said excitedly.

“But can you really take out the method to create the motherboard?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Uncle Zhao, don’t forget who designed this CPU!” I said with a smile.

“Yes yes yes! How could I not believe, look at me, always using an older mindset to think about problems, and think that our development ability in Huaxia is very small, but now that there’s a genius like you, I don’t need to worry!” Zhao Junsheng said happily.

I was so ashamed! These were all stuff I plagiarized from the future, in my era, any CPU cure data before P5 were already public, but I was called a genius just by taking the simplest out.

“Uncle Zhao, if you don’t have any problems, then let’s take 50% of the shares of the company each, I have to go to school normally, so the task of managing the company will fall upon you!” Since we’re all comrades, I know Uncle Zhao wouldn’t betray me.

“Aiya, Xiao Liu, what’s the point of giving me shares! The technology of the company is yours, the money is yours, Uncle Zhao is just helping you manage it! What’s more is that as long as your Bomu and I have enough money to spend then it’s fine, what use are the shares!” Zhao Junsheng refused.

Then we negotiated over and over, then finally I pretended to be angry and said, “Then 20%! Uncle Zhao, if you don’t even take that then I’ll won’t feel at ease!”

Zhao Junsheng knew that he couldn’t refuse anymore, and thus finally said, “How about this! I’ll take the 20%, but will transfer it to under Yanyan!”

Since Zhao Junsheng said it like this now, I couldn’t really say anymore, transferring it to under Yanyan was no different from holding 100% of the shares myself.

Uncle Zhao and I then discussed about the corporation name, and finally decided upon continue using the name Shuguang. Firstly because the name Shuguang had a bit of fame in Huaxia, secondly it was because Shuguang represents hope, and was hinting at a new hope for Huaxia’s IT industry.

I didn’t tell Zhao Junsheng about cooperating with Microsoft yet, because this was way too much of a surprise!

With Uncle Zhao helping me managing the company, I didn’t have to worry anymore. The technology I supplied would definitely earn money, this would mean that I would have more time to do other things.

Grandpa Zhao reported my final decision to the higher ups, although they felt a bit of regret, but they were still overall please, since Shuguang is a people’s business. The higher ups also decided that they will give a suitable amount of support, and make the processes and simple as possible, as long as we don’t go against the principles then they will give the green light.

In the following days, Zhao Junsheng was first engrossed with things like registering the company etc. Due to the higher ups giving a heads up, even if they didn’t who wouldn’t dare to not give face, unless they don’t want their jobs anymore since a provisional official’s son was going to do the procedures. Therefore everything went unusually smoothly, within a week, all types of documents were in hand. Zhao Junsheng’s Tianheng Computers was changed into Shuguang Software, some of the people that were in the hardware department were transferred to the newly established Shuguang Microelectronics Limited. Then Zhao Junsheng had to employ people, find a place for the office and contact manufactures, and was completely overloaded with work.

In comparison, I was much more free, everyday I just needed to go to school, get off school. Underneath the halo of the first in the year, teachers in every subject all turned a blind eye towards my bad habits such as sleeping in class.

“Boss, the newest School Beauties have been chosen!” Early in the morning, Guo Qing said to be lecherously.

“****, are you a large speaker, broadcasting everywhere in the morning,” although I was very interested in Guo Qing’s news, my Yanyan was right next to me, it wouldn’t be good if I acted too enthusiastic right?

“Hai —— hai, it’s —— beauties, us normal men would all be interested, unless Boss you’re not a man?” Guo Qing laughed sinisterly, and turned his head to Zhao Yanyan and said, “Dasao, is Boss a man?’

“Go die!” Zhao Yanyan blushed and said, “Do you think he is being so perverted?”

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I was about to faint, you can’t not leave any face for me right? I raised my first and punched Guo Qing, and extracted my angry all on him.

“Just say it if you have something to say!” I said.

“Hehe, us first years really don’t lack beauties, completely outmatched the previous years’! The top of the leaderboard is from our first year!” Guo Qing said mysteriously.

“Can you brat just say everything in one go, are you out of breath?!” I hate his hesitant speech, I didn’t get annoyed with him infrequently over this, I didn’t think he would still be like this after I got reborned.

“About this! The first place is of course Dasao, Boss you have good fortune in romantic affairs, being able to hold a beauty, you are really the pride of us men…” Before Guo Qing finished, I cut him off impatiently, “What’s wrong with you? Where did all this bullshit come from!”

“Hehe,” Guo Qing laughed a little then continued, “In second place is Liu Yue, from Second Year Class Six. The third is Chen Weier, Third Year Class One. The fourth, is also in our First Year, in Class Ten, called Xu Ruoyun.”

Xu Ruoyun? Isn’t that Geezer Xu’s granddaughter? How was she in our school? But think about that chick’s looks, it really does stand out, although it was different from Zhao Yanyan’s glamour, but it was another type of beauty, it was naturally to get on the school beauty leaderboard. As for that Chick Xu, I think I should stay as far away from her as possible, I keep on feeling that this chick’s hostility towards me was very strong.

“Who chose these school beauties?” I really didn’t understand how there could be people thinking about this in our school.

“Of course it was by this one —— the boss of Fourth High, no that’s not right, it’s Laoer, that lead our brothers and chose it,” Guo Qing was the true boss in school now, but because of my existence, he didn’t feel right calling himself Boss, and so immediately lowered himself to Laoer. However why does this Laoer sound so weird.

“It really was you, what are you doing this far?” I asked.

“Ha, isn’t that just making it more convenient for you, Boss, to chat up girls, now that the number one school beauty is taken down by you, there are three more beauties that you haven’t succeeded with yet. Comrade, you still have to work hard!” Guo Qing handed me a slip with the school beauties’ name and class.

“Then why don’t you work hard yourself?” Although I said this, I still received the note from Guo Qing.

“Of course I should leave the chance for Boss!” Guo Qing said sincerely.


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