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Chapter 54 – Grandpa Zhao

“Hello, Uncle Zhao, what’s the situation?” My was waiting so much that my heart felt like it was burning, and hearing the phone ring, I immediately grabbed it.

“…” The other side was silent for a while,” Is it Mr. Liu? I am Xu Zhongbang.”

“Oh, Mr. Xu, hello, what do you need me for?” I was just worried about my account right now, and wasn’t in the mood to think about other things.

“It’s like this, our Windows 95 has already been pushed onto the market, I have a few official copies to gift to you, it’s a commemorative edition,” Xu Zhongbang said.

“Oh, this isn’t desperate, let’s talk about it after a few days,” I wasn’t interested in the commemorative edition of Windows 95 right now, and just want to end our call quickly.

“Okay,” Xu Zhongbang said, “Also another thing, Mr. Liu, please give us a bank account so we can send your share of the profits over.”

“How about this, Mr. Xu, help me open an account in Switzerland, and just directly send it over there,” I said. My account was frozen, how would I dare to get them to send the money there?

“Okay, then that’s it! I’ll call you after doing all that, but Mr. Liu should buy a mobile phone, this would make contacting you more convenient,” Xu Zhongbang said.

Buying a mobile phone was a pretty good advice, or else it was hard not to raise my parents’ suspicions always calling my home.

The phone rang again, I picked up the phone, “Hello, who are you looking for?”

“Xiao Liu, I’m Zhao Junsheng!” I finally got the call.

“Uncle Zhao, what is it?” I asked.

“Xiao Liu, tell Uncle the truth, how much money is there in your account,” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“About this ——“ I stayed silent for a while, since Zhao Junshng asked like this, it means that he already knew, I had nothing to hide anymore, and so I answered honestly, “A hundred and sixty million.”

“What?!” Although Zhao Junsheng knew already, but hearing me say it from my mouth still shocked him quite a bit, “Where did this money come from?”

“I earned it!” I answered.

“You earned it? How could you earn so much money? Xiao Liu, tell Uncle, did you get bewitched by bad people or was threatened? If you tell Uncle the truth, Uncle will help you!” From Zhao Junsheng’s point of view, I was impossible for a kid to earn money that a lot of people can’t even manage to earn in a lifetime.

“I did earn it! Ai, it’s hard to explain over the phone…” I explained.

“Wait a bit, I’m going to tell Old Gao to pick you up, we’ll go over to my dad’s together!” Zhao Junsheng said.

It can’t be? Actually telling me to meet Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa!

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“This one is Liu Lei right?” The moment I entered Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s home, the kind old man I saw when school started came out.

Able to receive Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s personal welcome, this honor wasn’t small! I frantically said, “Hello Grandpa Zhao! I am Zhao Yanyan’s classmate Liu Lei.”

“Good! The young man looks like a talent, no wonder my darling granddaughter always talk about you!” Grandpa Zhao said while smiling.

I sweated, he could even say stuff like that, a typical old but not respectable! However I still wasn’t sure if Grandpa Zhao knew Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, it was better so speak less. Thus I said, “Hehe, thank you Grandpa Zhao for the praise, Zhao Yanyan and I are deskmates.”

“I know, I know! And also first in the year!” Grandpa Zhao added.

“Dad, let Xiao Liu go into the house first, no matter what it is we can’t stand at the door!” Zhao Junsheng saw me still standing at the door, so he got me a pair of slippers.

“Right, what Junsheng said is right, Liu Lei, let’s go in and talk,” Grandpa Zhao pulled me into the living room with a smile.

Zhao Yanyan was also in the living room, and after seeing me enter, she ran up the stairs with a blush. Grandpa Zhao’s home was a typical duplex mansion, but it wasn’t weird for provisional officials to live in these type of houses, this was a necessary treatment.

“Hehe, my family’s chick is shy!” Grandpa Zhao said humorously when he saw his granddaughter run upstairs while blushing.

I really didn’t know what to say, I was even a bit confused about the purpose of me coming here right now. Why does it feel like Geezer Zhao is interviewing for his grandson-in-law?

Just as I was embarrassed, Grandpa Zhao begun, “Liu Lei, I don’t want to get involved between you and Zhao Yanyan. However, as an elder, I have to take responsibility for my own granddaughter, I hope that you will not walk onto an evil path!”

Walk onto an evil path? I immediately understood, Grandpa Zhao was indicating about that huge foreign fund that was in my bank account.

“Grandpa Zhao, I earned that money!” I said openly.

“Child, it’s not that I don’t believe you, are you clear about how large this sum of money is?” Grandpa Zhao asked.

“About eight hundred million Huaxia currency,” I said without a hint of fakeness.

“Eight hundred million! This money is enough to start a riot! Can you tell me how you earned this money?” Grandpa Zhao beat around the bush.

I already predicted that this would occur, it was fortunate that I brought the Intel and Seagate contract over. No explanation would be as effective as these two paper contracts, black words on white paper, and the certificate from the notarial office.

As Grandpa Zhao looked over the contract, his eyes received a smile of relief, “Liu Lei, why didn’t you say so earlier! You got this old man here worried for nothing! You made all these technology?”

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I nodded and said humbly, “I just like to occasionally mess around, it’s just little things!”

“You can’t say that, it probably isn’t so simple for Intel to be willing to pay and buy it right? I do know a little about this Intel, the world’s number one CPU manufacturer, I think even those old fellows in the Academy of Sciences wouldn’t be able to make something that would cause them to be interested, not to mention this technology sold for a huge price of 150 million!” Grandpa Zhao didn’t doubt this at all now, since the contract was there, and there was the certificate from the notarial office.

“I said all I need to be said, Grandpa Zhao do you think my account——“ My money, of course I had to get it back quickly.

“Hehe, I couldn’t tell that Liu Lei is also a little money lover! Okay, I’ll immediately make a call for you,” Grandpa Zhao laughed out loud as he walked up the stairs.

What do you mean money lover, who wouldn’t be worried about so much money?

“Xiao Liu, how was it with my dad?” Zhao Junsheng saw that his father went up the stairs, and immediately entered the living room. His father needed to talk to Liu Lei alone just now, so he (Zhao Junsheng) didn’t know if the situation was clarified.

I smiled, then pointed to the two contracts on the teapoy and said, “Uncle Zhao, see for yourself!”

Zhao Junsheng took over those two contracts, his eyes immediately popped out, and said surprisingly, “You sold technology to Intel?”

I nodded, “It’s the design data for a new CPU I designed in my spare time.”

“New CPU? You developed it?” Zhao Junsheng looked at me in disbelief.


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