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Chapter 49 – Mysterious Person

“Liu Lei, I can’t ——“ Xia Jing didn’t resist, just laid on my body and said softly.

“Who exactly are you?” My instincts told me that Xia Jing’s identity is definitely not as simple as what she said.

“Just, don’t ask. They might already have found here, I’ll be grabbed back real soon, but I really don’t want to leave,” Xia Jing choked.

“What, they? Who are they?

Xia Jing didn’t say anything, and only embraced me. After a while, she sighed faintly, “Da Gege sleep while hugging me like this.”

Although my heart was full of questions, since Xia Jing didn’t want to tell, it wasn’t right of me to ask anymore. Embracing Xia Jing, I fell asleep.

In the morning, I feel like someone was kicking beside me, but the movement was quit small. I opened my eyes, and noticed the person moving around was Xia Jing. The little beauty wanted to escape from my embrace, but I was hugging her really tightly, so she couldn’t escape at all.

Suddenly, I understood the little beauty was trying to escape from my embrace. A certain part of my body was poking right between Xia Jing’s legs.

I moved slightly…

“En ——“ Xia Jing moaned. Then immediately looked up towards me, I closed my eyes to pretend to be asleep. The little beauty thought I was sleeping since she noticed that I wasn’t moving, but this time she didn’t dare to move around.

The feeling just now was too good, when I couldn’t help but want to move again, Xia Jing actually moved first.

She lightly twisted her waist, and took the initiative in rubbing me there, I heard her breath quicker, but she might be scared of waking me up, and so tried hard to control herself to not let out any sound.

After all this, Xia Jing opened her eyes wide in palpitation, and examined my reaction in detail. Seeing I didn’t move at all, she let out a breath of air as if she felt relieved.

I held back the impulsion in my heart, and laid without moving on the bed. Why wasn’t she moving? Continue moving, move more. I wished in my heart.

I squinted my eyes and peaked at Xia Jing. The little beauty raised her head and looked around with a blush face for quit a while, finally she started moving again.

“Hu ——“ Xia Jing’s breath quickened again, this time her action didn’t stop!

I quietly checked out Xia Jing, the little beauty’s face was bright red, and kept on moaning, clearly enjoying it a lot.

Xia Jing suddenly continued, she might have felt something amiss.

I laughed wryly, if you continue like this, how can I resist? Some things cannot be controlled!

Xia Jing clearly wasn’t that kind of innocent girl, she knows what this means. She carefully laid on top of me and breathed heavily. Then she covered her face, and didn’t dare to look at me.

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“I think… We should go and wash up…” I suddenly said, scaring the living hell out of Xia Jing.

“You’re awake?” Xia Jing got off from my body, and acted a bit frantic, her face was a little flushed, like a child that was caught doing something bad by an adult.

“I’m not a robot, you were like that just now, how could I not woke up?” I smiled wryly, “It felt pretty nice just now right?”

Xia Jing nodded subconsciously, then immediately started shaking her head again.

“Then what were you doing just now?” I asked as if laughing, yet as if not laughing.

“I-I just tried it!” Xia Jing explained.

“Really? But someone tried it once, then continued to try,” I immediately poked a hole through it.

“So-so you were already awake! Actually… I just think that feeling is quite nice, and I want… to try it again, but I couldn’t stop! I said it already, are you satisfied now!” Since Xia Jing said it out loud already, she didn’t act shy anymore and raised her face to glare at me.

“Liu Lei, I like you!” Suddenly , Xia Jing said passionately.

“Me too, “ I don’t know when it begun, but I already fell in love with Xia Jing. Her naivety, her cuteness were all deeply scorched in my heart.

“Promise me that we can’t have an even closer relationship, I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Xia Jing said while frowning.

“Something happen to me? What can happen to me?” I asked.

“They’ll find me really quickly, if they know you and I had intercourse, they will definitely kill you,” Xia Jing said seriously.

“Who are they? Who exactly are you?” I felt like I had to understand this whole thing, from her words it seems like I was about to hit the grave.

“Don’t ask, how about this, Da Gege! I promise you, the next time I see you I’ll give myself to you,” after that Xia Jing escaped form my embrace, and stood up while naked.

“What are you going to do?” I stared at Xia Jing’s voluptuous and white body, and asked.

“Shower!” Xia Jing snorted with a red face, “I have to quickly take a shower before mom and dad wakes up, or else what are we going to do?”

It can’t be, I was about to faint, that’s my mom and dad okay? Why did the little beauty say it even more naturally than me, it feels like they’re her real parents.

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I was restless the entire morning at school, and kept on thinking about those incomprehensible sentences that Xia Jing said to me. Was she really some mafia boss’s daughter?

Zhao Yanyan seemed to notice my unhappiness, and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

I felt like there wasn’t anything to hide, so I told her everything from start to finish, when I talked about the rubbing, Zhao Yanyan gave me the evil eye.

“This Xia Jing’s identity is definitely not simple!” Zhao Yanyan said after hearing that.

“I know this as well, but what use is it? There are many underworld bosses in Huaxia, who knows whose daughter is she of?” I smiled wryly.

“You’re wrong, I’m certain that this Xia Jing definitely comes from a governmental background,” Zhao Yanyan said assuredly.

“How do you know? It’s not that I didn’t believe Zhao Yanyan’s words, I just didn’t get why she was so certain.

“Don’t forget about my family background, from the way you described Xia Jing talks normally, I can be sure that she was definitely born in a high class family, this is a unique feeling!” Zhao Yanyan explained.

I nodded, perhaps, her analysis was right, but this doesn’t solve the issue at all.

Within Songjiang city’s Guobin Hotel, an eighteen or nineteen years old young man that was very particular about what he was wearing was speaking on the phone to someone else, in front of his room door was four or five bodyguards.

“Xiaolong, did you find Jingjing?”

“Uncle Xia, I already have people looking out for information. There should be news tomorrow.”

“Oh, good! Jingjing is your fiancé, don’t let anything happen to her.”

“I understand, Uncle Xia.”

The person called Uncle Xia hung up the phone, and sighed, this chick was too daring, she actually hid in the car of the secret services and went to Songjiang. These rice buckets, they can’t even spot a girl, and are still investigating others?


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