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Chapter 50 – Young Master Lei

“Mom, what did you make so many dishes for? Where’s my dad? Did he come back from PTC?” The moment I entered the door, I saw the table full of dishes, and asked my mom a bunch of questions.

“Your dad came back ages ago, and is frying saury in the kitchen for you,” my mom took over my backpack and said while smiling.

“We have guests tonight?” I asked weirdly. My family couldn’t be said to be in poverty, but we definitely weren’t very rich, making so many dishes would only mean that either relatives or guests came to visit.

“Nope! Your dad and I made it just for you,” My mom shouted towards the kitchen, “Old Liu, Leilei came back, make it quicker.’

Hearing that I came back, my dad came out of the kitchen holding a spatula, happiness was also covering his face.

“Leilei, you really made dad proud today! You didn’t know that stupid look Xiao Liao had on his face after looking at the year rankings, not to mention how happy I was!” My dad said excitedly.

This dinner passed by through the praises of my parents. Hearing their happy laughter, I felt really guilty. In my previous life, I broke my parents’ hearts when I was going to school, they were actually so easily satisfied. A little bit of my achievement was enough to make them proud.

“Da Gege, you’re grades are quite good!” After dinner, Xia Jing asked in my room while holding my results.

“What year are you in?” I didn’t answer her question.

“Second year,” the little beauty replied.

****, a second year was calling me, a first year, Da Gege, she can’t have some perverted tendencies right. But I like it.

“Which school are you in?” I asked casually.

“Yanjing XX high,” the little beauty didn’t know I was getting words out of her, and answered without any defense.

“So your family is in Yanjing!” My ploy worked.

“Da Gege, you were trying to get words from me! I’m not close with you now!” Xia Jing said anxiously.

“I just asked casually, I didn’t say I would send you back,” Seeing that she was a bit unhappy, I quickly explained.

“Even if you don’t send me back, they will nearly find me and get me to go back,” when Xia Jing said this, sadness filled her face.

“Okay, okay! Your family coming to find you means they care, and love you, this is a good thing!” I said.

Xia Jing shook her head, and leaned on me, and said softly, “Da Gege, I don’t want to separate form you.”

“It’s not like we won’t see each other, I can go to Yanjing to find you!” In truth, I really wanted to kick Xia Jing away, because I was more looking forward to the next meeting with Xia Jing, we won’t have any barriers between us next time…

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“You don’t understand! Once I leave, we —— won’t know when we’ll see each other again,” Xia Jing’s eyes were full of sadness and attachment. Seeing that, my heart pained, Xia Jing was so attached to me, and yet I still wanted to kick her away to fulfill the goal of having no barriers between us, I was so ashamed!

I reached out my hand, and tightly hugged Xia Jing in my embrace, and lightly caressed her back. I comforted her, “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely meet again!”

“Hopefully,” Xia Jing closed her eyes and said.

That night, Xia Jing and I took off our clothes and got onto the bed really early, Xia Jing didn’t evade me at all, and embraced me in the blanket.

Neither of us said anything, and just continued to hug each other. My mood was fouled by Xia Jing, I think that Xia Jing was definitely more depressed than me, the entire room was filled with a sad atmosphere.

Who knows after how long, Xia Jing moved…

I know what she was going to do, this surprised and intrigued me, what happened to Xia Jing today? First she took off her clothes in front of me, then took the initiative to…

In a certain room in Songjiang city Guobin Hotel.

“Young Master Lei, we found the two attempted rapists, from what they described about the clothing and looks, that person is Miss Xia,” a black suited man said to a ten-odd years old kid.

“Where are the two people?” Young Master Lei asked.

“In Songjiang city Number One Hospital,” the black suit asked respectfully.

“Hospital? What happened? Those two are doctors there?” Young Master Lei didn’t understand.

“No, they were beaten up by a Samaritan, one has a broken elbow, the other has a broken leg,” the black suit said expressionlessly.

“What? He hit so hard? Then where’s Xia Jing? Young Master Lei’s expression changed.

“Saved by the person, but we got someone to draw a portrait already,” the black suit answered.

“Okay, bring me to meet that person,” Young Master Lei said.

Within Songjiang city Number One hospital.
“You’re sure this is the person that hit you? “Young Master Lei held a freshly drawn portrait and asked the person lying on the bed.

“That’s definitely him! He hit so hard, I’ll definitely find a chance to extract revenge on him,” replied the one on the bed.
“Hehe, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance, “Young Master Lei laughed coldly.

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“What-what do you mean by this?” The person with half his body paralyzed looked at the boy in front of him.

“Heh! You dare to touch my fiancé,” Young Master Lei’s face darkened, “Uncle Bin, you should know what to do right?”

“Understood, Shaoye,” the black suit said expressionlessly.

Young Master Lei nodded, and took the portrait out of the room, then suddenly turned his head back, and laughed sinisterly, “Don’t kill him immediately, you should play around with this type of people more.”

The black suited man called Uncle Bin nodded while still remaining expressionless.

With in the Songjiang city police station.

Young Master Lei directly pushed opened the chief’s office.

Jiang Yongfu was playing cards with a few people, and was just into it, seeing the door was suddenly opened, he immediately got angry, “Who is it? Don’t you know to knock first before entering? Are you handless!”

“Chief Jiang, I can report you just because you’re playing cards here!” Young Master Lei took out the portrait and said coldly to Jiang Yongfu.

“Who are you supposed to be? Did you think your family opened the police station? I can do anything I want during lunch breaks, how’s it your business?” Seeing that it was a ten-odd years old child, Jiang Yongfu said in disdain.

“Although I can’t control it, but I can tell you, I am from the Lei family, my dad is Lei Fubai, I am Lei Xiaolong!” When Young Master Lei said this, he had already sat onto the chief’s chair.

“So it’s Young Master Lei!” Hearing the three characters Lei Fubai, his face immediately changed. His tone also improved a lot. However when he saw the Lei Xiaolong didn’t have any manners at all, and sat in his chair, he was a bit angry inside, but he couldn’t show it. Lei family is a huge family, they say that it was about to enter the six large families of Huaxia, replacing the original Wang family! Lei Fubai was also the current head of the Lei family! Jiang Yongfu couldn’t wrong this kind of person easily, he was despised Lei Xiaolong’s frivolous attitude.

“They say women change face quickly, from what I see, you change face quite quickly too!” Lei Xiaolong mocked.


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