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Chapter 48 – Proud Dad

When I was eating dinner at night, I noticed something was wrong with the atmosphere at home. My dad said with a face of jealousy, “Leilei, your mid term test results came out right?

“How did you know?” I asked weirdly. Results did come out, but I only just found out today.

“Our company’s Xiao Liao’s child is also in your school, in the same year as you, but not in the same class. At noon today, Xiao Liao’s kid told his result to Xia Liao, 10th in the whole year! You have around 1000 people in the year, they actually got into the top ten! Look at how much Xiao Liao was bragging at the factory in the afternoon!” My dad said unhappily.

“Heh! Old Liu, didn’t our family’s Leilei get first place in the national computing competition!” My mom said after hearing that.

“I think Xiao Liao did it because of me, he was pointing at the mulberry tree and scolding the locust tree⌈1⌋, saying that extra curricular specialties are useless, and studying well is the right path,” my dad sighed.

I was a bit puzzled, why did they ask me how I did? Its as if my results are too terrible to look at, truly a puzzle. However my results before getting reborn actually weren’t too great. I know this Xiao Liu’s family’s child, he was a top student from primary school.

“What’s so special about top ten!” I said with disdain, “Oh yeah, dad, there’s a PTC tomorrow afternoon.”

“I’m not going!” My dad roared subconsciously, “Would it just be losing face if I see Xiao Liao there!”

“What are you shouting for! You have to go even if you don’t want to!” My mom glared at my dad, and said to Xia Jing, who was sitting on the side, “Jingjing, you’ve seen a joke, the kid Liu Lei always make us worried!”

Hearing that, Xia Jing giggled, a pair of fox eyes gazed at me, causing my heart to feel annoyed.

Never mind, I won’t tell him my results. I think that they won’t believe me even if I told them, they might even think I’m lying. It was better to let my dad feel awesome once tomorrow when he gets to school, and show off in front of other parents.

When we were going to sleep at night, Xia Jing still insisted on sleeping with me. I did consider Zhao Yanyan’s suggestion extensively, but what exactly was Xia Jing’s background? From her words, she isn’t a local from Songjiang, when I asked her yesterday, she answered perfunctorily. No, I have to find out today, or else I might not be able to stop myself and eat this little beauty, what if her daddy is a crime boss, then I’ll be ******.

I made my decision, and solemnly made Xia Jing sit properly and asked seriously, “Xia Jing, what do your parents do?”

Xia Jing thought about it then said, “My mom works in a corporate, my dad is a government official, what are you asking this for?”

“It’s nothing, nothing,” I said that, but thought in my heart, as long as they aren’t ******* part of the underworld then it’s fine.

“Da Gege? Do you want to throw me back home?” Seeing me be so hesitant, Xia Jing asked unhappily.

“How can I, I can’t even like you enough,” what I said was the truth, it’s just that this girl’s background is unknown, so I am a little worried, even though con men weren’t that popular, but most importantly, what was worthwhile tocon from me?

“Really?” Xia Jing became joyful again.

“Of course it’s real, didn’t I say I don’t lie!” It looks like I’m lying again.

“Da Gege you said it, you aren’t allowed to lie to me in the future!” Xia Jing said happily.

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“En,” I replied restlessly, because the little beauty had already started stripping.

“Why aren’t you going out?” Xia Jing asked shyly as she saw me gaze at her without moving.

“Since I touched it in the morning, and have also seen it, aren’t we just lying to ourselves if I went out now?” I said shamelessly.

Xia Jing dipped her head, and thought for a bit, then actually said, “That’s true.”

Between the little beauty’s lines and gaze was a hint of slyness, but I didn’t notice since I was completely focused on the little beauty’s chest, and didn’t bother with anything else.

Hearing that, my eye balls nearly fell out of their socket, it can’t be, I just bullshitted but Xia Jing actually said it’s true.

Just as I was dumbfounded, the little beauty quickly took off all her clothes, and jumped onto the bed. I just came back to my senses, the little beauty was already under the blanket. ****, so ******* unlucky, I didn’t actually see anything since I spaced out.

“Can you strip again?” I asked shamelessly.

Hearing that, the redness on the little beauty’s face was about to spread to the neck, she quickly covered herself with the blankets, and said embarrassedly, “Da Gege, you…. You are so perverted!”

“Hai!” I coughed, and said with a red face, “I was just kidding.”

“The little beauty climbed out form the blankets, and asked softly with her face as red as the sun, “ Da Gege, do you like watching me?”

“Watch you?” I asked confusedly.

“Aiya! I mean… in other word, do you like watching me take off my clothes?” Xia Jing’s face was so red that water could drip out.

I swallowed my saliva, was this a tease? Can I open her blanket?

“I like, of course I like!” I said without much thought.

“Ai!” Xia Jing actually sighed, and said, “Da Gege, I promise you, I can let you see all you want in the future, but… but now is no good.”

Hearing Xia Jing say that, my heart went cold again. She can’t be playing with me right, what do you mean see all I want in the future, but now is no good? Does she think I’m an idiot! I lose any mood, and immediately turned off the lights and climbed onto the bed.

My heart started hating my old bro Yama a little, **** rebirth is rebirth, he had to make me so perverted. I started thinking about the little beauty again.

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(Yama was exclaiming in the underworld: I’m innocent! Little bro, you held back too ******* much in your previous life, and now that you’ve exploded in this life you are blaming it all on me??)

“Da Gege, you’re angry again?” Xia Jing poked my back with her hand.

‘Yes, you promised to let me see, but you didn’t,” I pretended to be angry.

“I-I’m just scared that you want to do that to me, and I-I don’t want to reject you!” Xia Jing said faintly.

What? I was suspecting that I had some issues with my hearing or I was hearing things, don’t want to reject me? Doesn’t that mean that I can… have some relationship surpassing that of friends with her?

I was shocked and happy, but also a bit hesitant. On one side, I didn’t know if Xia Jing was testing me again, this little beauty was twisted, and only half of what she said could be believed.

However, seeing Xia Jing’s large blinking eyes, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I excitedly turned around, and pulled the little beauty into my blanket… The moment our bodies touched together… Xia Jing shuddered.

Xia Jing clearly didn’t think that I could be so daring, and humphed, resisted lightly a little, then embraced me with her backhand.

Everything, was so natural, it gave me a surreal feeling. Between Xia Jing and I, did it happen too quick? And I didn’t understand Xia Jing’s real identity at all, and didn’t understand Xia Jing’s purpose for coming to Songjiang.

This is always a knot in my heart…


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