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Chapter 47 – Wife

“What did Ye-laoshi find you for?” Seeing that I angrily returned to the classroom, Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Ya thought too much into stuff,” I was so angry that a Beijing line popped out of me,

“Ya?” Having been born and raised in Songjiang city, Zhao Yanyan didn’t understand what is “Ya”.

“It means her, it’s just a pronoun,” I explained.

“Oh, how did that Ya think too much? Zhao Yanyan’s was able to understand quickly, and immediately used it.

“Ya thought I had a crush on her,” I didn’t want to hide anything from Zhao Yanyan.

“Isn’t that true?” Zhao Yanyan’s eyes scanned across my face, as she said with deeper meaning.

The moment I heard that, I nearly climbed under the table. I asked stuttering, “Who did you hear it from?”

“I have to hear it? You always sleep in other classes, never raising your head. Yet the moment you see Ye Xiaoxiao, you get energized, your eyes are nearly grown onto her… Her chest!” There was clear jealousy in Zhao Yanyan’s words.

“Hai! I… I…” I really couldn’t retort.

Seeing that I couldn’t even reply, Zhao Yanyan smiled and said, “Okay now, there’s no need to be embarrassed about admitting it, just your narrow-mindedness, I didn’t say anything thing either.”

My narrow-mindedness? I sweated, this chick was too precocious. I really didn’t understand, why wasn’t Zhao Yanyan a tiny bit angry? First Xia Jing in the morning, Zhao Yanyan not only get angry, but told me to… Then there’s Ye Xiaoxiao, what is this chick thinking?

“Yanyan, aren’t you angry?” I asked weirdly.

“Angry? Do I have the time to be? Yesterday, you went to bed with that Xia Jing, what can I say? Would the objection be effective? Your mom seems to already treat her as the daughter-in-law right? Where do I, a little girl without name or place, come in!” It was fine for me not to ask, now that I did, I got out all of Zhao Yanyan’s suffering, she frowned, and tears were about to come down.

“What do you mean went to bed? I didn’t do anything with Xia Jing!” I quickly explained.

“I can’t control if anything happens, Liu Lei, I’m asking you, if your mom wants you to marry that Xia Jing, will you abandon me? Zhao Yanyan looked at me with a face full of worry.

“Yanyan, don’t think too much, what do you mean marry or not, how old are we!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that, and lightly grabbed hold of Zhao Yanyan’s hands. Did this chick think about too far into the future?

“Heh, don’t touch me! I knew it, you’re too scared to answer!” Zhao Yanyan flung away my hands, her tears started flowing.

“I-I, Yanyan, I swear that if I can only marry one wife, then that person can only be you!” I quickly swore, but I still played a little technique, this means that aside from Zhao Yanyan, I could still marry others.

Zhao Yanyan turned from her tears into laughter, and asked with a blushed face, “Really?”

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I quickly replied, “Yes! Of course it’s true!”

Zhao Yanyan glared at me and continued, “Don’t think I didn’t hear the other meaning in your vow, I don’t care how many girlfriends you find, but your legal wife must be me in the future!”

I kept sweating, Zhao Yanyan was really intelligent, I couldn’t hide anything from her.

I grabbed hold of her hands once more, and said passionately, “Yanyan, I will definitely marry you in the future! This is my wish for this life.”

Zhao Yanyan closed her eyes in happiness after that, and kept on nodding. After a while, she said softly, “Xia Jing, Ye Xiaoxiao, I’ll let you guys be proud for a few years, after a few years when my breasts have grown, let’s see if you still dare to compete with me.”

She was still jealous! However what Zhao Yanyan said was true, after a few years, her breasts definitely surpass Ye Xiaoxiao’s, I witnessed this process in person in my previous life.

Seeing I that I was spacing out like an idiot, Zhao Yanyan found it funny and said, “I was kidding with you. If you really can’t hold it, then tonight make Xia Jing…”

I was even more dumbfounded after she said that, there are women that encourage their own husband to mount another woman? This was too unbelievable.

“But how could Xia Jing agree, it’s just wishful thinking from us,” I said regretfully. After stimulating by Zhao Yanyan, I thought back to the ambiguous position that Xia Jing and I were in this morning.

“Heh! Look at you expression right now. Why do I feel like you are still trying to get more even after getting an advantage?” Zhao Yanyan glared at me, I immediately felt a sense of coldness.

“How could I…” I laughed.

“Okay now, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking! I’ll help you once, I think there’s eighty percent chance that Xia Jing likes you!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“How do you know?” I asked curiously.

“A woman’s intuition! After hearing you tell me about her weird reactions after you saved her, I knew that she must have fallen for you. What does it show when a girl older than you by several years call you Da Gege? Heh! But I feel like she feels contradicted, she wants something to happen with you, yet was worried about something,” Zhao Yanyan frowned and said, she didn’t forget to express a little dissatisfaction in her tone.

I really didn’t know if I should feel lucky that I found a woman like Zhao Yanyan, this chick seems to let things go my way as much as possible, as if she was a different person from that ice-cold beauty in my previous life. I’m not disregarding the possibility that my rebirth has caused her personality to change, Guo Qing was an example. But isn’t this change a little bit too much?

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaoxiao limped into the classroom. What happened to her? Wasn’t she fine in the morning, how did she turn disabled in a moment’s notice?

“What did you do to her in the morning?” Zhao Yanyan looked at me as if she’s smiling, yet at the same not as if she’s not smiling, there was an emotion that can’t be put to words in the expression.

“She wasn’t like this when I left!” I looked at Zhao Yanyan’s eyes, and immediately understood, she can’t possibly think that this is the sequel of Ye Xiaoxiao’s first time.

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This misunderstanding is too much! If I really did something beastlike, but I really didn’t do anything? Isn’t this framing me? I was really scared that Zhao Yanyan would get angry, and quickly tried to explain myself, “What are you thinking!”

Zhao Yanyan pouted, “What are you angry for, it’s just like you’re hiding something. If you did it, then you did it, I can’t say anything.”

Ai! It looks like the more I touch the darker I got⌈1⌋. I still wanted to say something, but I didn’t think that Ye Xiaoxiao was actually coincidentally glaring at me, Zhao Yanyan saw all this, a smirk could be seen as the corner of her mouth, as if she was saying: You can’t say anything now right.

About this, I really am innocent, but how was I supposed to defend myself? It looks like the more I explain, the less Zhao Yanyan believed, I could only suck it up this time.


  1. It’s a proverb that means, the more you try to explain your way out of something, the more it seems like the thing you’re just trying to justify things 

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