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Chapter 45 – Changed so Quickly

The sunlight of early morning poured into the room through the windows.

When I woke up, I noticed that the position Xia Jing and I were in were extremely ambiguous. Originally we each slept on one side of the bed, respecting each other and never crossing the line.

However Xia Jing was actually clinging onto me like an octopus. The worst thing was that this little beauty was naked, the peaks on her chest were touching my body.

I couldn’t help but move my gaze down, thank god I wasn’t a virgin that haven’t done anything, or else I would instantly have a nosebleed!

I restrained my impulsions, and moved my gaze to the side, but, I could feel that, a certain part of my body have already sinfully raised up, at that moment, the little fellow was closely poking at Xia Jing’s stomach.

I wanted to roll around, but Xia Jing woke up. I couldn’t help it, and could only continue in this position and asked awkwardly, “You woke up?”

Xia Jing blurrily opened her eyes, there was still a sliver of saliva at the corner of her mouth, and said unclearly, “Da Gege, what are you poking me with, it’s so hard. “Saying that she reached over to grab it.

I just wanted to stop her, but Xia Jing’s hands were already gripping it… This really made me sweat, this was way too quick right?

Ya!” Xia Jing exclaimed, and immediately sat up, her sleepiness instantly disappear, and shouted loudly, “Pervert!”

I quickly jumped up and covered Xia Jing’s mouth, I didn’t want my mom to hear the shouting in here.

“Don’t shout! It was you who clung onto me like a squid, and now you’re calling me a blackguard…” My gaze looked around, and actually noticed that Xia Jing was completely butt-naked, there was nothing covering her chest, the shuddering whiteness made my gaze stop on it, unable to move away.

Hearing me say that, Xia Jing embarrassedly dipped her head, and noticed I was gazing at her chest without moving, since her mouth was still covered my me, she couldn’t even scream even if she was shy, and so desperately bit down on my hand.

“Ah!” It was my turn to scream. The moment screamed, Xia Jing immediately stopped biting, and asked with me with a caring gaze, “Da Gege, I didn’t hurt you right? I didn’t do it on purpose.”

I looked at the row of teeth marks on my hand, and said in an annoyed tone, “You’ll know if it hurts or not if you bit yourself once!”

Getting messed around with her like this, the desires in my body also disappeared. Looking at the little fellow with his head down, I was a bit speechless, if I become impotent in the future, I’ll definitely find you.

“So petty! Then I’ll let you bite me once!” Xia Jing reached over her hand in front of me and said like she was wronged.

Ai, it’s this pitiful gaze again, my heart immediately softened. Ugh, if I get impotent, then impotent it is.

“Never mind! How can I get angry! If you don’t want me to do anything that crosses the line, then don’t sleep with me together tonight,” I said helplessly.

After hearing that, Xia Jing’s expression was really weird, like a little fox that stole a grape. Her face was as red as the sun.

I got dressed really quickly, and ran towards the bathroom. I didn’t have time to mess around with her, I still had to check if my little fellow could still be used.

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In the bathroom, I begun to remember the **** I have watched in my previous life, hoping that my little bro could harden quickly, but it had no reaction. This damn child, he can’t actually have some issues right.

“Leilei, open the door quickly! What are you doing? Xia Jing still has to go to the bathroom!” My mom’s voice sounded out form outside the bathroom.

I lifted up my trousers, opened the bathroom door, and stared at Xia Jing, who was standing at the door with a smirk on her face. I felt like I had been too kind, if I knew this would happen why did my hand stay so still, I should have directly let something happen. Just great now, it was already of a concern if I still have that function.

On the way to school, I was listless the entire way, I can’t be that lucky right? I just returned to 1994, and didn’t get a laugh for so long, a problem occurred in my body, what am I going to do from now on?

“Hubby, what happened?” Seeing that I had a face full of worries, Zhao Yanyan’s clearly became unhappy.

“Ai!” I didn’t know how to explain it to her, was I supposed to say that I can’t ever do that with her anymore? I felt helpless just thinking about this issue, damn Xia Jing.

“Hubby, if there’s any problems then speak it out, Yanyan will share it with you,” Zhao Yanyan said caringly.

This really was pretty bad, I really was embarrassed to say it out. In the end, it is due to my lecherousness that caused this effect. I still decided to come clean to Zhao Yanyan in the end, since I didn’t want to lie to the person I love most.

Thus, I told her everything from how I acted as the hero, to how my mom admitted her as her goddaughter as well as how I slept on the same bed with her, without hiding anything. When I said I was scared impotent, Zhao Yanyan actually started laughing out loud.

“Damn chick, why are you laughing and not crying?” I said angrily.

“Haha! I was wondering what it was! So it’s this! Haha, I’m laughing to death,” Zhao Yanyan laughed unrestrainedly lying on the table, like a peacock with its tail open.

I angrily clenched my teeth and turned away. Just as I turned around, I felt a little hand climb onto my jeans, and quietly pulled open the zip on it.

“What are you going?” This is the classroom, this chick is way too daring.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yanyan laughed. “I’ll help you see if it still works.” With that, Zhao Yanyan’s icy hands slithered in.

“Isn’t this working?” Zhao Yanyan giggled and looked at me.

“Okay, let go since it’s working. There are so many people in the classroom,” I freaked out, I didn’t think Zhao Yanyan was so daring, and hurriedly made her take her hands away, and looked around nervously, and only after noticing no one was looking this way, I let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily Zhao Yanyan and my seat were closer to the back, or else, if we were seen, we wouldn’t need to even mention the awkwardness.
However, now that I think about, since Zhao Yanyan wasn’t scared, what was I, a man, scared of? But I felt that since Zhao Yanyan was even more daring than I was, I didn’t dare to mess with her, and could only take her attention away.

“Didn’t you get angry after hearing about Xia Jing?” I could only change the topic. Yet I immediately regretted it after saying it, why was I such a fool, and even managed to ask such a retarded question.

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However after I heard Zhao Yanyan’s reply, I was completely mind blown.

Zhao Yanyan said, “What use is getting angry, the moment you mention her, your eyes are full of lewdness. You must be interested in her. But if hubby you really like her, then do her too ——“

Although Zhao Yanyan didn’t say the last few words, but even idiots would understand what she was saying. But I really didn’t understand, why wasn’t Zhao Yanyan even have a tiny bit of anger?

“You really think so?” I asked weirdly.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t say anything, just bit her lips and stayed silent for a while, finally she said slowly, “Liu Lei, I don’t care if you find Xia Jing or not, but you can’t not want me in the future.”

I looked at Zhao Yanyan with deep passion, this girl that deeply loves me, that would give me surprises all the time without asking for anything in return. I said seriously to her, “Yanyan, don’t worry, I will love you for a lifetime”

“Heh! How many days have it been, you’ve already changed your mind!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me dissatisfied.

What happened? Just now she was acting as tender as water, now in the blink of an eye ——, Ai, women really change quickly than pages are flipped!
Seeing I look at her dumbfounded, Zhao Yanyan actually started laughing, “Last time you said you will love me for two lifetimes!”


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