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Chapter 44 – Spring Roll

I put all the planning forms on the table into my drawer, and looked at my watch, it was already twelve.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet? “I looked at Xia Jing, who was spacing out while sitting on the side of the bed, and asked.

Xia Jing hung her head, her face was so red that water was about to come out. After a while, she replied softly, “Go out first, I’m going to take off my clothes.”

“Aren’t you going to sleep in the same bed with me? You’re scared of letting me see?” I asked.

“Even —— Even so you can’t, just go out first, come back in when I got onto the bed,” Xia Jing pushed me out of the door.

Ai, what’s with this woman! She’s sleeping with me, yet she’s still scared of people seeing her strip. I walked reluctantly out of my room, it would be good if there’s a hole on my door.

After a while, Xia Jing shouted from inside, “It’s okay now, you can come in.”

I pushed open the room door excitedly, and ran straight to my bed. Yi? What’s that position? She actually wrapped herself up with the blanket, just like a huge spring roll.

“You can’t be going to sleep like that right?” I asked without giving up. If it really is true, then there’s no meaning of her stripping or not.

“Of course! Although I know you’re a good person, but you see, you’re still lecherous, for my safety it is better if I wrap myself up,” Xia Jing replied craftily.

“****! If you’re scared of it being unsafe, then don’t sleep on the same bed as me! What are you doing!” I shouted angrily. I felt like I was being played with.

“But-but I still hope that you can protect me from the side!” Xia Jing said sadly.

“Completely not understandable,” I turned off the lights angrily, and swiftly took off all my clothes, when I only had a pair of underwear left, I still took it off while clenching my teeth. I climbed onto the bed, and pulled over another blanket to cover me, turned my back towards Xia Jing’s direction, and didn’t talk to her.

Yet I couldn’t sleep no matter what, instead I got more and more energized. Xia Jing’s happy expression and her voluptuous body swirled around in my mind, I really wanted to forcefully take her blanket off, and see what those huge breasts feel like.

Just as my mind was wandering, a sound rang out form behind me, “Da Gege, are you angry?”

So the little beauty Xia Jing didn’t sleep yet either, I thought she fell asleep ages ago.

“No!” I replied coldly, “Also, don’t call me Da Gege, I’m not as old as you!”

“What! Da Gege, you’re definitely angry, did I make you unhappy by wrapping myself up?” Xia Jing asked in a wronged tone.

“Why are you still asking, even thought I already told you I’m not!” I said impatiently.

“You are!” Xia Jing argued.

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I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t be bothered to fight over this pointless issue with her. Instead asked if I was too perverted? I already had Zhao Yanyan, but was still interested in Xia Jing’s huge breasts. Ai, where did my faithfulness in love from my previous life go, it’s been an utter failure in this life, I’m a huge pervert.

After a while, seeing I wasn’t talking to her, Xia Jing said softly, “Da Gege, I’m scared, can you turn around?”

“I have bad intentions, continue being your spring roll,” I was still annoyed at her method.

“Ai!” Xia Jing sighed, and said coyly, “How about I open the blanket, but you can’t do that to me!”

Suddenly, I felt like I was truly a *******. It was very normal for the girl to wrap herself up, what was I angry for, were they born so you could touch them? I laughed wryly, then shook my had, and turned around. I just wanted to apologize to Xia Jing, I didn’t expect Xia Jing really opened he blanket that was wrapped around her body. Under the moonlight, I could see the embarrassment on Xia Jing’s face.

“Da Gege, is okay now right,” Xia Jing said softly.

“Go to sleep, just now it was Da Gege’s mistake, Da Gege did have ill intentions,” I said shamefully. I was messing around with a seventeen or eighteen years old girl even though I’m already thirty.

“I believe Da Gege,” Xia Jing smiled and said. Then suddenly continued shyly, “Actually, even if, even if Da Gege really wanted to do anything to me, I wouldn’t blame you…”

Could this count as a hint? It can’t be? Why is the heavens favoring me so?

However I didn’t do anything in the end, since my image as the Da Gege was still rather positive. I couldn’t bare to leave any traumas in the little greenhouse flower’s heart.

Thinking to that point, the desires in my heart also calmed down quite a lot, I gradually fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night once to go to the bathroom. When I came back, I found that Xia Jing kicked away the blanket covering her, the whiteness in front of her chest appeared unrestrained before me.

This —— I didn’t know what to do, you were the one who seduced me, it’s not my problem right? Thus, my hand subconsciously wanted to reach over…

Suddenly Xia Jing shouted, “Da Gege, don’t leave me! Don’t send me home! I won’t cover myself like a spring roll anymore…”

I was shocked, and immediately retracted my hands. After looking at Xia Jing for a while, and realized her eyes were shut, and her breathing was calm. So the little beauty was sleep talking!

I reached my hand over again, Xia Jing spoke again, “ Da Gege, I opened the blanket already, you can do whatever you want to me, just don’t throw me away!”

I looked at my hand that was hanging in midair, and finally gave up. Hearing Xia Jing’s poor sleep talk, I felt like if I really did something while she was sleep, then that would be too contemptible.

The entire night, Xia Jing and I didn’t have any contact between our bodies, although I wanted to, every time I saw Xia Jing’s smiling face, I couldn’t bare to reach out the sinful hand.

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Ai, it’s so hard being a good person, I kept on restraining myself, I felt like I nearly turned into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.⌈1⌋ It can’t carry on like that, staying at my home for one or two days was fine, but if it goes on for a long time, then what?

Although it felt great with a little beauty around, but I could only look and not touch, and couldn’t have any bad thoughts, that would be too difficult.

It looks like I have to find a time to have a chat with Xia Jing, continuing on like this really won’t do, if she really stays, then sleeping on separate beds would be better, or else I won’t even be able o sleep well. If I continue suffering like this everyday, I’ll definitely breakdown.

Even if I’m a good person, I will be tortured into a pervert with ill intentions.

Thinking about these random crap, I gradually became more sleep, and fell asleep, however, subconsciously, I still tried to control myself, and didn’t allow my hands to go over to Xia Jing.

Does this count as finding suffering for myself?


  1. The raws has 忍 which means restrain/hold back. It is the same character as the first character of TMNT (忍者神龟) 

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