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Chapter 46 – Just you wait

The class bell rang, Ye Xiaoxiao walked into the classroom full of happiness.

What happened to this little woman? She can’t possibly have gotten a boyfriend right? I remember Zhao Yanyan also had this expression when she just agreed to go out with me. Thinking to this point, my heart tensed.

Did she get a boyfriend? A terrible thought flashed across my mind. However I never heard about it in my previous life?

Which turtle took my first, Zhao Yanyan is someone that moved my heart after I got reborn.

Ye Xiaoxiao’s following words made me completely relax. Ye Xiaoxiao said, “The test results of this mid term exam came out, I’m really happy. The first and second place of the year are both in our class.” Saying this, Ye Xiaoxiao deliberately paused, the entire class looked up, and started talking among each other about who had this honor.

“Zhao Yanyan,” Ye Xiaoxiao said. “Your total score for all five subjects is 460, you got second place in the entire year.

After hearing that, Zhao Yanyan didn’t show any joy or unhappiness, as if nothing happened. She was worried about my result, I had promise Zhao Junsheng on Zhao Yanyan’s home’s dinner table that I would surprise everyone in the mid terms.

Zhao Yanyan scanned over the classmates in the classroom, and finally stopped her gaze on me. I just had a face of smile, but don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t happy about Zhao Yanyan getting second place in the year, it was because I was sure that Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t find a boyfriend.

Seeing my expression, Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me unhappily and said, “ Liu Lei, your total score is 493.”

I was a bit speechless, I did bring light to your face by getting first place, yet you didn’t even say what place I got. Although even idiots could tell that I was first place, but I didn’t feel good about it. Did I mess with her, she was so happy when she entered, but why did she turn ice cold after seeing me.

Hearing that my score was even higher than hers, Zhao Yanyan sat there happily, her mouth nearly turned into a crescent moon.

“Liu Lei, come with me,” As expected, Ye Xiaoxiao is targeting me on purpose! I don’t know how I pissed off this missy.

All of the students thought that Ye Xiaoxiao was going to give me some kind of reward for getting first in the entire year. Guo Qing also turned around and said in envy, “Boss, you’re really awesome this time.”

I laughed wryly, I still don’t know what’s going to happen with Ye Xiaoxiao’s expression? I stood up helplessly, and followed Ye Xiaoxiao out of the classroom.

“Liu Lei, you really did it!” Before reaching the office, Ye Xiaoxiao started.

I know that Ye Xiaoxiao was saying the opposite thing, but I still didn’t know where I pissed off this beauty teacher. Before knowing the truth, it was better to pretend to be confused.

“Puchi!” Having hearing that, Ye Xiaoxiao got so angry that she laughed, although she wanted to continue to stay pissed, but the serious atmosphere was destroyed by what I had said. She said annoyingly, “Not even able to tell the difference between commendatory terms and derogatory terms, I don’t even know how you got your grades.”

“If I could tell the difference between them I would have gotten 500 marks,” I knew that I must have lost marks in Chinese.

“How did you know you got 100 marks in everything except Chinese?” Ye Xiaoxiao said weirdly.

“I don’t know, but you told me, so I know,” I said.

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“You!” Ye Xiaoxiao was so angry that her face was pale. She didn’t understand, why did this student of hers always say stuff that doesn’t suit his age? The chats with him completely didn’t seem one between teacher and student, rather it seemed like communication with another person of the same age, or even a person that was even more mature than herself.

Ye Xiaoxiao opened the office door, and said, “Go in first!”

I waddled into the office, and seeing that there was no one inside, I sat right down on Ye Xiaoxiao’s chair.

“You ——! Liu Lei, why are you sitting on my seat?” Ye Xiaoxiao pointed at me and shouted.

“Why can’t I sit here?” I said as if I was laughing, and yet not laughing.

Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me, and didn’t argue, and got a chair from another desk and sat beside me.

“Liu Lei, do you have any issues recently?” After a while, Ye Xiaoxiao calmed down a bit and asked.

Issues? It can’t be? She could tell that I had issues? It gave me a headache just speaking about this issue, how did I pick up a spring roll from the streets, and now it’s even stuck onto me.

“I… What issues could I have,” I have a secret, so what I said didn’t link up.

“Ai!” Ye Xiaoxiao sighed, “I know you ——“

What does she know? Why didn’t she say anything? Did she want me to die in anxiety? I anxiously looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, the little beauty was actually blushing.

“Liu Lei, at your age, having feelings towards the opposite sex… Including the teacher is actually rather normal,” After a long while, Ye Xiaoxiao forced it out a blushing a long time.

I kept sweating, did Ye Xiaoxiao notice my feelings towards her? No, I just occasionally fantasize a bit, how was it possible for her to know?

I pretended to be calm, “Ye-laoshi, what do you mean by that?”

“Liu Lei, did you already forget what you wrote?” Ye Xiaoxiao decided to calm down now that the bubble has ben popped, and didn’t have the shyness from before.

What I wrote? What did I write? Why am I getting more confused the more I listen?

Ye Xiaoxiao thought I was pretending to be confused, and snorted, then took out a test paper and threw it in front of my face, “Look at the composition you wrote.”

I looked at the test paper in front of me, and finally remembered the English composition I wrote during the test. I was just messing with her, she can’t have misunderstood right?

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“Liu Lei, you are in puberty, it is very normal if you have interest in the opposite sex, including towards laoshi, but laoshi will tell you that your thoughts are very immature, your primary mission is ——“ Ye Xiaoxiao continued to talk about the disadvantages of puppy love and interest in a teacher without stopping.

“Stop!” I shouted, “ I think Ye-laoshi misunderstood, it’s you who told me that we are good friends!”

“Good friends yes! But what do you mean by this sentence? What do you mean by you like me, and I also like you?” Ye Xiaoxiao pointed to the sentence at the bottom of the test paper.

“Please! Ye-laoshi, you can’t be unable to differentiate between “like” and “love” right?” It seems like she shouldn’t make this type of low level mistakes, unless… Thinking to this point, I shook my head, as a child younger than Ye Xiaoxiao by six years, I should have any murderous abilities towards a twenty something girl right?

“Of course I know the difference! But I think you do mean that!” Ye Xiaoxiao said without reason.

“I ——, ****! Then I’ll admit it, I do like you, I always dream about you, you already became my fantasizing target, what about it? Are you happy now? I’ll leave first if there’s nothing else,” I said annoyingly, and without hearing her reply, I walked out of the office.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at the open office door, and her heart jumped for no reason. She only came back to her senses after a long while, and kicked the desk really hard, and said while clenching her teeth, “Liu Lei, I don’t believe I can’t deal with you! Just wait!”

This student actually dared to say filthy things to her, Ye Xiaoxiao’s face seemed like it started burning.


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