Chapter 43 – Together

“Ai! This child is so pitiful, Old Liu, what do you say?” My mom asked my dad.

“I think we should call the police, we don’t know if this child comes from somewhere bad, what if something happens?” My dad said worriedly.

“What do you mean comes from somewhere bad! Look at how pretty this chick is, I like her from first glance! I’ll make the decision, and let this chick stay in our home!” My mom looked at the little beauty with eyes full of fondness.

“But ——“ My dad still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by my mom.

My mom said quietly, “Don’t but now, look at the chick’s looks, how good would it be to let her be the wife for our family’s Leilei .”

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Although my mom said it in a small voice, the little beauty and I still heard it. The little beauty’s face turned bright red, but why do I feel like she was quite happy? The little beauty can’t have fallen for me right? Hero saves beauty, after that… Gaga, if it’s like that, then letting her stay was a pretty good choice.

“Girly, what’s your name?” My mom walked over, and happily caressed the little beauty’s head.

“Auntie, I’m called Xia Jing,” the little beauty replied.

“Hehe, so cute. Call me Bomu in the future. Let’s go Xia Jing, come to Bomu’s room, and tell me about what happened. Old Liu, just watch TV with Leilei for now,” with that my mom took Xia Jing’s hands and led her into their room.

Sounds of laughter kept coming out of the room, my dad and I could only look at each other.

After a while, Xia Jing ran out, and said to me, “Liu Lei-didi, I’m older than you! Heh, and you dared to proclaim yourself as Da Gege, call Jiejie!”

It looks like my mom must have told Xia Jing my real age. Seriously mom, saying everything, isn’t this cockblocking me?

I glared at Xia Jing, then in a strong tune, “If you think you don’t need me to protect you form now on, then I can call you Jiejie.”

“Mom ——! Look! Didi is bullying me!” Xia Jing suddenly shouted loudly.

Mom? Where is your mom? Both my father and I raised our heads, and looked around.

“Stop looking around, I just admitted Xia Jing as my goddaughter, so I’m naturally her mom,” My mom came out of the room with a happy expression.

I was about to faint, I can’t stay here anymore, if I stay any longer, I’m going to end up running away.

I stood up, and said that I was going to study, and returned to my room.

“Where is Xia Jing going to sleep at night?” My dad asked.

“Let her sleep in the same room as Leilei,” my mom replied.

”That’s not so good right, Xia Jing is a girl,” my dad said.

“Why are your thoughts so complex, they’ll both kids, what do they know! After all, Xia Jing also agreed just now,” my mom glared at my dad.

This idea is great, hehe I like. If I was there, I would definitely be really happy, but right now I was in my room thinking about what happened today, and what I should do in the future.

Now that I have startup funds, which wasn’t a small amount either, what industry should I invest in? Although the “Interim Provisions on Prohibition of Exorbitant Profits” was passed on January 11th 1995 in the country, its effect wasn’t great, industry with exorbitant products still existed even after the year 2000. The industries I can think of right now includes real estate, education, network cafes, domestic appliance production, communication product production and migration consultants. These are all super profitable industries, if I use my all the funds I have to invest into these, then the return would be no less than a hundred times.

Real estate not only required a huge amount of money, but had to work in on both the surface and the underworld, or else problems will occur. From the looks of it, I’ve touched both, yet haven’t touched either.

Education, in other worlds cultural schools like Shao Nian Gong. I had enough money to open a school, but what about fame and teaches?

Network cafes, it required a large investment, although the profits currently would b high, but after a few years network cafes would be everywhere.

Domestic appliance productions, this industry was rather suitable for me, and was slightly related to what I learnt in my previous life.

Communication product production, this industry was pretty similar to domestic appliance productions, and could be done at the same time.

Migration consultant? This was too terrible, for my own name, it’s better to stay away from it. At the end of the day, only real estate and domestic appliance productions was more suitable for me.

As for the computing industry, isn’t Uncle Zhao there? From the looks of it now, TIanheng Computers was essentially mine.

Just as I was thinking, the room to my door was pushed open. I said unhappily, “Did I say that don’t disturb me when I’m studying?” Ever since I had been reborn, because I had a lot of things to hide, so I made my parents promise that they will always knock before entering my room.

“Da Gege, it’s me,” I looked up, and found out that it was actually Xia Jing.

“What did you come here for?” I asked weirdly.

“To sleep with you!” Xia Jing said.

“What?? You’re sleeping with me?” I looked at Xia Jing in disbelief, after a long while, I said with difficulty, “Aren’t you scared me of doing something?”

“I know Da Gege is a good person, you wouldn’t do anything to me. If you wanted, then you would have just now outside ——“ Saying that, Xia Jing’s face suddenly became red, like a little tomato.

I’m a good person? In truth I’m just a pervert. Hehe, sleep with me? Whose idea was it! It’s too amazing!

“There’s just one bed in my room,” I said.

“I know,” Xia Jing said softly with her head down.

“When I sleep I don’t like to wear clothes,” I continued.

“Me… Me too,” Xia Jing said extremely quietly like a mosquito.

“Oh, that’s fine, then let’s sleep,” I said. Suddenly I thought of something, and hurriedly asked, “What? You aren’t going to wear clothes either?”

Xia Jing didn’t say anything, and only lightly nodded with her head down, her head was nearing in her chest.

I took a took breath, my heart was starting to worry. If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would be infinitely welcome for Xia Jing to sleep with me, and I wouldn’t mind anything beyond friendship that happens between her and me, but the main problem is, I have Zhao Yanyan already, why was Xia Jing coming in to join in the fun?

Isn’t this troubling me? If I said that I had no thoughts about Xia Jing, that would be a lie. A beauty that didn’t lose out to Zhao Yanyan at all was standing in front of me, and her body was also more mature than Zhao Yanyan, if my heart didn’t waver, then I would have some physical or mental issues.

However now… I really didn’t know what to do, I took a deep breath, and felt helpless.

Never mind, I’ll take it a step at a time, I am, after all, someone that has been reborn, how could I be such a *****? I’ll find a chance to confess to Zhao Yanyan, I’ll let her kill or skin me.

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