Chapter 42 – Da Gege

“I —— Err, thank you just now,” the beauty returned to her senses after my call.

“Oh, I’m actually a delinquent too, it’s just that I temporarily changed my mind,” I said.

“Hehe, I know you’re a good guy,” The beauty looked at with thankfulness in her eyes.

The moment her and my gaze met, I immediately shuddered, and immediately looked elsewhere. This beauty’s gaze was so alluring, just looking at it caused some biological reaction for me, no wonder so many bad people have unhealthy thoughts about her.

“What are you doing so late at night? Don’t you know that there are that many bad guys nowadays?” I scolded her. Who knows what her parents are doing, but if I have a daughter that was like flowers and jade, I would definitely not let her come out to wander around at night.

“It’s —— It’s my first time traveling, I got lost the moment I got off the car,” The beauty said shyly.

“Oh, is that so. Then tell me your family member’s phone number, I’ll contact them for you,” Since it’s a foreign tourist, I’ll show off Songjiang’s good citizen image.

“I —— I don’t have a home!” The little beauty bit her lips and forcefully said.

“No home? You’re an orphan?” I asked weirdly. I didn’t believe that this little beauty could survive alone till now, and wasn’t ***** by sex maniacs then murdered.

“My daddy and mommy don’t want me anymore!” As the little beauty said this, she sounded like she was choking.

Ai! I sighed. So she’s an abandoned child, I really don’t know what her parents were thinking, this excellent daughter can be sold for a really high price even if she was sold to rural mountains! No, what? How can I think like this, I am a good citizen.

So I said, “Xiao Meimei, what are you going to do form now on? How about I take you to the police station?”

It seems like this little beauty is older than me, but never mind, nobody made me the beauty-saving hero. I can’t say to her: Da Jiejie——. How much face will I lose. Furthermore I’m so handsome and buff, as long as I don’t say anything, who would know that I’m 16?

“Da Gege (My evil plan worked out as expected), don’t take me to the police station, they’ll send me back to daddy and mommy’s side!” The little beauty tugged on my sleeve with coquetry.

Ai, I can’t take it. This voice, is essentially a little kistune. However hearing what she said, it seems like it isn’t her parents that don’t want her right?

“Actually-actually, I ran away from home!” The little beauty saw through my suspicion, and finally said the truth.

“Ai, in my opinion, Xiao Meimei. This is your wrong, think about it, running away from home like this, how worried would your mommy and daddy be? Listen to Da Gege, let’s go to the police station!” If such a beautiful flower wasn’t sent back to the greenhouse, I couldn’t be sure if anything would happen.

“I’m begging you, Da Gege. Don’t send me back! I don’t want to return to that home! Daddy and mommy doesn’t love me anymore, they just socialize themselves, and don’t care about my stuff. They —— I just don’t want to go back! Da Gege, I really had enough!” Saying that, the beauty’s eyes got wet. Tears poured down without stopping.

I immediately found a handkerchief from my pocket, and dabbed away the tears on her face. Ai. Zhao Yanyan gave it to me, and I was actually using it to wipe tears for another girl.

“Okay okay, don’t cry. I won’t send you to the police station okay!” I comforted the little beauty, I didn’t think that she would have so much issues despite being so young. Did I have a rebellious attitude when I was her age?

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“Really?” The little beauty asked happily.

“Of course it’s real. Da Gege never lie,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. At the same time I thought, lying is what I’m best at.

“Da Gege is amazing!” the little beauty immediately stopped crying and turned to laughter. She suddenly turned around and kissed me softly on my cheek.

My first reaction was, crap! What problem is this? My poor cheeks, it must be covered with snot and tears now!

“Okay, I promised not to send you to the police station, you can leave now. I’m going home,” It’s already ten o’clock after messing around like this, I think my mom will go berserk if I don’t go back now.

“Ah? Da Gege, you’re just going to leave me here?” the little beauty pouted.

“Then what am I supposed to do? You don’t want to go to the police station either!” I had to leave quickly, if I don’t go back now, my mom would also go to the police station.

“What if I meet another bad guy?” Helplessness flashed cross the little beauty’s eye as she looked at me.

“——“ I really can’t take it, she’s using this again. Look at her, I’m having a reaction down there again.

“Then what do you want to do?” I said helplessly.

“I want to follow Da Gege, then Da Gege can protect me!” The little beauty blinked as showed an expression as if her ploy succeeded.

God! She definitely had a premeditation, and finally tricked me into it after so long. Bring her home, I was naturally happy about it. I’ll feel good just bring home such a little beauty to look at. But what about my parents? Was I supposed to tell them I picked her up off the streets?

Seeing the hesitant expression on my face which looked trouble, she said pitifully, “Da Gege if it’ll trouble you then never mind, let me fend for myself in this wilderness.”

——, although I knew this girl was bullshitting, what wilderness, this is the city! Fend for herself? Die by herself was a true possibility⌈1⌋, let’s see her survive by herself? However, I could not help but feel pity for her, I sighed, “Okay, I’ll bring you back. But let’s say it now, just for a night, after tonight I’ll help you find another place to live.”

The little beauty cheered and kissed me again. Why was she so willing to kiss others? Wasn’t she taught that man and woman shouldn’t be so intimate?
I got a cab, and let the little beauty get on first, then I told the driver my address. I am a millionaire now, I should take a cab and enjoy sometimes.

After I got home, my mom and dad were staring angrily at me in the cloud-filled living room, they were just about to explode, when they suddenly realized that there was an extra person behind me.

“Hi Uncle, Auntie!” the little beauty said sweetly.

“Who is this?” My mom looked at me weirdly.

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I was just about to explain before the little beauty spoke up first, “Auntie, my parents don’t want me anymore. I was being bullied on the road just now, fortunately Da Gege save me. Auntie, I don’t have a home to return to now, please take me in.”

The moment the little beauty opened her mouth, I looked at her dumbfounded, and felt speechless, this is too…? A natural socializer? This is my home, I haven’t even spoke yet, but she already started talking.

Did she plan to stay in my home for the long term?


  1. Fend for yourself (自生自灭) literally translates to live by yourself, die by yourself. 
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