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Chapter 41 – Hero Saves Beauty

I don’t know why, I felt like my body was unusually powerful after getting reborn, at the start I thought it was the result of my frequent training. However afterwards, I felt like something wasn’t right, I was never as energized as now before getting reborn. This feeling became more and more obvious after returning from Yanjing, I felt like my body held energy that never ran out. I should ask old bro Yama another day to explain what exactly is going on with me to me.

“Help ——“ A female voice asking for help sounded out from faraway, it sounded really good. I couldn’t help but stop and looked around.

“Shout? Continue to shout! Even if you shout until your throat breaks nobody will save you!” A coarse voice rang out.

Ai, I swore in my heart, what kind of education does this criminal have, can’t you use some new words.

As expected, that voice stopped asking for help, and changed to a scared tone, “Wh-what do you guys want?”

You guys? There are accomplices?

“What do we want? Birdie, have some fun with me,” It was a sissy-like voice this time.

****, isn’t this so unprofessional? Wanting to be delinquents just because of their loud? They have no future!

“Ahh! Let go! If you don’t, I’ll fight you!” the woman shouted.

“Fight? Good! I, grandpa, is waiting!” the course voice responded.

Ai~ Today I was pretty happy, let me act as a hero and save… Wait, I have to see if it’s a beauty first, if I save a tigress that is hell bent on repaying me with her body then I’ll be screwed.

I followed the voices quietly and walked over, it was actually a small alleyway by the road.

Two people with contrasting physiques had their backs turned to me, a fat and a thin. Why did their backs look so familiar? They can’t be the fat and thin Buddhist monks from The Deer and The Cauldron right? I hurriedly glanced around, and made sure that no one was holding a camera.

Under the moonlight, I could clearly see the young woman that was being robbed by the two people, she was about seventeen or eighteen of age, with a refreshing look. Her development was good~ It should be said that its super good, a pair of large breasts was bulging out, almost bursting out of her shirt. His grandma, I swallowed my saliva, going out in the middle of the night with a body like that, if I was a delinquent I would **** you too.

The girl’s face was pretty good, an oval face, thin eyebrows, her clear eyes had hints of anxiousness and fear, but had a beauty that was hard to describe, that made people want to spoil her. Damn, she’s a beauty~ How can I let these two monks ruin her, if she has to be mounted, it should be by me!

How did the song go, roar when unfairness is see, make a move when the time is right. I sneakily went over and tapped the thin monk’s, in other words the sissy-sounding one’s, shoulder.

“****, ghosts!” The thin monk had his ***** in his brain, and now that his back was suddenly tapped, he freaked out.

“Shout you mom!” The fat monk turned around unhappily, and suddenly saw me who was behind him, and said surprisingly, “Who-Who are you?”

“Two bros, nice interest tonight,” I said with a smile.

“**** you scared me to death! Who are you? It’s none of your business here, **** of!” The short monk said to me.

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“Help!” Seeing that I have come, the girl started screaming crazily.

“Don’t be so loud for now!” I glared at the girl in dissatisfaction. Then said to the fat monk, “Do you even know how to be delinquents? Why are you so farmer?”

“Ai? How’d ya know that us bros are farmers?” The short monk replied.

“Shut up, what the **** are you saying to him!” The monk on the side immediately stopped the short monks, then turned to me and said, “What ******* business is it of yours if the two of us are farmers or not?”

Ai! This intelligence, I’m speechless! I said gloomily, “Come, let me show the two of you how to be delinquents!”

The two people and the beauty just now looked at me dumbfounded, the girl’s expression was beyond depressing, she thought she was about to leave the tiger’s mouth, instead another delinquent came. The girl sighed, it looks like her pure body was destined to be ruined here today.

I turned around, fermented my wished for a while, and even thought about Ye Xiaoxiao’s large breasts, and finally managed to force out a face of lewd smile, and walked up to the beauty.

“Are you ready?” I suddenly thought of a quote in the play “Mai Guai”, so I said it out.

The thin monk exclaimed, “****, old bro look! That’s skill, asking them if they’re ready before raping them.”

The fat monk also agreed, “Yeah! City people really are more educated, so ******* polite!”

“Okay, I’m about to start. You have the right to resist, but your resistance will only excite me more!” I reached my hands towards the beauty’s chest, and the moment I was about to touch it, I retracted my hands.

To be honest, I didn’t want to retract it, but it can’t be helped, I’m playing the hero right now, and not a pervert, I have to think about it from another point of view. If I really touched it, wouldn’t I be the same as the two monks? So I can’t do this.

“Okay, demonstration over,” I said to the monks. “The two of you can **** off now.”

“Boss, you really are an amazing delinquent! How about you mount first? After eating, you do need to leave some for the bros!” the short monk said.

“Whose a delinquent? I wanted to act as the hero and save the beauty form the start, and seeing that the two of you are so unprofessional, I generously demonstrated a bit for you guys,” I got angry. They actually gave me a cap that said delinquent.

“Laoer, this brat was messing with us! Beat him up!” then they rushed up to hit me.

Ai! The fat and thin monks have really been treating themselves as the fat and thin monks, flashing this sort of kungfu in front of me. I was a sanda champion in my previous life, and I got even stronger in this one, I really didn’t want to increase the burdens of the white clothed angels.

“Wait!” I quickly shouted, and made a stop sign with my hands.

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“What? Scared? If you’re scared then scram!” the thin monk shouted.

“I just wanted to ask if you brought any medical fees on you? If I made the two of you disabled, and you didn’t have any money to see the doctor, and thus delayed the illness, I’ll feel bad!” I said kindly.

“Hahahahahaha!” The fat and thin monks laughed together cockily.

I really didn’t want to waste any more breathes with them, I said everything that needs to be said, it’s not my problem if they died now. I sent the fat monk flying with a kick, and he smashed onto the thin monk with a “Hong” sound. The sound of bones cracking was heard, certain bones of thin monk probably got crashed by his big bro.

I went over to check their breath, they were still breathing, the two of them only fainted. It looks like it is unlikely for the two of them to wake up again once more, two brand new vegetables have just been born.

“Ai, okay, beauty, why are you still standing there like an idiot? You can’t be wanting to stay there until the next group of delinquents come right? I said to the dumbstruck girl.


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