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Chapter 282 – The Night Before the National Matriculation Exams

Su Yingzi’s career improved daily, so if I forcefully made her quit the entertainment circle now, that seemed rather unreasonable. Yet, once I think about my woman getting fantasized by countless men every day, I felt really uncomfortable, god knows how many men did lowly things towards Su Yingzi’s poster.

Therefore, I gave Su Yingzi a target, which was to quit in three years. That does count as her having gotten a huge achievement.

As for my baby engagement, ever since I returned, we lost contact with He Xiyuan’s family. My dad did send someone to Yanhe Village later on, and asked around, only to find out that He Xiyuan’s family moved away! Perhaps they didn’t want to cause trouble for our family, or perhaps they just wanted to leave this place with depressing memories.

My father also felt terrible, since he did lose a sworn brother from back in the day.

Ever since the mission, Du Xiaowei remained at my side, and wouldn’t even leave when I tried to force him. However, this guy did understand the situation pretty well, he never disturbed my normal life, and would even act as a driver for me when I went out. I found it rather enjoyable, since having such a lackey didn’t feel terrible. Sometimes when I got in a good mood, I would teach him a few moves, and this brat would get extremely happy.

My life became peaceful, and during a peaceful life, people would subconsciously think of somethigns in the past. Aside from my few wifeys, what I thought of most was the little chick Xia Jing. Nearly three years past in the blink of an eye, Xia Jing never appeared in my sights again.

In my mind, the scenes of Xia Jing and I rubbing together that night would often appear… There was also the scene of this chick telling me to wait for her to find me with resolute eyes. I don’t know why she was so unforgettable towards me, did I really like this chick?

Thinking that, I couldn’t help but laugh wryly. Perhaps I really was too fickly in love, I actually left so many relationship debts behind. Xu Ruoyun, Ye Xiaoxiao and a Xia Jing, how was I supposed to repay them all!

Thinking back to all that has happened since I was reborn, it really was like a dream. What I couldn’t get before, I got everything now. Not only did I gain Zhao Yanyan’s love, I even become the chairman behind the scene for the world’s largest company.

Since my life has gotten to this point, I could consider it as having no regrets. Although there were some issues that haven’t been resolved, they will be resolved, isn’t that right! A human’s life was long, perhaps after a year, the current issues will no longer be issues.

Thinking that, I smiled, perhaps, my great life has only just begun.

After Chen Weier attended the national matriculation examination, Zhao Yanyan and I also wanted to participate in the national matriculation exams. Although we were only in the first year, but neither Zhao Yanyan or I wanted to stay in school anymore, I had too many things to do, and I really didn’t have too good of an impression of the new class tutor. Zhao Yanyan was also extremely supportive of my decision.

However, Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa, Zhao Limin, did not agree with it after hearing Zhao Yanyan and my plan. Form his perspective, going to university two years earlier wasn’t something good, although I could get in with my real ability, Zhao Yanyan wasn’t reborn, she couldn’t possibly finish the curriculum for the second and third year of high school. Even if she did, without proper training for the questions, entering the national matriculation exam was something difficult.

Actually, with Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa, Zhao Limin’s position, even if Zhao Yanyan couldn’t get into Huaxia University, he could completely use his contacts to send Zhao Yanyan in.

Even if Zhao Limin didn’t come out to help, with Zhao Junsheng’s current social position, it was very easy to let Zhao Yanyan into Huaxia University. Shuguang Corporation had already begun cooperating with Huaxia University, and they prepared to establish shared labs and research bases, so the dean of Huaxia University would definitely welcome Zhao Yanyan going to Huaxia University.

However, Zhao Limin might be able to advance even more before he retires, he was only the governor of a province, he might even be able to get the position of the secretary, so Zhao Limin told us to keep a lower profile, in order to prevent others from getting excuses using these small matters.

Zhao Yanyan and I were still young, and so I also accepted grandpa Zhao’s suggestion, but it really troubled Weier, she had to go between here and there.

However, due to me often needing to do things for Shuguang Corporation, and Su Yingzi always to find me for something, I couldn’t focus on going to school, thus as compensation, grandpa Zhao still got Ye-bobo to help Zhao Yanyan and I defer our studies.

Therefore, Zhao Yanyan and I started living a very enviable life.

In comparison to me who found the high school knowledge a piece of cake since I was reborn, Zhao Yanyan might be smart, but she was rather nervous learning the second and third year courses.

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However, with a teacher like me helping her on the side, Zhao Yanyan improved very quickly, and swiftly understood the knowledge on the second and third year textbooks, then begun to do large amounts of mock exam questions to solidify her knowledge.

Chen Weier had already passed the national matriculation examinations, and successfully got into Huaxia University, she would come back during the holidays and guide Zhao Yanyan and I in our work. Of course, the main target was still Zhao Yanyan, I could even teach Weier about her university course, so what was high school things to me?

Although Chen Weier came back to help Zhao Yanyan work in name, Zhao Yanyan knew, and I also knew the real reason she came to live with us.

At the same time, it wasn’t difficult for Chen Weier and I to get into Huaxia University through contacts. But, getting in through contacts was not as comfortable as getting in by ourselves, no matter what, Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier and I still wanted to test our abilities.

It was fortunate that my parents also accepted her identity, so they didn’t interfere too much with the three of us living together.

In the blink of an eye, it was the night before Zhao Yanyan and my national matriculation examination, I was flipping through the guidance book for the exams in boredom to do some last-minute revision, Zhao Yanyan was also doing the same under Chen Weier’s help, since there were still a lot of key points to keep in mind on the national matriculation examination guidance book.

The phone rang, and I picked up the phone.

“Hey? Hello,” I said politely, those who knew my phone number were just seniors like Zhao Junsheng and Su Yuanchao aside from my parents, so I would always pick up the phone with a good attitude.

“——“ On the other side of the phone was silence, if I didn’t hear faint breathing sounds form the other side, I would even think that my phone broke.

“Hello?” I subconsciously got nervous, I didn’t know why, but I feel like this call definitely wasn’t a prank.

“Liu Lei, it’s me,” Ye Xiaoxiao’s voice came out from the phone.

“Xiaoxiao! It’s you!” hearing YE Xiaoxiao’s voice, I immediately exclaimed. “Where are you? Are you well?”

“You’re going to take your exams tomorrow right, I hope you get good grades,” Ye Xiaoxiao said calmly.

Ye Xiaoxiao also knew that I was going to take my exams? But when I thought about it, I found it rather funny, isn’t it easy to calculate it?

“I will do good,” I hesitated, then still decided to ask. “Where are you?”

“After you go to university, there were be anything stopping us anymore, after I think it through, I will naturally come and find you,” Ye Xiaoxiao’s voice was still so calm, but I could feel a sliver of joy in her voice, and of course, it was accompanied with a faint bit of sadness.

Since Ye Xiaoxiao wasn’t willing to say it, I couldn’t ask anymore, but since she said this, that means that the day her and I met wouldn’t be too far away.

“Alright, be careful, don’t be too harsh on yourself,” I sighed, and said.

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“There’s no need to worry about me, I’m going to hang up now,” Ye Xiaoxiao hung up the phone before I replied.

I looked at the phone in my hand, and shook my head a bit helplessly, but no matter what, this was the best present I got before my exams. Ye Xiaoxiao, who hasn’t contacted me all along, finally called.


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