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Chapter 281 – He’s Also From Our School

“Protection fees? I didn’t? I just took protection fees for a while when I just started taking control of territories, now I listened to you and opened up a few large entertainment places, the main income for the gang is from these businesses, what’s more I have no interest in the tiny bit of money from protection fees,” Guo Qing said.

I opened a car shop with a friend, we just opened today, and three people from the Three Rock Gang came to ask for protection fees. They immediately asked for five hundred thousand, so have a chat with them yourself?” I looked at Erlaizi and said.

“What? ****, these bastards, do they want to die, give your phone to their leader!” Guo Qing said angrily.

I chuck the phone to Erlaizi and looked at him in pity. This brat was probably done for, the underworld’s rules were the strictest! The rules in the military were strict enough, right? But no matter how strict, they can’t kill you right? The underworld was different, if you broke the rules of the gang, even if you don’t die, you’ll lose a layer of skin!

Erlaizi received the phone in confusion, and said very cockily at the start, “Who are you?”

However, once the voice from the phone rang out, Erlaizi’s face immediately turned green!

“Hey, I’m Guo Qing!” Guo Qing only said a sentence, but Erlaizi nearly fell on the floor! Although he didn’t see him in person, how could Erlaizi not be able to identify Guo Qing’s loud vvoice? In the monthly meetings of the Three Rock Gang, Guo Qing often spoke on the podium!

“Reporting to Boss! I follow Chai-ge!” Erlaizi immediately said respectfully.

“Who is Chai-ge?” As expected, Guo Qing didn’t know who this Chai-ge was. However, he didn’t ask in detail, and directly said, “Who told you to take protection fees? Didn’t I say it before! No more taking protection fees!

“Boss, this… this is Chai-ge’s orders… Us underlings don’t dare to ask!” Erlaizi said with a frown.

“Alright, I’ll investigate this, no more taking protection fees, immediately come back to the headquarter now, and come to see me directly in my office!” Guo Qing hung up after saying that.

That Erlaizi immediately went dumb, now Boss Guo was mad, it seems like misfortune was most likely waiting for him! Erlaizi couldn’t help but sigh, being a subordinate was truly hard, they all had to take the blame!

Seeing his depressed look, I thought that he was a bit pitiful, since he is just acting out that Chai-ge’s orders, taking protection fees wasn’t his idea, thus I said, “It’s alright, just speak the truth when you see Guo Qing, I believe he won’t blame it on you! I will just talk to him when I see him!”

Erlaizi also heard the tone I used to speak with Guo Qing just now, and knew that my relationship wasn’t normal. Thus, hearing me say that, he immediately felt happy again and quickly thanked me, “Yes, yes! Thank you, I offended you a lot just now, please don’t tell Boss Guo, I’ll trouble you!” With that, he left with his two subordinates.

“I really couldn’t tell, you actually people from the underworld?” Liu Yue looked at me and said.

“Hehe, their boss actually is also from our school!” I chuckled.

“Ai?” Liu Yue exclaimed. She thought to herself, this Fourth High was truly a place off hidden talents, why didn’t she notice that before?

Time passed by very quickly, it was already July in the blink of an eye! This was also the season that was called Black July by all of the examinees in the entire country! Chen Weier was also one of the money examinees, at this moment, her mood was also not very good, but it was due to it being nearly time for us to part. Chen Weier’s current grades would not cause her any trouble to go to any university in the country, but she still took my advice and applied to Yanjing’s Huaxia University, which was once Zhao Yanyan’s and my Alma Mater.

On the other hand, my suggestion for attending the national matriculation examination was rejected by the class tutor, perhaps it’s due to her not looking at me right. Although I could go past her through other relationships, I didn’t do that. I also thought it through, since I was reborn once, why not enjoy properly! High school life could only be experienced once in a lifetime, since I had one more experience of it than others, I should treasure it even more!

Shuguang Corporation also developed very steadily, the subsidiary corporation has already reached four hundred something companies through acquires and merges. It was involved in all high-tech industries, and was advancing towards heavy manufacturing. Due to Grandpa Zhao, a lot of the documents for heavy manufacturing were gotten really easily! However, this didn’t count as going through the back door, since Shuguang’s power was clear, it became an international company within a year, the country couldn’t even support it enough, naturally Shuguang got the greenlight for everything.

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During September the same year, Shuguang Corporation was launched on the Hong Kong stock market, and it was launched on USA’s Nasdaq the February the following year. Then, it was launched through back door listing in that June.

The subsidiary companies of Shuguang Corporation were involved in industries such as electronics, machinery manufacturing, food, clothes and real estate, and became a true multidimensional corporation.

Of course, only Zhao Junsheng and I knew about the real number, if we added the money from all of the accounts in the Swiss Banks, the leaderboard of the richest person in the world would instantly change.

In the following two years, I didn’t miss a single lesson, and stayed quietly by Zhao Yanyan’s side, going to and leaving school. This was the girl I loved most in my entire life, I full heartedly enjoyed this rare peace, and did not go out to get into more relationships.

With my huge funding, Guo Qing’s Three Rock Gang’s power expanded quickly, and had expanded through the entire Asia. Guo Qing listened to my advice, and hid his illegal forces well, from what other people saw, Guo Qing only led a large scaled entertainment company.

Within the school, I would see Xu Ruoyun sometimes, but the little chick always treated me as thin air, directly ignoring me. Every time this happened, I could only smile wryly. However, the chick’s grades improved immensely, from the original mid-tier to the first five in the year, this was something I didn’t expect.

During the two years, Yu Wingying found me once to accompany her to the car shop, but I refused.

Liu Yue’s car shop also gradually got more powerful, and very quickly became a car shop franchise, since Liu Yue was also going to go to Huaxia University, she also moved the car shop headquarter to Yanjing. During the two years, we only met once, and only contacted by phone all the other- times.

There was no news about Ye Xiaoxiao at all. I didn’t go and find her either. I knew that she was intentionally avoiding me, even if I found her, she would still find ways to avoid me.

On the side of City S, my father-in-law over there wasn’t a nice person from the start, now that he had Shuguang Corporation’s funding and powerful technical support, Feifan Corporation quickly belonged to Su’s Corporation as well. Shugaung Corporation’s spy was plucked out by Zhao Junsheng, and was directly send to the police with the crime of leaking trade secrets. Zhao Junsheng had wanted make an example of him already, and so this guy was very unlucky, causing him to get sentenced to twenty years in jail.


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