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Chapter 280 – Do you think you’re the King of Boxing?

“We’re not going to pay! And I’ll clearly tell you that we won’t pay in the future!” Before Liu Yue said, I immediately shouted.

“Why did you pop out from? We’re talking with Director Liu, do you have any right to speak?” Erlaizi looked at me in contempt and snorted.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I have half of the shares of this car shop, so what I say is the final decision!” I said.

“Oh? The car shop changed owners? But this is good as well, I’ll make it clear to you today! You look like you’re new, right? You don’t know the regulations of running your business here, right? I’m not afraid to tell you that, it isn’t up to you whether you pay the protection fees or not! How about this, it was a hundred thousand per month before, now it enlarged by more than a percent, I’ll give you a whole number, five hundred thousand,” Erlaizi said.

“Five hundred thousand!” Liu Yue exclaimed, that’s a bit too much right.

“Don’t talk about five hundred thousand, I won’t even give five kuai!” I frowned, where did these people come from? I remember telling Guo Qing that if an underground power wanted to survive in the long term without getting eliminated, they have to remember two things, the first is not to oppose the country, the second is not to fight against the people. Only then, can a gang continuously strengthen in the gap of power.

“****! Who do you think you are? And I’m going to tell you, today… No! Now, give me five hundred thousand, or else, don’t blame my brothers for being merciless and trashing your car shop!’ Erlaizi pointed at me and said cockily.

“Then I’ll see how you trash the car shop!” I said coldly.

“Brothers, go!” Erlaizi waved his hand and said.

“Ha!” Hearing his big bro’s orders, the thin dude immediately started dancing! There were very few chances to actually fight recently, and hearing that he could make a move, he excitedly burned his little cosmos as he rubbed his fists and jumped around.

“****! You ******!” Seeing the excited thin dude, Erlaizi swore. “Do you think you’re Tyson, the king of boxing!”

That thin dude was burning his cosmos, and hearing Erlaizi swore, he immediately wanted to prove himself, and rushed over to me with his fists. This guy thought that he was the king of boxing and threw a lightning fast punch. Of course, this was only in his eyes, in my eyes, even a snail was faster than him.

I casually grabbed this ******’s fist, then twisted, causing me to hear a snapping sound. My first reaction as that this brat’s fist is done for, he can’t ever try to be Tyson for the rest of his life.

That thin dude was getting all excited, then he suddenly felt an intense pain from his fist, as if he was no longer his. He immediately blanked on spot, then started screaming after a while. After that, he squatted down on the ground in pain.

Seeing that I didn’t make a move and already took down one, Erlaizi was shocked! However, he didn’t think too much of it, he thought that I just got lucky, and forcefully broke the thin dude’s hand, how was he supposed to know that the bones in the thin dude’s right wrists have been completely shattered already!

As the thin dude’s boss, Erlaizi naturally had to take revenge for him, thus he said to the other rascal, “Go together!”

Hearing the orders, the other rascal immediately took out a knife, and rushed towards me.

“Ah!” Liu Yue exclaimed. That was because the fellow with the dagger rushed at me from behind, if it was anyone else without eyes behind him, he might have already died. Yet, despite not having eyes growing behind me, when the fellow rushed over, my body’s mental powers started warning me.

Hearing Liu Yue’s exclaim, I thought something happened to her, so I, who could have easily dodged, ended up slowing down a bit. The fellow with the dagger pierced at me from behind, there was no helping it, in that kind of urgent situation, I could only grab this fellow’s dagger with my hands.

Using his hand to grab the dagger! From that fellow’s perspective, isn’t he just looking for death! That fellow thought in his heart, aren’t you going to grab the dagger! Then don’t blame me for being merciless! He put more force into his hands and twisted the dagger.

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Ever since practicing the arts that Footy taught me, my body became unusually hard, normal sharp objects would not damage me at all.

The fellow with the dagger waited for the scene of me bleeding, but after a long while, he still didn’t see blood flow from my hands, he got extremely shocked, and quickly pulled his dagger out. That nearly caused his eye balls to pop out, the dagger already turned into a thin noodle!

Erlaizi finally saw that the person in front of him wasn’t someone he could easily piss off, was he still human, he was essentially a monster! He quickly said, “He is kind of tough, retreat quickly!”

“Just wait! Us Three Rock Gang will definitely not let you go!” Erlaizi said fiercely as he ran. Saying a few harsh words was the characteristics of underworld members, they had to gain as much face back as possible.

I had originally wanted to let them go, but hearing that this fellow actually belonged to the Three Rock Gang, I immediately changed my mind.

“Wait!” I waved my hand. “You’re from the Three Rock Gang?”

Erlaizi thought I was scared after hearing Three Rock Gang, so he proudly stopped and said, “Yeah! Heng! How is it, you’re scared right, in this Songjiang city, there is no one that dares to oppose the Three Rock Gang!”

“Who’s your boss?” I asked.

Erlaizi wasn’t stupid, he knew that since the person in front of him could ask that, he must know some people, thus he answered, “We follow Chai-ge!”

“Chai-ge?” I shook my head. “Never heard of him!” There were too many low leveled leaders in Three Rock Gang, I could not know all of them, I think even Guo Qing didn’t know all of them.

“****, hurry up and pay if you don’t know him! It’s not easy good pissing off the Three Rock Gang!” Erlaizi said. He also regained his confidence, since the person in front of him knew of the Three Rock Gang, he must know the power of the Three Rock Gang!

“Do you know Ding Baosan?” I asked.

“Who is Ding Baosan?” Erlaizi momentarily blanked.

I also momentarily blanked, who doesn’t know Ding Baosan in the Three Rock Gang? However, I immediately thought of the reason, very few people addressed each other by their real names in the underworld, they would normally call their nicknames.

I didn’t reply, and instead made a call in front of him.

Erlaizi thought, call, find whoever you want, was the Three Rock Gang supposed to be scared of you. However, he never would have thought that what I said was, “Guo Qing, where are you?”

Who is Guo Qing, that’s the Three Rock Gang’s boss! He might not know the name of other people, but how could Erlaizi not know Guo Qing’s name! However, there were many people with the same name in this era, so he didn’t think too much into it.

“Boss, didn’t I just finish handling the stuff on City S’s side, I just returned to Songjiang this morning, what, something’s up?” Guo Qing asked.

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“How many times did I tell you, don’t take protection fees! Why are you still taking it?” I said in dissatisfaction. After all, I only have one close friend, I don’t want anything to happen to him.


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