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Chapter 279 – Jail is the Safest

If he had to talk about who he wronged recently, Fishing Pole had also investigated after the incident, that brat’s background was pretty much all related on the surface powers, how could some underworld force suddenly pop out?

However, my appearance completely made him despair. From Ding Baosan’s fearful and respectful expression, Fishing Pole understood, this person is someone he shouldn’t have offended, nor could he offend! Now he was feeling rather regretful, why was his mouth so ******, why did he had to piss of that Liu Yue for no reason!

“Didn’t you tell me that we’ll see?” I laughed coldly.

“I… Big bro… I was wrong…” However, before Fishing Pole finished, Ding Baosan went up and kicked him again, “You can also call Big Bro? ****, even we have to call Liu-ye grandfather, what’s with you, even more awesome than me?”

Fishing Pole immediately switched the way he addressed me and said, “Grandfather, I was wrong…”

But, what he got in exchange was another kick, Ding Baosan swore, “****, do you mean that the two of us are equals?”

Fishing Pole immediately switched the way he addressed me and said, “Great-grandfather… No, ancestor, I beg of you to forgive and forget, just let me go, pretend I am a fart, and let me go!” Only now did Fishing Pole understand why his son’s consequence would be so terrible, having gotten beaten until he was disabled! After the incident, Fishing Pole had tried to get a few brothers in the underworld to find out who did this, but after they investigated, they told him that if he didn’t want to turn out like his son, then don’t ask!

“Let you go? I didn’t say I’m not letting you go, you know? You can go any time!” I said.

“Ah?” Fishing Pole momentarily blanked, he didn’t believe that such fortune would occur, they were letting him go just let that.

Fishing Pole immediately kowtowed and said, “Thank you, thank you!”

“Oh yeah, since you are so obedient, then I’ll give you a friendly hint,” I said. “I did let you go, but I can’t control the brothers of the Three Rock Gang, I’m not their boss, I can’t control what they do! If any accidents happened to you, don’t blame me for not reminding you?” I said with an innocent and caring expression.

Fishing Pole immediately frowned! Isn’t this messing with him! From his meaning, he might very well get into some sort of accident and leave this world if he exited the door! In these years, there were so many traffic accidents, who knows if it was an accident or not.

“Just don’t mess with me… I… I… How will you let me go?” Fishing Pole stuttered.

“I didn’t say I’m not letting you go, you can leave now!” I said.

“I… Please point out a right path for me…” Fishing Pole nearly broke down.

“Right path? Oh, you’re scared of them causing trouble for you, right? This is simple, isn’t it fine if you find a safe place to hide! I really suspect you having a pig’s brain, why are you so stupid!” I said.

Fishing Pole swore in his heart, duh, I know this as well, do I still need you to say it? But hide where? Yet, he still said respectful, “I’m stupid, I’m a pig, tell me where the safest place to hide is.”

“Oh… Let me think!” I intentionally paused for a moment, then said very seriously, “How about this, stay in the jail, there are even armed police on guard there, it’s really safe!”

Jail? Fishing Pole momentarily blanked, then immediately understood. He sighed and said, “I understand, I’ll go and turn myself in.” Despite everything, this was better than losing his life.

“You better not come out after going in, the earth is very dangerous,” I said with a smile.

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I transferred the thirty-five million yuan of investment for the car shop into Liu Yue’s account. Although I didn’t care about the money, I still signed a business contract with Liu Yue properly and got it stamped. No matter what, this was also one of my investments, and if I actually went bankrupted in the future, I can still live off this.

I also attended the ceremony as the investor the car the car shop opened. Of course, the ribbon cutting ceremony was only a small scale one and could not compared to Shugaung Corporation’s opening, and I didn’t tell Uncle Zhao, nor other friends. Everything was simple and organized by Liu Yue alone.

I could tell that the girlie was in a good mood, she kept herself very busy, although the people that attended the ribbon cutting ceremony weren’t anyone super important, there were still a lot of the agents from different brands of cars, since the car shop expanded, the brand agents all wanted to improve their relationship with Liu Yue.

Just at the middle of the ribbon cutting ceremony, a ground of loud harassment suddenly sounded out in the lobby, one of the car shop’s employee quickly ran beside Liu Yue and said, “Director Liu, a few people are outside of the entrance saying that they came to get the protection fees, and want to see Director Liu!”

This “Director Liu” title was really awkward! Since I am also one of the investors for this car shop, owning fifty percent of the shares, so technically I was also one of the management level members of this car shop, and most importantly my surname was Liu as well!

Liu Yue frowned and said, “Didn’t we already pay it, why are we still paying it? Who is it?”

“It’s still the same people last time, the person in the lead is called Erlaizi,” The employee said.

“Alright, take me to have a look!” Then Liu Yue said apologetically said to the others, “Sorry, everyone, I’ll go and handle some matters, I’ll be right back!”

Everyone also smiled understandingly, a lot of the people on scene ran car shops, and had similar experiences, so they didn’t find it weird.

“I’ll go with you and see,” I stood up and said to Liu Yue.

“Alright, but don’t get impulsive later, these people aren’t Yu Gan, they are mobs, we can’t afford to piss them off,” Liu Yue nodded and said.

At the entrance of the car shop, there were three teens with that dyed their hair yellow, seeing Liu Yue walk out, they smiled and said, “Director Liu’s business is getting bigger and bigger! Congratulations!”

“I don’t think that you three came to congratulate me, right? Just say everything outright!” Liu Yue said in annoyance.

“Hehe, Director Liu truly is a straightforward person! Alright, then I’ll say it, us brothers came to get the protection fees!” A slightly chubbier yellow haired person said.

“Er-ge, our car shop already paid the protection fees for this year, why do we still need to pay?” Liu Yue said with as calm of a tone as possible.

“What you paid this year was for the car shop before, now that Director Liu’s business got bigger, and took over the two shops on the side, the protection fee naturally has to increase!” The person called “Er-ge” was the leader of the three “Erlaizi”.

“Er-ge, isn’t what you’re doing not quite right?” Liu Yue asked.

“****! Damn *****, don’t not take face when given it! If you buy the entire street, then are the brothers supposed to only get one portion of protection fee for you? Wouldn’t we starve to death! Don’t bullshit, just say it, are you doing to pay or not!” A thin guy behind Erlaizi swore.

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