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Chapter 273 – Best Associate

“Aiya, Xiao Wei, why did you pinch me, isn’t this making me look bad in front of our qinjia?” Zhao Junsheng chuckled.

“The two children are here, what are you saying, you’re still like this even getting so old!” Wang Wei, which is also Zhao Yanyan’s mother, said angrily.

“Alright, alright! I won’t say anymore!” Zhao Junsheng shook his head. “Liu-dage, I’ve let you seen something unsightly, I’m henpecked, hehe.”

“How, how, the two of us are the same, don’t just think that your saozi was kind and caring back in the days, now… Ai! My position is terribly low!” My dad said.

“Ah?” Zhao Junsheng momentarily blanked, then chuckled. “Haha, I had thought… So the two of us are the same, us bros have to have a good drink later!”

“No drinking!” My mom and Wang Wei said at the same time.

Zhao Junsheng and my dad could only look at each other and smile wryly.

“Xiao Zhao, my family’s Leilei has bothered you quite a bit, you have to take care of him!” My dad said while we were eating.

“How so, it’s my family’s chick that is trouble, always going over to yours, she might have caused quite a bit of trouble for you!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“It’s no trouble, no trouble! I can’t even like her enough!” My mom said. “Oh yeah, I heard Leilei said that he’s going to your company to work for you after he graduates, that’ll be a bother!”

“Of course, of course!” Zhao Junsheng thought in his heart, come here to work for me? I’m working for him is the truth.

During the meal, Zhao Yanyan kept on getting food for me, causing my dad and Zhao Junsheng to get extremely jealous. Zhao Junsheng thought in his heart, we’re all men, why is the distance so huge!

Li Boliang and that Gotou Mitsuo were still fantasizing about getting rich, they never would have imagined that a few people wearing the Technological Bureau’s uniform would rush in with a group of police and directly detain the products.

Gotou Mistuo said anxiously, “What are you doing? I am Japan’s Awal Corporation’s agent in Huaxia, I am a legal businessman, why are you detaining my goods?”

“Legal businessman?” A police immediately took out his handcuffs and said in contempt. “Do you think we don’t know anything? I’ll tell you the truth, since we came with the Technological Bureau, it means that we had enough evidence! We have already contacted Japan’s Awal Corporation, they said they don’t know you at all!”

“Furthermore, after our technician’s tests, these Walkman that you are about to sell have severe quality issues, so we are taking it in by law,” A member of the Technological Bureau continued.

Gotou Mitsuo immediately went dumb, and shouted ‘crap’ in his heart! He cursed Awal Corporation’s owner and his ancestors, he had done it all with him, this fellow actually refused to admit it afterwards! However, Gotou Mitsuo should have thought that the owner of Awal Corporation wasn’t an idiot, who would admit that he’s related to this case? Since he got the money together, it was normal for Gotou Mitsuo to take the bullet when something happened.

“Sir, this has nothing to do with me, it’s all him, this fellow lied to me, I didn’t know that these Walkmen had quality issues at all, he tricked me into working with him!” Seeing that the police came, Li Boliang immediately got worried, and quickly pushed the responsibility onto Gotou Mitsuo.

“Li Boliang, what do you mean by this! You were so eager when we would get rich, and now something happened, and you pushed it all to me?” Gotou Mitsuo got extremely angry.

“Alright now, stop fighting among yourselves, we will clearly investigate how everything went, if it really had nothing to do with you, we will not frame you! Bring them away!” The police in the lead said.

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The next afternoon, I received Liu Yue’s phone call, who asked me to go to the coffee shop near the car shop.

“Xiaojie, this is that person’s information,” The girl beside Liu Yue handed her a document and said. “He’s actually a student as well, and is from the same school as xiaojie!”

“Liu Yue received the document and silently read it.

“This person is really normal, I can’t see anything special, he’s just a student in the first year of high school, his parents are both workers, how can he be so rich?” Liu Yue asked in confusion.

“Xiaojie, I also feel strange about it, he’s unusual because this person’s identity is a bit too normal, look, the information shows that Liu Lei was essentially a bad student from primary to middle school, but after going to Fourth High, his grades became unusually good, and actually got the first in the year, why do I feel like there’s something wrong with this?’ The girl asked.

“En,” Liu Yue nodded and said. ‘it really is weird.”

“Oh yeah, xiaojie. According to this, Liu Lei is very close with one of the four school beauties in our school, Zhao Yanyan!” The girl reminded.

“Zhao Yanyan? Shuguang Corporation’s CEO, Zhao Junsheng’s, daughter?’ Liu Yue nodded. “No wonder he is so rich… No, just how old is he, even if he is Zhao Yanyans boyfriend, Zhao Junsheng can’t possibly give him so much money! What’s more, I heard Zhao Junsheng only works for someone else, and isn’t Shuguang Corporation’s actual owner, even he only drives a Hongqi, how could he buy a Mercedes for Liu Lei? No… There must be a side to this Liu Lei that we didn’t manage to investigate!”

“Xiaojie, seeing how this Liu Lei is so mysterious, let’s not work with him!” The girl suggested.

“No, I finally found such an associate, how could I give up so easily? What’s more, I don’t have much time, if I miss this chance, I might never have a chance! You wouldn’t want me to marry the Situ family’s rich second generation, right?” Liu Yue shook her head and said.

“Xiaojie, Master spoils you the most normally, if you are unwilling to marry, who can force you?” The girl said.

“Xiao Zhen, you don’t understand Grandpa’s personality. In the eyes of others, our Liu family is a renowned family with both money and power, but that is just in appearance, the Liu family is walking to the path of decadency. Although a lot of corporation belongs to our Liu family, that is just on the surface, a lot of them are losing money! Especially when the Liu family came to my generation, there is only a granddaughter, me, there are no males, this is a critical weakness for a well-known family! Without a male means without the next generation’s family successor, there is only two ways in this situation. The first is giving birth to a son, but this is clearly impossible due to the time. The second is marriage! Through getting a marriage alliance with another well-known family, and take in outside power in order to re-strengthening the family! Of course, the person to marry must not be the first successor for that family! Otherwise, not only will our family not get strengthened once again, it might be absorbed directly! Therefore, the person to marry must have a powerful background, but cannot be a predetermined successor of a renowned family!” Liu Yue said slowly.


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