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Chapter 272 – The Dream will be Fulfilled by the Youngsters

“Of course, please sit,” I helplessly made a “please” hand gesture”.

The little beauty didn’t mind at all and directly sat on the sofa opposite mine.

“What? You’ve never seen a beauty before?” The little beauty suddenly said.

I momentarily blanked, then noticed that I actually blanked out looking at her! I couldn’t help but admit that there was a very unique atmosphere surrounding this chick!

“I am just trying my best to remember whether I have seen this xiaojie before, but why don’t I have any impression of you?” What kind of person was I, my mental age is thirty something, isn’t it super simple to fabricate a lie.

“Mr. Liu, allow me to introduce myself, I’m called Liu Yue, I am the manager of this car shop,” The little beauty said with a faint smile.

“You? The owner of this car shop?” I looked at the little beauty in front of me in disbelief, it can’t be, she’s so young. Unless she was transmigrated as well?

“Hehe, you can say that,” The little beauty nodded and said. “I opened this car shop.”

I felt a bit dizzy, you can open this car shop without several tens of millions, I really couldn’t tell, but the one in front of me is quite the young rich lady.

Mr. Liu will not fault this young lady for being presumptuous, right? However, we both have the surname Liu, we might be a family several hundred years back!” When Liu Yue said ‘a family several hundred years back’, her cheeks couldn’t help but redden.

Since she said she is the owner of this car shop, it’s not a surprise that she knows my name, because the car shop does have information on the car owner. However, as the car shop owner, what did she find me for?

“I won’t, I wonder what business does Liu-xiaojie have with me?” I asked strangely.

“It’s like this. Mr. Liu, I wonder if I can ask presumptuously, what business do you conduct?” Liu Yue hesitated and asked.

“Me? Hehe, I’m unemployed,” What I said was the truth, I truly was unemployed right now.

“Mr. Liu’s joke is hilarious, if someone that could afford a Mercedes S600 is unemployed, then this car should become a taxi, and be seen all over the place,” Liu Yue said.

“Hehe, Manager Liu, I don’t think you will ask everyone that buys a car in your shop what they do right?” I laughed.

“En… That’s not it! Since it’s like that, Mr. Liu, then I’ll be blunt. From Mr. Liu’s car plate, I can tell that you are definitely a very amazing person in Songjiang city! This type of car plate with 5 digits the same, don’t talk about five 8s, even five 4s is very hard to get a hold of,” Liu Yue said.

I silently praised this girlie for being smart, she managed to tell so much from such a little bit of detail, it looks like she must have carefully observed me for a while earlier.

“And what does that represent? I just spent a bit more money,” I said without a change in expression.

“Mr. Liu, actually my purpose is to find a business associate, I wonder if Mr. Liu is interested in investing into cars?” Liu Yue smiled, and said without faking anything.

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“Oh? Business associate? Why choose me? It is only the first time we have met, aren’t you afraid that I’m a con man?” I asked in an intentionally weird manner.

“Hehe, Mr. Liu is joking once again. Someone that can afford a Mercedes must be rich. Furthermore, Mr. Liu is so generous, casually giving five hundred kuai of tips, that means that Mr. Liu is not only rich, but very rich. However, this isn’t the key reason for choosing you as a business associate, the more important thing is Mr. Liu’s car plate, this car plate can’t be bought with just money right? You and I know this very clearly, it doesn’t mean that you are just rich, your identity mustn’t be simple! This kind of people that have both money and contacts is the kind of associate I want,” Liu Yue said slowly.

This girlie was pretty spot on, making me more and more interested.

“How is it, Mr. Liu, am I right?” Liu Yue smile and said.

“You are right, but how do you know that I will cooperate with you?” I asked her back.

“Because I’m a beauty, you can’t refuse a beauty’s request, right?” Liu Yue actually said it in a slightly coquettish manner.

This girlie is too narcissistic, right? But I like it a lot.

“Alright, I’ll consider it. I have some business later, so how about this, call me tomorrow afternoon,” I left my phone number to Liu Yue.

After I left, within the manager’s office in the car shop, another girl stood beside Liu Lei.

“Xiaojie, why did you choose to work with this person? Is he reliable?” The girl asked.

“I shouldn’t be wrong. However, he seems to be around my age, why is he so rich? I’ve never heard of any well-known family that has a young master called Liu Lei. Yet this person doesn’t look like a rich second generation from a rich family…” Liu Yue shook her head and said.

“Xiaojie, how about I go and investigate, to make sure this person isn’t a con man,” The girl suggested.

“Con man? It’s not possible for him to be a con man, but investigating a little is good,” Liu Yue nodded and said.

“Newly bought car?” Zhao Junsheng pointed to my Mercedes and asked.

“Yeah, I just went and picked it up this afternoon, how is it, President Zhao, you are the CEO of an international corporation, you should change to a better car right?” I said.

“I’m supporting our people’s industry!” Zhao Junsheng pointed to his Hongqi and laughed dryly, actually in 1995, it was already very impressive to own a Hongqi 100.

“I heard that Hongqi has an extra-long version, order one, as the CEO of the huge Shuguang Corporation, you need to look like it as well!” I whispered quietly beside Zhao Junsheng’s year, “Put it on the company’s bill, I’ll pay for you!”

“Okay, I’ll go and order it tomorrow!” Hearing that he didn’t need to use his own money, his attitude immediately changed as he said, “Is it alright if I change it to a BMW?”

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I was speechless as I said, “Never mind, buy an extra-long Hongqi for when have to receive guests, buy a BMW for yourself!”

“You said it!” Zhao Junsheng showed an expression as if his ploy succeeded. I shook my head, he didn’t want the shares when I offered it to him, yet now he cares about this three or five million.

We all arrived at Songjaing city’s Guobin Hotel. Oh, I forgot to mention, ever since Huang Youwei was done for, Zhang Guoping was extremely nervous every single day, adding onto Guo Qing’s lackeys going to harass him every few days, it freaked Zhang Guoping out so much that he couldn’t help but sell the hotel to the Three Rock Gang at a low price and run away to somewhere else with the money.

Neither my dad or my mom could have imagined that they would meet Zhao Junsheng under these circumstances.

“Haha, Liu-dage, saozi, you came!” After we entered the room, Zhao Junsheng stood up passionately. “This is my spouse, Wang Wei!”

“Aiya, Xiao Zhao, it really is you, when our family’s Old Liu came home and told me, I didn’t believe it!” My mom said.

“Haha, yeah, see, the two of us couldn’t get together back then, yet the children turned us into qinjia, this means that it is fate!” Zhao Junsheng chuckled.


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