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Chapter 274 – Blue Mountain Coffee

“A son-in-law that marries into the bride’s family?” The girl called Xiao Zhen asked.

“You can say that. That’s why, in front of family interests and personal interests, Grandpa will give up personal interests, and I will become the sacrifice of this political marriage,” Liu Yue sighed and said.

“That’s why I made a deal with grandpa, to earn a hundred million before graduating from high school! This is to prove my ability, to prove that I, Liu Yue, might only be a woman, but can still take up the responsibility of the family head!” Liu Yue continued.

“A hundred million, this is essentially impossible!” Xiao Zhen exclaimed.

“It really is difficult, that’s why I can’t help but quicken my pace! Hehe, there isn’t much time left!” Liu Yue laughed wryly.

“Is there any other ways? The second young master of the Situ family is terrible and also very fickle in love!” Xiao Zhen asked.

“En… There is another method, which is for me to find a man without any backgrounds, but possessed abilities, then marry him. This way, even though our family won’t have the support of other well-known families, as long as this person had enough power, he could strengthen the family once more!” Liu Yue said with a blush.

“Ah, xiaojie, I understand, do you want Mr. Liu to…” Xiao Zhen suddenly said like she understood everything.

“Xiao Zhen, don’t say that! Liu Lei’s girlfriend is Zhao Junsheng’s daughter!” Liu Yue said quickly.

“Xiaojie, then what are you blushing for, you are also one of the four school beauties in Fourth High, you are no worse than that Zhao Yanyan, I think that if xiaojie can’t achieve master’s goal, then just…” Xiao Zhen said.

“Xiao Zhen, if you’re going to say anymore, see if I beat you!” Liu Yue raised her hand, as if she was going to hit down.

Xiao Zhen immediately leaped away and escaped! If other people were there, they would definitely be shocked and thought that a tv show was being shot, that girl called Xiao Zhen actually knew the legendary qinggong!

“Liu-xiaojie, you have waited long right,” When I arrived at the coffee shop, Liu Yue was already there.

“Hehe, Mr. Liu, making a beauty wait here is your mistake!” Liu Yue said coquettishly.

“There was a traffic jam. How about this, in order to express my sincerity, I’ll treat you to coffee,” I pulled out the chair and sat opposite Liu Yue.

“That’s more like it!” Liu Yue said. “Waitress! We want to order here.” Liu Yue waved her hand at the waitress that was a distance away.

“Hello, miss, what do you need?” The waitress asked.

“A cup of blue mountain,” Liu Yue immediately recovered her mature and elegant atmosphere, while her little girl like aura was immediately gone.

“Sir, you?” The waitress asked.

“The same,” I said.

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“Okay, two cups of blue mountain,” The waitress nodded and said.

“Liu-xiaojie does know how to enjoy herself very much!” I pointed to the blue mountain coffee on the menu and said. ‘A hundred and fifty yuan for a cup is not cheap!”

“Hehe!” Liu Yue smiled with a blush. “I just like the taste of blue mountain, what, does Mr. Liu feel hurt?”

“The taste of blue mountain? What’s special about it?” I wasn’t very knowledgeable about coffee, if I didn’t have some knowledge about coffee when I entered these places with customers for business in my previous life, I wouldn’t even know what blue mountain is right now!

“En… How should I saw it, coffee is bitter, but blue mountain isn’t! It has an indescribable taste, the sweetness and the sourness fused with the bitterness perfectly… I have a unique love for this taste, when I was young, whenever I was in a bad mood, I would always drink a cup of blue mountain… Sorry, Mr. Liu, I kind of lost myself…” With that, Liu Yue smiled in a self-mocking manner.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind. It looks like Liu-xiaojie’s childhood was not very happy,” I said.

Liu Yue didn’t continue, she was rather confused as well, what’s with her today? Why did she say so much things about herself to this person she wasn’t familiar with! Actually Liu Yue didn’t say much, but even so it was considered quite a lot compared to the usual. In front of others, she never brings up things about herself.

After the coffee was delivered, I swirled it lightly. Although the coffee shop gave us milk and sugar, I preferred to drink the coffee’s original taste.

Liu Yue was confused as well, the person in front of her was actually the same as her, and liked to drink coffee without sugar!

“It’s real?” I took a sip of the coffee and said.

“What’s real?” Liu Yue momentarily blanked and didn’t know what I was saying.

“I said that the blue mountain here is real!” I said in a bit of surprise. Although I didn’t like coffee very much, often frequenting these sorts of places already caused me to become very picky, in Huaxia, there were very few little real mountain coffee, most of it was fake. I didn’t think that this inconspicuous shop would actually sell something real!

Blue mountain was produced in Jamaica, and Jamaica was one of the countries with a relatively low coffee production. The globally recognized growth region for blue mountain was only 6000 hectares, and the amount of Blue Mountain Coffee produced per year was only around forty thousand bags. Only coffee grown in the blue mountain region 1800 meters above sea level could be called Blue Mountain Coffee.

About 85% to 90% of the blue mountain produced per year would be exported to Japan, while the remaining 10% to 15% was to small number of European and American countries. That was still the case even now. There were very few opportunity for the remaining countries and regions to taste real Blue Mountain Coffee.

“You can taste it?” Liu Yue said a bit happily! You have to know, loads of money is easy to come by, while a true friend was hard to come by! Liu Yue had come to taste the blue mountain here at this coffee shop with a lot of friends, but when she asked them how the blue mountain here was different to those from other coffee shops, most people would shake their head, the ones that pissed her off the most was those that actually said that the coffee here tasted worse! She never would have thought that the man in front of her would specialize in this as well!

I nodded and said, “Although it is already very pure, there is still a bit of Alpine Coffee in here. However, it is already very rare to be able to drink ones of this level in the country!”

“A bit of Alpine Coffee mixed it?” Liu Yue suddenly said. “No wonder! So, that’s it, I was wondering why it was still a bit different from the ones I drank at home!”

Home? She actually has pure Blue Mountain Coffee at home, it seems like this Liu Yue’s identity is not simple either! Huaxia didn’t have the quota to import Blue Mountain Coffee directly from Jamaica right now, so it means Liu Yue’s family’s ability truly isn’t small!

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“Liu Lei, how did you tell?” Liu Yue didn’t call me Mr. Liu either, and directly called my name due to her surprise. From her perspective, she was already a master at tasting coffee, she didn’t think that someone was even better than her at it!

“It’s just a feeling, it’s really hard to explain it,” I smiled. Actually, blue mountain and alpine tasted pretty much the same, but after drinking quite a bit, I naturally could taste the slight difference.

“Oh!” Liu Yue nodded, then said in disappointment. “I had wanted to study properly!”


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