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Chapter 271 – Xiaojie, Do we know each other?

“Chairman Xiao Liu, say, where did you manage to get all these super advance technologies? From my understanding, even those professional companies in Japan haven’t developed things like digital cameras with eight million pixels! Also, this USB, how did you think of this, this is a great thing, who would use floppy drives with this!” Zhao Junsheng said in surprise as he received the technological data I gave him.

“Where do you think it comes from? Don’t you know from seeing your gold mine son-in-law all the time?” I said in annoyance.

“Hehe!” Zhao Junsheng chuckled. “I really suspect whether you are someone from our era, this is too unbelievable! If I didn’t see it with my own eye, I would not believe that a high school student of ten-odd years could design so many high tech products!”

“Oh yeah, you have to hurry up and apply for the patens for these technologies, regardless of it’s from within the country or international ones, as long as you can apply for it, then apply, since we don’t lack the money!” I said. This is because I thought of a very severe problem, which is technological patency, I remember in my own time, a famous USD producing company had quite a bit of losses due to the patency problem, and the VCD technology from our country actually got patented by Japan before us.

Thinking of VCD, my eyes brightened! This was another great chance to get rich, since a lot of electronic companies in the country had started off with VCD then, but this time, I’m also going to produce VCD, not only produce, I will sell it to the entire world! Technological patency was equal to monopolizing the market!

Thinking that, I quickly found a few pieces of white paper and wrote down the key technologies of VCD, since Zhao Junsheng also started off with computing, he could naturally udnerstand what I wrote very easily.

When I told Zhao Junsheng my idea, Zhao Junsheng was so shocked that his eyeballs nearly popped out, after quite a while, he finally said, “It can’t be! You managed to get the thought then design it within an hour? Xiao Liu, are you still human? ****, I admit it! I don’t know how Yanyan got a super genius like you! This is too amazing!”

I could only smile dryly, the technology I wrote down for him would be all over the streets in five years at max. Of course, it would be different if I register the patency beforehand.

That night, Zhao Junsheng drove his Hongqi 100 to the entrance of our family’s mansion. Although I didn’t tell him the exact position of my home, with Zhao Yanyan as the guide, it would be difficult not to find it.

In the afternoon, I contacted Guo Qing, and found out that my Mercedes was still at the car store, so it would be fine if I went directly to pick it up. Guo Qing’s side was also advancing very successfully, the New Dragon Gang didn’t make any actions, since the elimination of the Black Tiger Gang scared them a lot. The Black Tiger Gang’s power in City S is no worse than the New Dragon Gang, if the other side wanted to eliminate the New Dragon Gang, then that would be really easy. The boss of the New Dragon Gang, Yang Xinlong, isn’t an idiot, the Black Tiger Gang was destroyed in an instant, and just after they were finished, their territories were taken over by a gang called Three Rock Gang! What did this mean? This Three Rock Gang definitely didn’t pop up out of nowhere, the elimination of the Black Tiger Gang might even be by the Three Rock Gang! If that’s really the case, the Three Rock Gang’s power cannot be underestimated.

The boss of the New Dragon Gang, Yang Xinlong, immediately got people to find out about the backgrounds of this Three Rock Gang, it was fine when he didn’t, but once he did, it freaked Yang Xinlong out! This Three Rock Gang was actually the largest gang in Songjiang province, although City S wasn’t part of Songjiang province, it was still on the side of it. It looks like the underworld structure of City S was going to change.

In the same afternoon, I called the car shop where my car was reserved from, and after getting confirmation that I can go and pick it up, I went over there in a cab.

“Sir, these are all the procedures for the car, would you like to get your car plate here as well? Our car shop is very familiar with the vehicle administrative office, although the fees are slightly high, you can choose quite a good care plate!” The clerk handed me the documents then said.

“No need, hehe. Thanks,” I received the documents and said while taking a look at them.

“Sir, are you not going to consider it some more? Your Mercedes S600 is the fanciest car right now, just how much would you be affected if you get a car plate with a 4. So, I suggest you get a lucky car plate, only that can suit your car! What’s more is that the price of picking the car plate isn’t that expensive,” The clerk continued to suggest to me.

“Hehe, thank you,” I smiled. “However, I already have a car plate, oh yeah, please help a guy to help me put the car plate on. This is your tips, thank you for your passionate service,” Saying that, I took out several hundred yuan notes and stuffed it in the clerk’s hands.

“Thank you, sir!” The clerk immediately thanked, it looks like she really didn’t waste her breath! She had assumed that this person wouldn’t do the get plate here as well, meaning that she would lose a hundred kuai of commission, however, this mister actually gave her so much tips, it was even more than the commission, so she couldn’t’ help but get really happy.

“Here, this is the car plate,” I took out the car plate Jiang Yongfu chose for me and handed it to the clerk.

“AH!” That clerk jumped after receiving the car plate! Hearing that the person has his car plate already, the clerk didn’t think much of it, only now did she understand why he didn’t want to get his here! “Song A88888”, this car plate could be said as a top class car plate in the lucky numbers, no wonder why he didn’t want to pick anymore!

However, the clerk came back to her senses very quickly, since this was a Mercedes store, and she has experienced some things, so he quickly found a worker in the car shop and got him to put the car plate on. She did get several hundred kuai of tips from him, so she must service him well.

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Meanwhile, I sat on the sofa in the car shop, casually opened a car magazine while I waited for them to put the car plate on.

“Mr. Liu, hello. Can I have a chat with you?” A soft voice rang out from in front of me.

I raised my head up to look, there was a young lady around twenty years old in front of me, she dressed very nicely, and had an indescribable air of nobility, on her fresh cheeks was two faint dimples, making her a true eastern beauty. I got confused in quiet, why didn’t I see so many beauties before I was reborn? If I saw them then, then I might have moved on, hehe, of course that was just a joke.

I thought weirdly in my heart, I didn’t know the person that has come, but she actually knew that my surname was Liu! It looks like this beauty definitely isn’t an anthomaniac, she definitely had some sort of business.

“Xiaojie, do we know each other?” I asked weirdly. My memory wasn’t so terrible that I would forget a beauty, so I could be certain that I definitely didn’t know her.

“Hehe, Mr. Liu, of course it is our first time meeting… En, what, are you not going to invite me to sit down? This is not befitting of a gentleman.”


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