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Chapter 270 – Meeting of Qinjia

“Everyone! I did come here to the electronics factory today to further negotiate about purchasing the electronics factory! As for why us Shuguang Corporation chose to purchase a factory on the verge of bankruptcy with over a hundred million yuan of debt, everyone guessed that there was more to it, there actually isn’t! The reason we chose to purchase this electronics factory is because us Shuguang Corporation is a private corporation in the country, and has always followed the rule of working with the people, and being used by the people, furthermore, Songjiang city is were Shuguang Corporation’s base, hence Songjiang city’s business is Shuguang Corporation’s business! Helping Songjiang city deal with historical issues like the electronics factory is Shuguang Corporation’s responsibility! That is not negotiable!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“Uncle Zhao, you’re very cool! Another philanthropic entrepreneur is born!” I heard Zhao Junsheng’s voice from far away, and thus went over to greet him.

“Hehe, why didn’t you go if it’s cool?” Zhao Junsheng waved his hand and said.

Hearing that Zhao Junsheng was going to have a slip of tongue, I quickly indicated it to him with my eyes.

“Xiao Zhao!” My dad exclaimed. “Why are you here?”

Zhao Junsheng looked at me and sighed, “It’s Old Liu!”

“Xiao Zhao, you can’t be Shuguang Corporation’s CEO right?” My dad exclaimed.

“That’s me! Say, qinjia, your son is amazing!” Zhao Junsheng smiled wryly. What was supposed to come finally did, it really was a bit awkward.

“Xiao Zhao, how could I have imagined! You actually got such a huge achievement! Ai, thinking back, alongside Leilei’s mom, the three of us all worked in this electronics factory! Ten-odd years passed in the blink of an eye, it’s so fast!” My dad sighed. My dad’s mood was very complicated right now, the person that came to purchase the electronics factory is actually his rival in love back in the days! Thinking back to how he was already an engineer, while Xiao Zhao was just a temporary worker, then back to how he has gotten such a huge achievement now, while himself is on the verge of being laid off!

He had clearly said to Leilei’s mom that this Xiao Zhao had no future, and now Shuguang Corporation has become an international corporation, it’s business improving day by day, even the electronics factory needs his help! The more my dad thought about it, the worse he felt, but how was he supposed to know that everything he can see belongs to his son, me.

“Old Liu, just don’t say anymore! What achievement! What’s the use of having more achievement, didn’t I still lose to you back in the days!” Zhao Junsheng waved his hand and said.

“Xiao Zhao, don’t say that! Ai!” My dad said sourly.

I almost blanked on spot! My dad and Uncle Zhao actually knew each other ages ago, and he is actually the “Xiao Zhao” that my mom always use to anger my dad! How could there be such a coincidental thing in the world, Zhao Junsheng was actually one of my mom’s pursuers back in the day! However, that isn’t surprising, my mom is still so pretty even being so old, it wasn’t hard to imagine her youth.

“Dad, you and Uncle Zhao know each other?” I asked.

“Yeah! Leilei, your Uncle Zhao and I are old acquaintances! Yet now I need your Uncle Zhao to save this factory!” My dad lamented.

“Old Liu, now that’s now right. What do you mean save or not save, this electronics factory is the first place I worked after I returned from the military, I do have some feelings for it, now it’s in trouble, can I just sit idle!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“To be honest, Old Liu, I lost to you back in the days, and now I still lost to you!” Zhao Junsheng sighed and continued. “You have a good son, he truly isn’t simple!”

“How, Xiao Zhao!” My dad’s only pride was me, and hearing other people praise me, he was even happier than being praised himself. “He is just messing around, how can he compare to your large company!” Although my dad said this, he was still very proud. Although he didn’t get much done in his life, but his son was just in high school, and was already worth tens of thousands, this was definitely something to be proud of! However, I wonder what he would think if he knew that his son was already worth several billion.

“Okay now, let’s stop reminiscing, find a day to chat at my place, I heard that chick Yanyan say that you also moved to the development area, our homes are really close! Hehe, now the chick would go over to yours even more! A girl would be biased away from home when she grows up, as a father, I lost to you back then, and now I finally got a darling daughter, and she also runs over to your home, say, am I a failure or what! The person who should feel bad is me!” Zhao Junsheng patted my dad’s shoulder and said. “Let’s talk about proper business right now, I’ll host, call saozi over, and I’ll call Yanyan’s mom over, let us qinjia eat together!”

“Yeah, let’s talk proper business first, talk about business first!” My dad nodded. However, flowers were blooming in his heart as he thought, Xiao Zhao, don’t just think that your old bro Liu is still a technician after a large part of his life, didn’t my son still get into your family’s chick’s mind!

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Since they knew each other well, and the intent for purchasing was certain, meeting was only just as a routine to make some details certain, hence making the entire negotiation atmosphere very good.

Although the workers at the electronics factory didn’t know what was the relationship between my dad and Zhao Junsheng, when they saw my dad chatting happily with Shuguang Corporation’s President Zhao, they were very happy, and knew that the future of the electronics must be bright!

In the end, the electronics factory was privatized, the name also changed to Shuguang Electronics Supporting Equipment Corporation Limited, and it will be fully bunded by Shugaung Corporation.

My dad would take the position of Shuguang Electronics Supporting Equipment Corporation’s Chairman and CEO, he would own twenty percent of the company’s shares, while the remaining eighty percent would be owned by Shuguang Corporation. This was also done by my decision, since no matter where these shares went, it would still be mine.

Some of the factory’s departments and organizations were also restructure, Zhao Junsheng transferred over quite a few management and technological talents to aid my dad in managing the corporation.

Originally, purchasing a bankrupted nationalized company was something very troublesome, but Shuguang Corporation’s purchase went very successfully, this type of action that didn’t care that much about profits was also advertised by the media, saying that Shuguang Corporation set a very good example for the corporations in the entire country.

Originally, I had prepared to let this electronics factory produce microwave magnetrons, but since I gave this technology to Su Yuanchao already, thus the newly established Shuguang Electronics Supporting Equipment Limited would be focused on the research, development and production of supporting devices for computers. Since I still had a lot of technological data on hand like the burner, USD, flash cards, digital cameras and even LCDs. I just listed down everything I could think of to Zhao Junsheng, and got him to hand it to my dad. I think if I gave these thigns to my dad directly, I would scare him to death.


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