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Chapter 269 – Buying the Electronics Factory

“No! Yanyan-meimei, you’re so terrible, you just had to turn it like that, I’m even too embarrassed to enter!” Chen Weier said shyly.

“What happened? Yanyan?” I asked weirdly. It’s because the mansion was still being decorated, so I only chose a rather spacious room on the second floor as my bedroom. I still haven’t seen what it looks like! Could they have turned my room into a haunted house?

“Hehe, hubby, you’ll see if you go and look! I promise you’ll like it!” Zhao Yanyan said with a giggle.

“Promise that I’ll like it? How do you know that I’ll like it?” I said in confusion. “Since Weier doesn’t like it, could I like it? You girlie is making it so mysterious, I do want to see what you turned the room into!”

There’s no helping it, due to little chick Zhao’s forceful and unforceful means, before I even sat onto the sofa after getting back, I was already dragged upstairs. When I passed by my dad, I saw him smiling strangely towards me!

I faint, why do I feel like the entire family is so weird? I subconsciously looked over at little chick Zhao and little chick Chen, nothing’s up? Was I being too sensitive?

However, the moment I pushed open my bedroom door, I understood why Chen Weier and my dad would have that kind of expression! Only a chick like Yanyan who completely understood me could think of such a perverted idea!

Aside from the normal desk, book shelf and computer desk, the most eye-catching thing was actually the super large bed in the middle of the room! It was more than four meters wide, and having five or six people sleeping on it wouldn’t be an issue at all!

“It can’t be? Why is it so grand?” Even I was shocked! The chick Yanyan really did understand me!

“How it is, pervert hubby, do you like it?” Zhao Yanyan pointed at her glorious work and said proudly.

“Yeah…” I rubbed my nose and said with a wry smile.

Why do I feel like the current Zhao Yanyan wasn’t the same person as the quiet, cold and prideful Zhao Yanyan I knew in my previous life? Or was it because I was too charming so Yanyan changed for me?

“Haha! Since we even have the bed, Yanyan and Weier, don’t go back tonight, let’s sleep together!

“You’re terrible! Yanyan-meimei, he turned you bad, making you always think of these erotic things!” Chen Weier rolled her eyes at me and said.

“What is erotic, it’s this you eat…” I said, “How about this, let’s take the chance to exercise before eating…”

“Ah? What are you going to do… Help… Yanyan-meimei, go and call the police!” Chen Weier exclaimed. “This time, your Jiang-dage got transferred, let’s see who would cover for you! We’ll get the police throw you into jail!”

They say a short separation is better than a new wedding, thus another beautiful scene happened on the large bed of the newly decorated bedroom.

The next morning, I got Zhao Junsheng to organize everything to do with purchasing the electronics factory. The exact details about purchasing the factory and its restructuring was doing to be decided today. The negotiation as set at half past nine in the morning, and its location as the meeting room within the electronics factory.

As the representative chosen by the electronics factory, my dad was fully responsible for the side of the electronics factory, a lot of the workers chose my dad at the start with the mindset of trying to cure a dead horse as an alive one, and it was merely to choose someone that could make decision, no one had a lot of hope. Yet, now that they saw my dad was actually able to get in touch with a famous corporation in the country, all of them are extremely excited, and all praised my dad by saying that he’s a capable person! And that there is hope for the electronics factory in the future!

After crashing my Jetta last time, I gave it to my dad after fixing it. Having not seen my dad for a while, I found out that he actually got his driving license and could already drive familiarly on the road! This surprised me a lot, I didn’t help him get any short cuts, even I didn’t know about this! That means my dad managed to get his license with just his ability.

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Before returning to Songjiang, I already got Guo Qing to order a Mercedes S series high class car. However, this fellow went to City S, and so I didn’t have the time to meet him, thus I didn’t go and get the car.

Jiang Yongfu had already reserved a “Song A88888” car plate for me, I knew that the government normally saved these car plates for auctions, and I didn’t want Jiang Yongfu to feel troubled, so I symbolically donated fifty thousand kuai. Although I could have not paid, I didn’t care much about this money, and also because I didn’t want to let others say that I got a good car plate without spending money.

Jiang Yongfu was naturally very thankful, since if this was used by others, it might affect his career.

Since I didn’t have a car, I took a ride in my dad’s Jetta to the electronics factory.

“Son, I really am a bit nervous, we’ll see qinjia in the future, what should I say?” My dad asked as he drove.

“Dad, just act like how you are normally! Uncle Zhao is a very nice person, what’s more, I have already talked about everything beforehand, purchasing the factory is already the truth, today is just to talk about some of the details!” I said.

“Son, say, your dad so dispirited, would it affect your image in your future father-in-law’s mind?” My dad was still a bit worried.

“Dad, the electronics factory turning like this has nothing to do with you, why are you dispirited?” I asked him back.

My dad nodded, and said, “I’ll just speak normally later. If I make any mistakes, remind me on the side!”

As the master of the electronics factory, my dad naturally arrived slightly earlier and prepared everything first. Then he went to the factory entrance to wait. There was another vice factory director with my dad attending today’s negotiation. My dad started off from technological stuff, I was afraid that he couldn’t handle management things, so I chose an assistant for him beforehand.

Not long later, there was a commotion outside the factory entrance. Zhao Junsheng got off from his Hongqi car, instantly murdering countless films. The lights kept flashing, and seeing Zhao Junsheng get off, the journalists immediately surrounded him.

Shuguang Corporation wanting to purchase a bankrupted electronics factory was a great thing, the media naturally had to pay extra attention to it.

“Mr. Zhao, why does Shuguang Corporation want to purchase our city’s electronics factory?”

“Mr. Zhao, according to my understanding, the electronics factory is in hundred million yuan of debt, why did Shuguang Corporation choose such a factory?”

“Mr. Zhao, there can’t be more to this case, right?”

“Yeah, Mr. Zhao, is there some bad situation? The money used to repay the debt is enough to construct a new electronics factory!”

“Alright, alright!” Zhao Junsheng waved his hand and said, “Everyone, be quite for a moment and allow me to answer the questions one by one!”

Hearing that Zhao Junsheng was going to accept the interview, the journalists all stuffed their microphones in front of Zhao Junsheng.

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