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Chapter 268 – Why Cooperate

No one knew how Su’s got onto Shuguang’s boat, even the people at Su’s didn’t know, but this didn’t affect the excitement through the entire company!

As for the news about the Black Tiger Gang being eliminated, it was as I expected, it wasn’t even on the third page of the newspaper. It was as if the people of City S didn’t even know about this.

As for the territory that the Black Tiger Gang left behind, I did have my ideas about it. The speed of development of Guo Qing’s gang was very fast, it’s range of influence was already all over the entire Songjiang city, however, what pissed me off was that this brat actually named it “Lei-ye Gang”! Furthermore, he said to the subordinates in the gang that the highest leader of the gang is a “Old Grandpa” called Liu Lei! After hearing it, those that didn’t know me would think that I’m seventy or eighty! The lack of education was terrifying, the moment I heard this name, I knew that it was most likely from that ******* Ding Baosan.

Later on, under my intense protest, “Lei-ya Gang” finally changed it’s name to “Three Rock Gang”, which is essentially the character “Lei” split up, although it doesn’t sound very good, it was alright, at least others wouldn’t think of me.

After I told the situation of City S’s underworld to Guo Qing, this brat got super excited, and said that he would bring the brothers to control the territory over the night. I didn’t stop him, and let them do it. Since I benefits should go to those close to you, instead of letting the New Dragon Gang get lucky, I might as well give it to my own people.

As for the other things in City S, I told Guo Qing to go and find Su Yuanchao directly, since Su Yuanchao did have a decent basis in City S and had a wide array of contacts, it was good for Guo Qing’s development.

In this period of time, I called Ye Xiaoxiao n times, at the start, this chick would still pick up the phone, but hang up after hearing my voice, later on she just stopped picking up, and refused to answer. Then finally, it was permanently shut down! I think she must have changed phone numbers, because the last time I dialed it, it said the number I dialed does not exist…

After reluctantly saying my farewells to Su Yingzi, I started on my journey of returning to Songjiang. The girlie was like a newly wedded wife, and would not part with me no matter what, and sent me all the way to the airport, and in the airport lounge, she gave me a deep farewell kiss without caring about the danger of having her photo taken by journalists. It was fortunate that the girlie had sunglasses on, or else it would be screwed if she was recognized. She wouldn’t be screwed, it’s me that would be screwed! If they took my picture and put it on magazine covers, wouldn’t Su Yingzi’s fans rip me to shreds!

Su Yuanchao stood on the side and pretended to be air. He completely ignored the scene in front of him, until at one point, he just turned around. It looks like the allure of money was infinite, if I wasn’t the chairman behind the scenes for Shuguang Corporation, he definitely wouldn’t be this kind to me.

I turned around and went through the safety check, then waved to Su Yingzi. Only then did the girlie leave reluctantly the airport. with Su Yuanchao.

“Dad, why did Shuguang Corporation suddenly cooperate with us Su’s? And they have gave us such a great deal, could they be tricking us?” Even Su Yingzi who didn’t’ really care about the business notice something wrong with this cooperation! Furthermore, it was something really wrong.

“How could they, they even sent the contract over!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Dad, I heard that there are a lot of commercial frauds nowadays, even I can tell that Shuguang Corporation cooperating with us was just an one-sided investment, we got all the benefits, why should Shuguang Corporation invest in us?” Su Yingzi said in confusion.

“Xiao Zi, don’t worry! Just relax and date Mr. Liu, dad will deal with the things for business!” Su Yuanchao said. “What’s more the one hundred million has already been sent over, and the production line is being transported, what do we have to trick?”

Hearing that her father actually brought up her relationship with Liu Lei, Su Yingzi blushed. Although she didn’t understand why her father no longer objected to her and Liu Lei, and even started getting concerned about it, she just treated it as a result of her father’s mood improving after Shuguang Corporation and Su’s started cooperating.

“That’s because we got too much benefit, which is why I got suspicious! Dad, do you think there is something wrong with the person in charge of Shugugang Corporation, there is no advantage to them in this investment at all!” Su Yingzi shook her head and said.

Su Yuanchao thought in his heart, aren’t you speaking about your hubby! What’s more, about these money and technology, didn’t we got them in exchange for you? However, Su Yuanchao couldn’t say that.

After returning to the long-awaited Songjiang, the long-awaited city. Walking on the familiar streets, it was like when I was just reborn, but my mood was extremely different. Going to City S had made me become a lot more mature, I am prepared to completely discard my previous problem of being soft, being soft towards the enemy was being merciless to yourself! It looks like there is logic to this!

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier got the news about me returning to Songjiang city really early, so even Chen Weier, who was busy revising, asked for a leave, and waited for me at a very early time at the new mansion our family bought.

Since the previous owner of this mansion is Zhang Yongfa, my parents got worried for quite a while, only after hearing me say that it is fine, did they calm down. As for the main director for this economic case, Jiang Yongfu, also successfully gotten the provincial officials to think highly of him, transferring to become the Minister of the Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department, which is also the job that was emptied by Liu Kesheng’s dad. However, Jiang Yongfu had a lower profile, and would restrain his family members, never letting them do anything over the line, so his reputation between the officials was very good, making this transfer very successful.

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Despite this, he insisted on treating me as thanks, he said that I provided a very crucial clue for this case. There was no helping it, I could only tell him that I’ve been very busy recently, so he has to wait to treat me. Jiang Yongfu diidn’t mind, he also understood that the relationship between him and I wasn’t built on top of a few meals, so he didn’t hurry me.

“Hubby, look, Weier-jiejie and I designed your bedroom for you!” When I just got home, Zhao Yanyan dragged me around the newly bought mansion.

Looking at the completely new decoration, I knew this chick, Yanyan put in a lot of work! My parents never lived in such a big house before, and so they didn’t know how to decorate it. Even the old apartment we stayed in didn’t have much decorations, it was just white walls on all sides. That’s why my mom definitely would find the little chick for help on the decorations and designs of the new home.

“What, Yanyan-meimei, I wasn’t involved, didn’t you do everything, don’t push it onto me!” Chen Weier immediately said with a blush after hearing that.

I was confused, designing the room is a good thing, what’s with Chen Weier, why did she push it off! Thus I asked, “Weier, do you not like my new room?”


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