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Chapter 267 – Get a Grandson Quicker

“Alright,” Zhao Junsheng said. Zhao Junsheng would usually only execute my suggestions without any opposition.

“Take the call for a moment!” I said to Su Yuanchao. At this moment, even though Su Yuanchao didn’t know who I was calling, my tone already shocked him a lot!

Although Su Yuanchao was confused, he still picked up the phone, “Hello, I am Su’s Corporation’s Chairman, Su Yuanchao!” Su Yuanchao humbly named himself, he could feel that the other person was definitely an important person in business!

“Hello, I am Shuguang Corporation’s Zhao Junsheng!” Zhao Junsheng said. “I’ll get someone to finish the investment proposal, and send it over to you guys later!”

Zhao Junsheng’s self-introduction early gave Su Yuanchao a heart attack! Shuguang Corporation’s CEO actually said that they will invest in Su’s! Su Yuanchao immediately went dumb, he never would have dreamed that the person in front of him was actually so powerful, and was able to order Shuguang Corporation’s CEO to invest a hundred million in another company with a random call… And it’s even USD!

Until when Zhao Junsheng went “hello” several times on the other side of the phone, did Su Yuanchao recover from the shock, he said in a bit of joyful surprise, “President Zhao, I am very honored that you can be interested in our corporation! Thank you for you favor!”

“I didn’t get interested in your corporation, and don’t talk about favor, the information I have about your corporation right now is zero, I’m only working for someone else, so you don’t have to thank me!” Zhao Junsheng was also an old fox, how could he know understand that I was selling a favor, so he just said directly.

“Ah?” Su Yuanchao momentarily blanked, he didn’t think that he would be so blunt, but that isn’t too surprising, President Zhao was an awesome person, he was giving him (Su Yuanchao) enough face speaking to him! However, then Su Yuanchao thought of a more important issue, Zhao Junsheng actually said he is only working for someone else! Then who is the young man sitting in front of him? No matter what, he thought the lad was much better than before, and even felt that the lad already become his son-in-law.

“Mr. Liu, the relationship between you and Shuguagn Corporation…” Su Yuanchao asked carefully, he didn’t have that forceful attitude that he had before, and the way he addressed me also turned from “****** brat” to “Mr. Liu”.

“Since you want to know, I might as well tell you, I opened Shuguang Corporation! Zhao Junsheng is also of my father-in-law, his daughter is my first wife, if you can raise it if you feel like Xiao Zi will suffer if she goes with me!” I said lazily on the sofa.

Although Su Yingzi did think that my background couldn’t be simple, he never would have thought that it’s like this! This is the most shocking day of his life, hearing me say that, he couldn’t help but regret it, he nearly offended this god of riches!

“Of course, not, what suffer, it’s our family’s Xiao Zi that is truly honored!” As expected of someone who started off as a businessman, Su Yuanchao’s reaction as extremely quick as he said, “I’m also a man, I understand this, I understand! Especially men who does important things like us, who doesn’t have a few mistresses, even I have a few outside!”

****! He could even say stuff like this, I really am speechless!

“Okay, it’s fine that you know my identity, I don’t want others to know! If I find out that you leaked my identity, think of the consequences! I have the ability to cause your corporation into crisis again!” I warned.

“Mr. Liu, don’t worry about this! I won’t say it, I won’t even tell Xiao Zi! Oh yeah, was what Xiao Zi said just now real, look, I’m quite old now, I really hope to get a grandson quicker, if you don’t have any yet, you have to hurry!” Su Yuanchao said.

I really was speechless! This sort of father is extreme!

“You don’t have to worry about my issues!” I said coldly.

“Yes, yes, I’ll let you young people decide on your businesses!” Seeing that I wasn’t happy, Su Yuanchao immediately shut up.

Su Yingzi felt like it was years that she had waited in the living room, she was extremely nervous as she wondered about how the discussion between Liu Lei and her father was going, if it really went bad, how was she supposed to choose!

After quite a while, Su YIngzi heard the sound of them coming down stairs, when she turned back to look, she couldn’t help but blank!

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At that moment, I was chatting with Su Yuanchao as we walked down the stairs, although the plan didn’t arrive yet, the hundred million USD was already in Su’s Corporation’s account, making Su Yuanchao extremely happy! The more he looked at the super darling son-in-law that his daughter found, the happier he got! It looks like he really was blinded, he was such a terrific lad, and that he (Su Yuanchao) planning to make him leave Xiao Zi!

Of course, although I didn’t really like Su Yuanchao, in front of Xiao Zi, I couldn’t help but put on a show to make Su Yuanchao and me seem very friendly with each other.

Seeing the two of us chatting happily, the weight in her heart finally help. She knew that the two of them must have gotten to an agreement, thus she ran over happily, pulled on her father and said in a spoiled manner, “Dad! You agreed?”

“Agreed, agreed! How could I not agree!” Su Yuanchao said shamelessly, as if he forgot about who it was that was objecting earlier.

“Liu Lei, what did you tell my dad, why is he so happy?” Su Yingzi was confused, even if her father agrees, he shouldn’t be this happy, right? His mouth was going to fall off from the smile

I thought in my heart, duh, laozi gave him a hundred million USD plus a magnetron production line, only an idiot wouldn’t be happy! However, I said, “Xiao Zi, Su-bofu heard my past, and feels that I have a bright future, so he gave you to me!” Of course, I have a bright future, a future to give him money.

Su Yingzi twitched her lips, clearly not believing in what I said. However, she couldn’t think of any better reasons, and thus gave me a “I’ll interrogate you later” look.

After everything was over, it was time to deal with the things back home, my parents already called to hurry me several times for me to go back. There’s no helping it, so I said my farewells to Su Yingzi and Su Yuanchao. I talked with Su Yingzi once again, this girlie planned to not quit the entertainment industry yet, but I didn’t raise it up too much, since everything requires a process. She did, however, promise that she will deal with everything at hand and find a suitable chance to quit.

Similarly, I talked with Su Yuanchao once again, and instructed him to destroy Feifan Corporation as quickly as possible, and that if he needs funding, he can contact me any time. Su Yuanchao agreed happily, this fellow didn’t like Feifan Corporation from the start, he finally had a great chance to get rid of them, of course he was happy to do so.

Now, after the reorganization of Su’s, it was much more powerful in the industry, just the case of Shuguang Corporation giving Su’s the magnetron production line was enough for the media to write about for a while, not to mention the hundred million USD!


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