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Chapter 266 – Why not sell her to me

After the doctor received his orders, he started checking Su Yingzi’s pulse, but no matter which side he checked it from, he couldn’t find anything, thus he said, “Mr. Su, there isn’t anything abnormal with xiaojie’s pulse!”

“Did you check it carefully?” Su Yuanchao asked.

The doctor checked once more, since he receives so much money from him every year, of course he (the doctor) has to check carefully! However, the results were still the same, thus he said, “Mr. Su, Su-xiaojie’s body is all fine!”

Su Yuanchao waved his hand and said, “Alright, you can leave.”

“Heng! Didn’t you say you have a kid? Where’s the kid? You guys want to trick me with something like that?” Su Yuanchao said coldly.

“I’ll have it very quickly…” Su Yingzi muttered.

“Very quickly? Good, very good, ****** brat, **** off right now, let’s see how you have kids!” Su Yuanchao pointed at me and swore.

“Just now we… How could it tested so quickly…” Su Yingzi said quickly.

“What did you say? Heh, you disappointing girl, you actually lowered yourself to this degree!” Su Yuanchao immediately tried to slap her, but I blocked his hand in midair.

“Sorry, Mr. Su, I’m still Su-xiaojie’s bodyguard right now, so if you hurt Su-xiaojie, I won’t be merciful!” I said.

“You’re trying to revolt aren’t you! Laddie, you’ve got guts! Come with me!” Su Yuanchao calmed himself down and said to me.

This was what something I couldn’t be happier about, I just wanted to find a place to talk with Su Yuanchao without anyone else, thus I followed behind him and walked upstairs. When I passed by Su Yingzi, I gave her a comforting gaze. I could tell that the girlie was rather nervous.

After we arrived in the study, Su Yuanchao sat down on a chair behind the desk, then signaled to me with his hand, “Sit!” After that, he lit up a cigarette.

I didn’t act too courteous either, and directly sat on the sofa in front of Su Yuanchao’s desk, then silently looked at Su Yuanchao without saying anything.

“Liu Lei, I don’t know what purpose you have for seducing my daughter, but since I found out about it, I won’t let you succeed! Say it, what exactly did you do it for?” Su Yuanchao smoked and said.

“I already said it, we truly love each other!” I said slowly.

Su Yuanchao sighed and finally said, “A million! Leave Xiao Zi!”

Hearing Su Yuanchao’s words, I laughed instead of getting angry, what happens in movies was actually happening to me! I chuckled, “Does Mr. Su think that your daughter is only worth a million?”

Su Yuanchao glared at me, then after a while, he said, “How about this, three million! This is my bottom line! You just want money, I can tell you, even if you are together with Xiao Zi, I won’t give a cent to you guys! Xiao Zi earned three million these years at most, this is the most you’ll get with her!”

“Hehe!” I chuckled. “Mr. Su, you have too much faith in me! However, even if you gave me a hundred million, I still won’t sell Xiao Zi! I, Liu Lei, is not poor enough to the point that I have to sell my own women! Ignoring the fact that I’m not poor, even if I didn’t have a single cent, I wouldn’t sell her!”

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“Such pride! Young man, it’s good that you’re daring, but that needs to be based on your ability!” Su Yingzi pressed the cigarette in the ash tray, then said slowly.

“Ability? Then in Mr. Su’s mind, what sort of ability should someone that can marry Xiao Zi need?” I asked.

“At least they should be like Feifan Corporation’s Li Xiangdong, having a successful career!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Li Xiangdong has a successful career? Stop kidding me, he and his brother Li Xiangbei are in the middle of a huge fight! What’s more, Mr. Su is going to sell Xiao Zi as a chip to him, a young master of Feifan Corporation?”

“…” I words spoke out Su Yuanchao’s thoughts, he really was wrong forcing Su Yingzi to date Li Xiangdong again her will.

“Nothing to say? How much can Li Xiangdong give your corporation? You’re selling Xiao Zi to him just for that? I think you’re just scared of Xiao Zi dating me, but unable to get anything out of me right?” My words exposed Su Yuanchao’s thoughts, and didn’t give him any leeway.

Su Yuanchao’s face turned red at times and white at times, but he couldn’t’ retort, thus he argued, “I’m only doing this for Xiao Zi’s good, love as to be based on to a materialistic basis!”

“Materialistic basis? I think you just want to sell Xiao Zi for the cooperation with Feifan Corporation right?” I said without mercy. If the money minded businessman in front of me wasn’t Su Yingzi’s real father, I would have outright ignored him.

“What can Feifan Corporation give you? Money or technology? I think this is only verbal promises that didn’t get fulfilled even a little, right?” I continued.

Su Yuanchao didn’t say anything, so I knew that what I said was true Li Xiangdong’s family’s Feifan Corporation wasn’t an idiot, Su Yingzi and Li Xiangdong haven’t become a thing yet, so they naturally wouldn’t give them the benefits first.

“Since you’re going to sell her, why not sell her to me! Do you want money or technology, say it! Didn’t Li Xiangdong get some low-grade technological data from Shuguang Corporation, is that worth selling Xiao Zi for? You have to at least get the magnetron production technology in exchange, right?” I showed my offer.

“What did you say? Sell her to you? You have money? You have technology?” Su Yuanchao looked at me in disbelief, then said. “Laddie, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, and I’m not kidding with you, there’s just this one chance, it’s up to you whether you can take hold of it or not!” I said slowly.

“Alright, a hundred million! If you have that much, then I’ll give you Xiao Zi!” Su Yuanchao clearly wanted to trouble the person in front of him, because Su’s Corporation can’t take out that much right now either.

“A hundred million, right? You’re selling your daughter for a hundred million, so cheap. However, I think Xiao Zi is worth far more than this amount,” I said in contempt. “how about this, I’ll invest a hundred million to Su’s without any condition, and also give you the rights to the microwave magnetron production!”

“Magnetron? Who exactly are you?” Su Yuanchao couldn’t help but be moved right now, seeing my lack of expression, he didn’t think I was joking. Furthermore, in 1995, people outside of the industry didn’t know the technical term of magnetron.

I smiled, and casually picked up the phone on Su Yuanchao’s desk, then dialed a number./

“Hey, Uncle Zhao? I’m Xiao Liu!” I said.

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“Say, Chairman, when are you coming back. After all, purchasing the electronics factory involves your father, so it’s not really good for me to make the decision in some area, just come back and decide yourself!” Zhao Junsheng immediately started complaining after hearing that it was me on the phone.

“I understand, I’ll go back right away after dealing with the things here! Oh yeah, Uncle Zhao, get a subordinate to write out a plan to invest a hundred million to City S’s Su’s Corporation for free… En, how about a hundred million USD, then give them the production line for the magnetron, since I don’t plan to work on that in the long term,” I instructed.


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