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Chapter 263 – He isn’t my fiancé

All of the rascals on scene were beaten unconscious by me, but a lot of them were just hurt without their lives in danger.

I hesitated a little, then sent two waves of energy into Huang Youwei’s and Zhang Dahu’s brain. These two people immediately fell onto the floor. I used my powers to destroy the cranial nerves, although it wasn’t fatal, but there was no difference from being dead. There was a technical term for their condition, it was persistent vegetative state. I shook my head, the evil we bring upon ourselves is the hardest to bear. I thought, even if these Black Tiger Gang lackey wakes up, the Black Tiger Gang could not exist anymore, they would all scatter, after all with the boss turning into an idiot, who would stay?

Also, I had already found out about the position where Su Yingzi was locked up from the person called Strategist just now. Therefore, I just walked towards that room.

“Let me go!” The moment I pushed open the door, I heard Su Yingzi’s forceful voice.

“I came to let you go,” I said with a smile.

Hearing this familiar voice, Su Yingzi looked up in happiness, and met my teasing gaze. Her cheeks immediately blushed as she dipped her head again. Ever since Su Yingzi woke up, she found herself tied inside a foreign room. She immediately thought that she was kidnapped, thus, when she heard the sound of the door opening just now, she naturally thought it’s the bad guys that kidnapped her. She never would have thought that it was him! Su Yingzi was unable to describe the feelings in her heart, this person saved her more than once, and every time he would turn the danger into nothingness! As a girl, doesn’t she just need someone like that to protect her! Was he her Prince Charming? Thinking that, Su Yingzi couldn’t help but sigh as she thought in her heart, it would be great if he wasn’t just a bodyguard. Since her background was so different with his, would her father agree?

I went up and untied the rope on Su Yingzi and said to her, who was blanking out a little, “What are you thinking, quickly leave here before that damn follower Li Xiangdong arrives!”

Su Yingzi thought I saw through her thoughts, causing her cheeks to turn even redder. She stood up a little awkwardly and didn’t dare to look me in the eye.

I found it weird, what’s with this girl, why was she randomly blushing for, could she have a fever? If I knew her thoughts, I definitely might have fainted, my identity really had too big of a difference from her, no matter what, my worth is at least over ten billion, who Su Yuanchao’s Su’s Corporation still seems to be in debt!

“You can’t have gotten drugged with aphrodisiac again right?” I looked at the redness of Su Yingzi’s cheeks and asked strangely.

“No!” Su Yingzi snorted. “You’re so terrible, bringing this up again! As if you’re terrified of others not knowing that you’ve touched me all over!”

I immediately felt speechless, this girlie actually started acting coquettishly with me, and she even said such ambiguous words! What do you mean I touched her? I clearly saved her in good will, otherwise, I wouldn’t have only touched, I would have XXOO’d her!

“There are no outsiders here!” I could only change the topic.

“I don’t care, you made fun of me!” After Su Yingzi was saved, she immediately regained her capricious personality.

“Alright, I did make fun of you! Hehe, I have touched every single part of your body, so what, I’m going to continue touching!” With that, I reached out my hands and grabbed at Su Yingzi.

“Ah! Su Yingzi exclaimed, and immediately ran off.

I shook my head and put my head down, really just get scared easily. Thus I said, “Heng, if I was going touch, then I would have touched ages ago, why would I untie your ropes!”

Su Yingzi went “oh”, and seeing my stop the action of my hands, she stopped running, then let out a sigh of relief, but her expression did reveal a sliver of disappointment.

Women are really weird creatures. I pretended I didn’t notice and said, “Let’s hurry quickly! Or else there would be a lot of trouble if that ******* Li Xiangdong brings the police here!”

Su Yingzi nodded and followed me out of the room. The moment she left the room, Su Yingzi screamed and covered her mouth as she looked at the “corpses” on the floor in terror, “Liu Lei, you killed them?”

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“En,” I said with the intention of scaring her.

“What? They are… all dead? Liu Lei, what you have done is illegal! The police will arrest you! No, how can this be! We should hurry out of here, then beg dad for help, see if he can help you out… Aiya, probably not…” Su Yingzi said anxiously.

“Hehe, dumb girl! I didn’t kill them, I only knocked them unconscious, they will wake up by themselves after a while, however even if I killed them, nobody would care, the underworld has its own set of unspoken reals, as long as there isn’t a huge commotion, the police normally wouldn’t interfere,” I said. When I saw Su Yingzi get so anxious, I felt slightly moved, but kind of annoyed, this girlie wasn’t quite right just now, and cared so much about me now, she can’t have fallen for me right? Why was my charm so great? I never had such treatment before getting reborn!

Not long after we left, Li Xiangdong rushed over along with other people, when he saw the piled people on the ground, he was also shocked, however, he didn’t think too much into it, he thought it was done by the Su family’s bodyguards. He never would have imagined that it was all the handiwork of one person.

Li Xiangdong felt regret for getting there a step later, he had fathered a hundred bodyguards with such difficulty, yet she was saved by someone else, meaning that he couldn’t showoff either! Li Xiangdong could only return in depression and let off steam using the captured rascal.

“Miss Su…” When I was driving, I thought about it for a long time, then finally decided that it was better so say somethings out.

“I said call me Xiao Zi from now on, don’t call me something like Miss Su, making us sound so distant!” Su Yingzi said in displeasure.

“I’ll just call you Miss Su, don’t you not like people calling you Xiao Zi,” I said.

“I don’t like Li Xiangdong calling it!” Su Yingzi said coquettishly. “My family all call me Xiao Zi…”

My heart jumped, what does this chick mean when she said this, could it be…? However, I adjusted my thoughts and continued, “Okay, Xiao Zi, I already dealt with Huang Youwei’s problem for you, so my duty as the bodyguard is over. I plan to talk to Mr. Su about resigning later.”

“Ahh!” Su Yingzi exclaimed. “Everything’s fine, why are you resigning? Is daddy not going to use you anymore? No, I’ll talk to him when we get back, so you will continue being my bodyguard!”

“It’s not that, Xiao Zi…” I smiled wryly. “Mr. Su spent so much money to hire me, it was naturally to deal with people like Huang Youwei, now that the trouble is dealt with, he naturally doesn’t need to spend so much to feed an idler like me! Zhang Mengjun and co. are enough to handle the normal minor characters!”

“Who said you are an idler1 I don’t care, you’re not allowed to leave!” Su Yingzi pouted.


“But what! You still have to protect me, protect me so that I don’t get harassed by that bad guy Li Xiangdong!” Su Yingzi thought about it and said.

“Isn’t Li Xiangdong your fiancé? Why did he turn into a bad guy?” I chuckled.

“Who said that he’s my fiancé, if I didn’t promise daddy, I don’t even want to be normal friends with him!” Su Yingzi pouted.


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