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Chapter 264 – Bodyguard Forever

I went silent. I didn’t know what I should say. The topic gradually moved onto such sensitive things without me knowing. I didn’t know what I should say, when I said “Isn’t Li Xiangdong your fiancé?”, I felt rather sour in my heart! AEven though I clearly knew that Su Yingzi couldn’t possible be with Li Xiangdong, I still actually felt like that!

When I heard Su Yingzi’s denial, I felt beyond carefree in my heart! I didn’t dare to think anymore, I knew that I had already developed feelings for her unknowingly! Su Yingzi’s appearance was enough to move any man, I wasn’t an exception, but that was just moved. Yet now, I felt that I already have faint feelings for her!

“Xiao Zi… We…” I feel like it was better to talk openly about this, since it doesn’t really matter to me, but Su Yingzi is a star that’s the center of everyone’s attention. What’s more, I already have two wifeys, with a soon-to-me wifey Ye Xiaoxiao, if anything really happened between Su Yingzi and I, and those nosy journalists found out about it then wrote her into my mistress or something, it definitely will have a huge impact on Su Yingzi’s career!

“Liu Lei, I understand. Don’t say anything…” Su Yingzi interrupted me and said. “Aren’t something better left unsaid in the heart?”

I faint, what is this? Does she even understand? She can’t have misunderstood that I confessed to her right? Oh my god.

“Liu Lei… If I don’t get married, can you be my bodyguard forever?” Su Yingzi bit her lips and said awkwardly.

Could this count as a confession? But it’s too innovative, right? Bodyguard forever? I really don’t understand what she was thinking! Yet, how was I supposed to know that SU Yingzi was afraid that my identity would cause her father to refuse!

“Only a bodyguard?” I smiled terribly, since she has said that, if I still don’t understand, then I got reborn for nothing! However, I still asked like that.

“You’re so terrible! Asking despite knowing! I’m a girl, you know!” Su Yingzi turned around with a blush.

What I thought at the time was that as a superstar, Su Yingzi didn’t want any rumors, and that’s why she wanted me to appear as her bodyguard. When I found out the real reason, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, this is another story.

Since Su Yingzi said this, if I don’t take any actions, then I’m not a normal man. I casually wrapped my arm around Su Yingzi’s waist pulled her towards me.

“Ya! You’re terrible… Let go, what’s with you, how can you steal what’s in your care as a bodyguard!” Although Su Yingzi said that, she didn’t show any hint of dislike. “Who drives like you, let go of me!”

I let go of her and retracted my hands, then said with a smile, “What you mean is that I can do that when I’m not driving?”

“What!” Su Yingzi blushed. She didn’t look like a superstar at all.

My unintentional words actually led to Su Yingzi and my relationship! This was something that I didn’t expect. A plan was never as fast as change, but since Su Yingzi as already become a soon-to-be woman of mine, there are somethings I should say, “Xiao Zi, find a chance to quit the entertainment industry, its’ too complicated there, I’m worried!”

“You’re starting to control me without anything happening yet! Machismo!” Su Yingzi pouted, “Dummy, if I quit being a star, then how do I keep you by my side?”

“Isn’t it better if you don’t be a star? You can relaxingly stay at home and be my wife!” I said in confusion.

“Do you think you’re really rich! Do you think my dad would let me marry you?” Su Yingzi sighed.

I finally understood what Su Yingzi was worried about! So, she’s afraid of the old fellow Su Yuanchao refusing! ****, although I’m not very rich, I still have richer than Su Yuanchao by several ten thousand times, he shouldn’t have much issue with me courting his daughter, right?

“Then we’re do something that can’t be undone, create a little Liu Lei out, I think then he can’t disagree even if he wants to!” I chuckled. Since I understood the reason, I was fearless, and continued to tease her.

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“Dream on! I didn’t accept you yet! And you want to have… None of you men are good, you all have dirty thoughts, who knows what you spend your day thinking about!” Su Yingzi snorted, but she already started pondering whether is idea was good.

“Let’s get a room!” Su Yingzi suddenly said.

“What did you say?” I freaked, and slammed down on the brakes, nearly breaking it in the process.

“Let’s go and get a room!” Su Yingzi said calmly.

“What are you saying? Are you alright?” I opened my mouth wide, and subconsciously touched Su Yingzi’s forehead, aphrodisiac can’t be affecting this chick again, right? But it doesn’t look like it?

“I’m fine, I thought about it for a while just now, perhaps what you said is a good method! Only this would make my father agree!” Su Yingzi said seriously.

“It can’t be… Such rash… Did you actually think it through?” Although this was a great thing for me, but it was a bit too sudden.

“Do I look like I’m joking! Liu Lei, are you still a man, why did you start acting like a *****!” Su Yingzi glared at me and said.

Su Yingzi thought about it very carefully just now, he might have just suggested this method as a joke, but it’s doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good method! She had thought that there was no way, but then a ray of hope appeared! Su Yingzi never really liked anyone until now, the only person that truly moved her heart was this man in front of her! A person doesn’t have many chances at happiness in life, if she missed it, then she might miss it permanently! Su Yingzi, who was in the entertainment industry clearly understood it, there were too many scripts with this kind of plot, so Su Yingzi didn’t want what happened in movies to happen on her. This made her work up her courage and make such an important decision.

What a joke, what am I afraid of! I quickly turned the car around, it really is funny, Zhao Yanyan also gave me her first time in a motel, for such a sacred moment to happen in a hotel, it really is a bit of regret! It looks like in order to prevent things like this from happening again, I should buy a house when I arrived at a city for emergency.

After we got off, Su Yingzi put on her sunglasses. If any journalist managed to take a photo of Su Yingzi going to get a room with an unknown man, this news would be extremely shocking.

“Sir, is there anything I can help you with?” The lady at the front desk couldn’t help but smile when she saw me walk in with Su Yingzi. Coming to get a room at a motel at this hour without any luggage, you would know their purpose even if you thought with your toe.

“Give me a room… Hmm, what is the best room here?” I asked. Since it’s Su Yingzi’s first time and it couldn’t happen in her home, then it should to be in the best room.


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