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Chapter 262 – Elimination of the Black Tiger Gang

“Something happened? What happened?” Zhang Dahu frowned, from his perspective, by something happened, it’s either just his lackeys getting into a fight with the New Dragon Gang or them getting arrested, but these aren’t big deals! There was an outsider here, how could he not get angry when his own lackey walked about these tiny issues with him, thus he roared, “Isn’t Strategist outsider? Just discuss it with him if there’s any issues!”

However, the lackey’s following sentence caused Zhang Dahu to nearly roll over!

“Hu-ge, someone broke into our headquarter, Strategist got hit in the head by him with a metal rod, and his status is unknown!” That lackey said.

“****, how many people?” Zhang Dahu asked.

“One!” The lackey said.

“Are you ******* trash? You can’t even handle one person? Just kill him! Heh! Daring to cause trouble at the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarters, is he sick of living?” Hearing him say that there was only one person, he let out a sigh of relief, and his tone also became cocky. In the Black Tiger Gang, Strategist was the least capable at fighting, so it was very normal for him to get beaten down, which was why Zhang Dahu didn’t find it a big deal.

“Hu-ge, but ten odd bros have been beaten down by him already! He said that he wants to see the boss of our Black Tiger Gang, or else he will wipe the Black Tiger Gang’s name from City S!” That lackey said nervously.

The more Zhang Dahu heard, the more wrong he felt, why was his more than a hundred subordinates unable to deal with the one person and even had let them beat down ten-odd people? Where was the Black Tiger Gang’s face? What’s more, it’s in front of Huang Youwei, he definitely lost a lot of face.

Therefore, he said furiously, “You bunch of trash! I’m going to see just who exactly is so daring, is it the New Dragon Gang?” Zhang Dahu naturally thought that the people that came to cause trouble here was the longtime rivals of their Black Tiger Gang, the New Dragon Gang. However, this was hardly surprising, only the New Dragon Gang could rival the Black Tiger Gang in City S, of course, there is also the police, but it was impossible for the police to send onto one person to challenge the Black Tiger Gang, so Zhang Dahu thought that it was powerhouse from the New Dragon Gang that has come to trash his place.

Huang Youwei also started off in the underworld, and naturally wasn’t foreign to these issue, so he wasn’t scared. Therefore, when Zhang Dahu stood up and walked out, Huang Youwei also followed behind him.

The people from the Black Tiger Gang couldn’t even be called my opponents, because this was just a single-sided attack, I had already tried my best to limit my power, in the end these Black Tiger Gang lackeys were still defeated by me in one hit, I don’t even know if they died or not. I really regret not calling Du Xiaowei, making a move on rascals of this level was purely wasting my cells.

Only when I threw down the steel rod in my hand did I notice that there wasn’t a single person standing in the hall of the repair factory! It can’t be? A gang was eliminated by me in such a short time, ****, this speed is a bit too insane! I couldn’t help but smile wryly, it looks like the underworld of City S was going to get messed up again, the territories that the Black Tiger Gang left open would definitely cause blood contests from other gangs!

“What kind of person is cocky enough to dare to come to cause with our Black Tiger Gang! Do you not want to…” Before Zhang Dahu said the word “live”, he was shocked by the scene in front of him! What he saw was that aside from the one person standing there, everyone else was lying on the ground! The person standing was clearly not one of his subordinates!

Zhang Dahu nearly fell over! Is he still human? He went against a hundred something people by himself, and it seems like nothing much happened to him! Even though he, Zhang Dahu, has been through a lot of things, he still can’t really accept it! Zhang Dahu was instantly dumbed, the base he established through so much hard work was just gone like this!

“What… What kind of person are you?” Zhang Dahu said in terror. From his perspective, the person there wasn’t human anymore, he is a monster! That’s because no matter how good a person is at fighting, they wouldn’t be able to do anything against a hundred something people together, but at this moment, nothing happened to the person, yet he didn’t know whether that hundred something person were alive or dead!

“Liu Lei! Why is it you!” Huang Youwei behind Zhang Dahu shouted out. “Aren’t you in Songjiang City, why did you come to City S?”

“Hehe, I was wondering who it was, so it’s an old friend, didn’t I tell you not to cause trouble anymore? Otherwise I would make you pay! It looks like you’re old and forgetful, right?” I laughed coldly.

“No… It’s not me…” Huang Youwei acted like a he saw a ghost when he saw me, the scene at the Songjiang Guobin hotel made him very scared of me already, adding onto seeing the hundred something people lying on the ground today, his mind immediately broke down.

“Hunag Youwei! You can’t not admit it, didn’t you tell me to capture her!” Now Zhang Dahu also understood, it’s because his lackey caught the girlie that this evil person came! It’s all because of him being too greedy, and accepted a million from Huang Youwei, and now he brought upon a disaster upon himself! At this moment, Zhang Dahu understood very clearly at power meant everything, looking at his lackeys on the floor, Zhang Dahu was unable to act tough anymore. Hearing that Huang Youwei wanted to push the responsibility all onto him, he instantly got unwilling and said angrily, “Huang Youwei, what the **** do you mean by this, laozi clearly got tricked by you, otherwise laozi wouldn’t have brought upon this disaster upon myself!”

“Zhang Dahu, what the **** are you saying? Why didn’t you say this when I gave you a million!” Huang Youwei swore.

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“You!” Zhang Dahu said and went over to hit Huang Youwei. Huang Youwei wasn’t any nice person either, causing the two to end up in a fight.

“Alright now, you two, since you decided to do so at the start, you should take responsibility for your actions! You are bosses of a gang, yet you display so savagery!” I said plainly.

“I’m going to fight with you!” As expected, my words had a certain amount of effect. Zhang Dahu no longer bothered with Huang Youwei, instead he clenched his teeth and rushed towards me.

“Yes! Fight!” Huang Youwei thought it through as well, he definitely couldn’t get anything form me today, so might as well fight.

I shook my head. Even if I didn’t have any powers, I can still easily deal with them. Fighting with everything on the line did have some effects for two people of around the same level, but when there was too much of a difference, fighting with everything on the line meant death.

I didn’t plan to be merciful this time. When cutting down weed, you must get rid of its roots, otherwise, it will return once again with the spring breeze! Huang Youwei was a trouble I left behind when I got soft, if I leave him be to let him cause trouble to me in the future, then something is wrong with me! Although I wasn’t scared of him causing trouble for me, severe consequences would occur if he decided to target someone important to me while I got negligent!

It’s not that I didn’t dare to kill, but I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to bring about unnecessary trouble for myself!

Although I knew that the police can’t do anything about me without proof, especially with my identity. I was still unable to do something like ending a person’s life personally!


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