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Chapter 261 – She Got Captured

Li Xiangdong nodded, and told me the address. Of course, I wasn’t planning to go with him, the new region as very far from here, it would take a long time if we were to get their by car, if I use teleportation, it would save a lot of time, even though those rascals that kidnapped Su Yingzi left before me, they wouldn’t arrive that much earlier.

This 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭 Li Xiangdong insisted on going with me, and he actually called the bodyguards in his home as well, this type of chance to save a damsel in distress was what Li Xiangdong dreamed of, how could he give it up.

But I didn’t waste my breath with him, he can go if he wants to. Since we’ll go our separate way. When Li Xiangdong has gathered enough people, I would have arrived in front of the abandoned car repair factory already.

Back to the two rascals, when they saw that their boss got beaten, they knew pretty clearly that they were the young man’s opponent, so might as well take the chance to escape.

When they left, they didn’t forget to use a drugged handkerchief to cover Su Yingzi’s mouth when she wasn’t away. Before she could call for help, she already fainted.

What these rascals did was very contemptible, but that was hardly surprising, they were only outer members of the Black Tiger Gang, and is nothing compared to the real mobs, therefore, they would use any type of despicable methods.

The two rascals had a great idea, since the bird they captured was so pretty, if they can gift her to the boss of the Black Tiger Gang, then their future was all bright, the boss of the Black Tiger Gang was famous for being a pervert, this is something that everyone in the underworld knew! If any lackey in the gang wanted to get promoted, all they had to do was gift Zhang Dahu a woman, but only if it was a beauty! If they do that, then that lackey will quickly become a leader.

So, these two rascals didn’t care about anything else, they got onto a taxi and went straight towards the headquarter. Originally that taxi driver wanted to ask something when they saw two man with a girl that seemed like she was asleep, but once he heard the two man said they were going to the repair factory in the new region, he immediately shut up!

What kind of place was the repair factory in the new region? Everyone driving a taxi would know, that is the headquarter of one of City S’s large gangs – the Black Tiger Gang! Then looking at these two people’s appearances, both of them looked rather savage, one of them even had a tattoo on their neck! The taxi driver knew that these two people must be mobs, so how would he dare to butt into their business, he was only hoping to send these two fellows away earlier!

Hearing that these two outer lackeys brought a beauty, the strategist of the Black Tiger Gang snickered evilly a few times before hurrying along to contact the boss. Everyone clapped the shoulders of these two and said enviously, “You bros are going to get rich! Our Boss Zhang haven’t touched anything new these two days, if Boss Zhang gets happy this time, he might give you two a place to watch! Don’t forget us bros when that happens!”

The two rascals also smiled brightly at this time and kept on nodding their heads. If Boss Zhang sent them to watch over a place, that’s a symbol of importance!

Within a short time, Boss Zhang came out. Boss Zhang was sleeping at the time, and seeing that the strategist woke him up, he was a bit displeased, but once he heard that someone gifted him a beauty, he immediately got energetic.

“Hu-ge, look at this girlie, it does attract you, right?” One of the rascals said respectfully.

Zhang Dahu looked carefully and was shocked! The girlie lying on the floor was actually Su Yingzi! It’s not that Zhang Dahu has seen Su Yingzi’s movies or bought her albums, Zhang Dahu was like the other members of the Black Tiger Gang and didn’t pay attention to things related to those celebrities, but he did recognize Su Yingzi! This person was the young lady of the Su family that his partner Huang Youwei had wanted to target!

After using so much resources and not achieving anything, she actually landed in their hands without a lot of trouble! Zhang Dahu had once sent people to capture this young lady of the Su family, but bodyguards were all around Su Yingzi, they had no way to do anything! Now she was actually captured by his subordinates! This is a great news! Although he, Zhang Dahu, was perverted, he loved money even more, Huang Youwei has promised him that if they managed to deal with the Su family’s girlie, he would give him a million!

At this moment, Su Yingzi had already became a mountain of cash, the lust that was brought up had already disappeared.

Zhang Dahu asked with his eyes shining, “How did you catch this girlie?”

Seeing Hu-ge’s weird expression, these two rascals got a bit confused, then hearing Hu-ge asked that, they thought they got into trouble again and captured a woman with some sort of relationship to their boss, and thus quickly said, “Hu-ge… We don’t know who this bird… woman is!”

“Good! Good!” Zhang Dahu suddenly said excitedly, “This is great! No matter what, you have done a lot of our Black Tiger Gang! Come, give ten thousand kuai to each of them, from now on I’ll let you two look over that Shengyuedi Bar!”

The two rascals suddenly got confused, happiness came too quickly right? They had thought that Hu-ge would let them take care of taking protection fees or something at most, since from their perspective, it was so much better than wandering on the streets, they didn’t think that Hu-ge directly gave Shengyuedi Bar to the two of them and gave each of them a bonus of ten thousand kuai!

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What they didn’t know was that this twenty thousand kuai was too small of an amount compared to Huang Youwei’s million! It’s just that whether Zhang Dahu could get that million was still unknown.

However, Zhang Dahu clearly treated that million like it was his already, he found someone to lock Su Yingzi up, then said to his strategist, “Quickly call Huang Youwei! Tell him we caught the person!”

Hearing that Zhang Dahu caught Su Yingzi, Huang Youwei was extremely happy! He could finally take revenge for his son! He started pondering about how to force this Su ***** to change her statement and release his son! If she doesn’t agree, then he’ll ruin her.

Of course, this was only Huang Youwei’s ideal plan, after he arrived at the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarter, a Black Tiger Gang’s lackey rushed in just as he met Zhang Dahu, and before he managed to sit still.

“****, didn’t you see that I have an important guest!” Zhang Dahu roared, “**** off!”

“But… Hu-ge…” Before that lackey finished, Zhang Dahu threw over a calendar on the table impatiently, causing that lackey to quickly dodge to the side and too afraid of continuing. However, he couldn’t leave, since the situation was dire and they needed their boss to make a decision!

“Why didn’t you leave yet? Do you want to revolt?!” Seeing that his lackey actually dared to not listen to him, Zhang Dahu stood up angrily to hit him.

“Hu-ge, something happened!” That lackey couldn’t care about that much anymore, and quickly said.


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